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  • Quote from Danrakh: “Omen of Savar vs unit with champion but no characters. Divine right forces champ to duel, right? ” No.

  • Quote from emilemil: “If I cast a remain in play spell such as corruption of tin or the rot within on a unit with a character inside, what happens if the character leaves the unit? Does he still suffer from the effect or is it just the unit I targeted? Thanks ” Page 48 of the rules The effect stays.

  • Quote from fireballmj: “so it just counts as charging the fleeing unit then? ” Erm Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Here you go, relevant text highlighted in blue. Quote from Rulebook page 64: “2.2. Enemy Unit The Charged unit may not perform any Charge Reactions (not even if already Fleeing). ” ” If they're already fleeing, they get destroyed. If they're not fleeing, it's a successful charge.

  • Here you go, relevant text highlighted in blue. Quote from Rulebook page 64: “2.2. Enemy Unit If the first obstacle would be the Unit Boundary of an enemy unit that did not Flee from the same combat, the Pursuing unit declares a Charge against that unit, using its Pursuit Distance roll as its Charge Range. If the Pursuing Unit performed a Post-Combat Reform in the previous Player Turn, it treats the enemy unit as obstruction instead. If there is more than one possible target, the Pursuing unit c…

  • Quote from Kronos: “Does Ring of the Pearl Throne negate Exalted Herald manifestations? ” No, they're not Special Items.

  • Quote from fenix0131: “Does multiple effects with the same name stacking? (e.g. multiple Rune of Resilience cast on the same unit) (e.g.2 repeatly cast Corruption of Tin on the same unit) ” Model rules don't stack unless stated to (page 80, Duplicate Model Rules) Spells Effects do stack, unless stated not to Remember that for spell effects that grant model rules, those model rules still follow the limitations of model rules (no page reference for that rule, there's just not a limitation anywhere…

  • Quote from Grubenarbeiter: “One question concerning Sylvan Elves: Is it right that you can not have Elven Cloak and Shielding Bark at the same model and that elven cloak only works with mundane light armour? ” No and no.

  • Quote from Caraxes: “fear I have cheated, do large units count as line formation once they go 4 wide? ” No. 8+ wide for all model sizes.

  • Quote from mr-modmoto: “But why? Figure 38c is kind of what I was meaning, just with 2 units. Unit B is shifting to the right, and adding a rank. So in my example, the 5 model unit, can shift along the 10 model unit to make space for another 5 model unit. ” Final paragraph before Figure 38. (page 67 of the rulebook) Furthermore, after a player has completed all theirCombat Reforms, all enemy models that were in basecontact with opposing models before the Combat Reform must still be in base conta…

  • You're playing correctly. You might be getting breaking from combat and fleeing mixed up. A break test determines if the unit is broken which does cause panic to units within 6", the flee afterwards is separate and does not cause panic.

  • Quote from Conwy: “Does this mean that one simply loses the +1 bonus when firing at a Gigantic model if the Gigantic model has cover? ” Yes.

  • Age of Single Models

    theunwantedbeing - - General Discussion


    Quote from Templar Drakova: “I suggest extremely hard NERF to single models. ” Do you have a specific suggestion of how to achieve that in mind?

  • Here's a bunch of totally unique and original items off the top of my head, any similarities to existing items in other game systems is purely coincidental and is unintentional. Hammer of Sonnstahl It's the light of Sonnstahl, but it also has Multiple Wounds(D3) because it's a hammer and as such better. The Silvered Seal Provides a 5+ Aegis save and magical Resistance (2). Insignia of Victory Each unsaved wound caused by the bearer counts as two wounds for the purposes of Combat Resolution. Swor…

  • Quote from Bloody MIsfire: “Problem: You need to buy, assemble and paint a lot of miniatures that is problem number one. ” You can play T9A without any miniatures, they're not a requirement. Quote from Bloody MIsfire: “The second problem is that the rules are complicated. It simply takes too much effort to learn and too much time is spend looking up rules, rather than playing. It is even difficult for semi-regular players. ” No argument about the rules being complicated, they are. My advice is t…

  • Quote from StoffenDK: “On a more personal note: I believe there are different cultures when it comes to the pacing of the games, but the real problem is that when the game doesn’t incentivize the players to not spend all the time they can, it’s actually a big problem. ” I'm not sure chess clocks would actually solve that problem.

  • You want Figure 9 on page 16, Under the heading Attacks. Close Combat Attacks are separate to Special Attacks.

  • No, it'll count as a charge if they pivot and make contact with an enemy unit. 15.H.c Pursuit Distance and PursuingUnits ... 1. Pivot 2. If the Front Facing of the Pursuing unit would over- lap the Unit Boundary of an enemy unit that did not Flee from the same combat, it declares a Charge against that unit.

  • Quote from Ilderoth: “Quote from Micalovits: “Not quite, last one turn spells stick to thr character, see 13.G.d So if he leaves an joins another unit, he is still effected, and if he does any wound his new unit will suffer the hits. Note that the unit he joins is not affected, so if they have and shooting weapon fx, and does wound the unit wont suffer hits from the spell ” But it also stays on the unit he leaves according to 13.G.d, right? ” Correct

  • Quote from Micalovits: “Hold on, I am a bit confused by this. ” Yeah that was an unhelpful answer, I've amended my post to give the correct answer. (although I may amend it again.....urgh) Quote from Micalovits: “Infact, could you be forced to move the BSB into contact with the dragon instead of the skeletons? ” Yes. Quote from Micalovits: “And what happens if the champ dies before the prince? I assume you would first move the BSB into his spot? ” Yes, as otherwise the unit would be in an illega…

  • Quote from GabbaGandalf: “So the question is: 1) Is this correctly removed? ” No. Casualty removal rules (16.B.b) should have meant that you fill the gap left by the removed models to keep all sides in combat if possible. Leaving a gap between the unit and the skeletons, but not between the unit and the dragon. The skeletons then get nudged forwards back into base contact. Quote from GabbaGandalf: “2) When we have now 2 sub-combats - what is the Combat Resolution? ” It's a joint combat until the…