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  • Quote from RomanRagnorak: “It seems like my list is skewing the results a bit ” You’re the brave man with no steam tank, a Battle Alter general and 60 flagellants, right?

  • I’m pretty sure I already know it, but what’s the Empire’s roster just for reference?

  • Quote from Ondjage: “I dont understand why they didnt increase the cost of picks to 1p instead of increasing the price of electoral cav by 1p ” Knightly Orders in general were deemed a little too efficient over regular Electoral Cavalry so they got +1ppm. Especially, with lances going down it was important that the adjustment happened with Knightly orders rather than picks. Remember the price for Knightly Orders went down significantly in December, so this was just a slight correction there. Cav…

  • Below are the 11 EoS lists and accompanying data for the "Who 8 My Wings" tournament: Army Lists: (Hidden Content) Character Usage out of 11 lists: (Hidden Content) Magic Item Usage out of 11 lists: (Hidden Content) Army Unit Usage out of 11 Lists: (Hidden Content) Personal Observations: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “Are we keeping 1 point lances on electoral cavalry for 2021? ” EoS is one of the slim books that haven't had minor error corrections yet. Next week's final hotfix should change Electoral Cavalry lances to 3ppm.

  • I don’t believe the link is working actually...

  • Those Halberdiers with the Relentless banner should provide a strong countercharge threat with your Knights. The inquisitor cowboy and steam tank are powerful units. Light of Sonnsthal with hatred from the Prelate has to be respected also. However, I fear that your Sun Griffons and other halberdiers lack support to be meaningful threats. I do not know you or your opponent's playstyle enough to give meaningful predictions, but based on just the lists I would predict 12-8 win for WDG.

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    I play an EoS Alchemy Adept on Pegasus with Destiny’s Call and Dragon Staff. I’ve enjoyed the model a lot, but that is obviously personal preference.

  • Abrasus Tactics Channel

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    I find that if the Alchemy Wizard is mobile enough that Silver Spike becomes more viable as you can do a lot of wounds to high armor units by hitting their flank with the AP10 area attack. It’s sometimes good at killing single model targets that Alchemy otherwise can’t hurt (usually flaming aegis targets). It’s a matchup dependent spell I think.

  • New EOS Cavalry

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    These look awesome!!! (EoS needs more cavalry models with hammers!!!!)

  • Quote from Inn0c: “I've done a quick scale comparison in case anyone is interested. ” Very helpful for the community, thank you!!! If I had seen this about 4 years ago it would have saved me (and my wallet) a lot of heartache!!

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    Submitted by: Nerocrossius Name: Wizard on Arcane Engine / Celestial Hurricanum Category Painting Source: Games WorkshopWizard-on-Engine-2.jpg

  • Quote from Donner: “Quote from Nerocrossius: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Potential error on the Lance and on the Electoral Cav. Lance is listed as 1pt per model. @Just_Flo in your post you have it listed as 3pts per model. ” This is most likely an error/typo that needs to be corrected. ” What is the error? 3 points or 1 point? ” My understanding is that Electoral Cavalry lances should be 3ppm. The mistake has been reported and should be covered in the typo hotfix.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Potential error on the Lance and on the Electoral Cav. Lance is listed as 1pt per model. @Just_Flo in your post you have it listed as 3pts per model. ” This is most likely an error/typo that needs to be corrected. Quote from Peacemaker: “HBE have 0-3 for griffons. Elaborate please. ” RT communicated that there is a firm guideline for most armies and ACS has received recent clarification (originally we were under the impression that HBE might be changed to 0-2 also) that H…

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “Great job! I really appreciate the explanations, it makes the changes feel much less random. Though, I am not sure which flying mounts get a 0-3 limit and which get a 0-2 limit, for instance VC and HE both have a similar flying mount with 0-3 but EoS still only gets 2 Griffons. But no big lose, as post states, 3 griffons was not super competitive in the first place. ” I have double checked with RT. My new understanding is that HBE and VS are specifically suppos…

  • Quote from Casp: “Quote from Nerocrossius: “All of that said, I haven’t found many situations where artificer on horse with long rifle doesn’t outshine rocketeer. Artificer gives accurate orders, helps other warmachines, has a 48” MW shot with good aim that shoots over standard infantry and can chaff things later in the game. ” I dont really understand the comparaison ? No way to one shoot a cowboy, monster or artillery with an enginner ^^;Maybe it is because you play a steam tank and it limit y…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “I wanted to ask if somebody has success with the Imperial Rocketeers. I had one in my list in the past, but it never performed well enough for me to keep it, not even versus Ogres. ” I find they are mainly useful against vulnerable single model targets like opposing war machines. The best configuration I have found is rocketeer with cannon and Steam Tank. Deploy the rocketeer and cannon near each other so that the cannon’s grapeshot volley gun covers the blindspot of the roc…

  • For reference this is Ben Mitchell's list that he took to 5th place: (Hidden Content) It's not a double inquisitor list, but it does have the blessed steel cowboy with the knight slingshot. Large units of ranger chaff and artificer on horse. Steam tank and cannon with artificer. And GW IG block with halberdier support. The Prelate has a potent locket kit with a mobile mount. It's interesting as this locket build doesn't benefit from some of the powerful swaps that locket can get, but it is also …

  • KotSG have gotten cheaper than they used to be by a significant margin, so it’s not as much of an investment. But still you have to decide if you’d rather spend 500pts on an Imperial Guard combat block or a 500pt KotSG unit. In general, I would say the IG are easier to use, but I don’t think KotSG are too far either as long as they have support.

  • Quote from Scumboogie: “Chicken knights are good in 3 or 5 model units, but never tried them as 5. How do people use big units of them anyway? 3x2 formation? ” If you want 5+ as a combat unit you generally run them 4-wide. If you're using them as a bunker you run them 3-wide. Quote from Bad: “Chicken knights seem best as flankers/scorers. They can zone off some threats, eat enemy scorers/chaff, or flank charge into combats your infantry are bogging down the enemy in. I honestly haven't tried the…