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  • As long as we don't have the exact copy of each other's spell I think that's fine. Although the VC spell doesn't 'fit' in the army that much. The 'right' thing to do to balance the UD H would probably be to wiggle with the Ressurest numbers of each unit. (Going to 1 per turn for characters and Gigantic units, and going down to 1 for large units and stuff) That way you achieve the same goal as you would now (limiting the healing), but it doesn't cut into our magic phase feeling.

  • If you take a Pro Master and Adept and you use the Hereditary 5-8 times in a game (attempt it, not succesfully cast it), it wouldn't be a great success :). it's mightily hard to balance and it's not overly weak. Our main complaint is that it's unfun to use. Having to spend more resources to raise as undead seems so wrong.

  • Turn 1 and 2 I rarely use the H. Turn 3,4 and 5 if it would be relevant. Usually once or twice per turn. So that totals to between 5 and 8 times per game? The hierophant ability comes in once or twice, not often. I wouldn't put it on a master either.

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    Quote from Folomo: “ ” 1) - Incantations in a non-standard magic phase form. Doesn't have to be that exact itteration, but I do like the 'relentlessness and uniqueness' of it. - Obelisk, I always imagined having a pyramid/obelisk which would be immovable in the army, great - The drop of mass-poison (and somewhat lethals) in the army. Those rules are usually unfun for the opponent and are more luck than skill based. 2) - The Underground Ambush (x) number. Makes me think of the Fires of Industry o…

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    Quote from Folomo: “Quote from IHDarklord: “(Hidden Content) ” There is a post in the Brainstorm thread. You think this needs a link in the general thread too? Yeah, I missed that one untill it was too late, nvm my uninformed *ss xD. Quote from IHDarklord: “(Hidden Content) ” Not being a native speaker definitely doesn't help.Any suggestion on how we can make it clearer? "Choose up to 3 friendly units within 18". For each units, pay 2 Veil Tokens. For each unit, Raise a number of HP equal to the…

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    First of all: Very nice! This sounds like a book I could get behind, a lot of fun and interactive stuff here. Some stuffs I would change personally, but not all that much. Secondly: You should get a link to this thread in the UD forums, we need as many people as possible to read through this :D. Thirdly: I read through it and have some remarks (typos, powerlevel stuffs, additional ideas,...) - (Major) Restoration: This could probably use a rewording, I had to read through it a couple of times to…

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    It's good to see a game again you played a while ago. I learned some things I should have done differently :).

  • Are you keeping the Snake(s) in? I'm torn between more utility and these guys.

  • I've seen one of his games against a fellow Belgian SA. He played that game very patiently and punished mistakes while trying to outmanouver with the banners on the NG. Depends a lot on the match your playing I guess, against a CC based army, you have that luxury.

  • I'm interested in seeing how well I was able to predict this match too xD

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “…iL3C2B60/edit?usp=sharing Here you go sir! Happy reading! ”

  • A-Team Belgium is now up against team Russia after capping the Black Bulls! Probably our toughest opponent so far and holy moly those lists :O EDIT: I got the new DE as my opponent Not much experience agains them so looking forward to this

  • I've not had a master Hierophant in ages! Adepts all the way!

  • Now they will nerf our dice...

  • The main way to use the Cav successfull (in my experience) is by looking menacingly accross the battlefield and try never to get into combat. Use them as you would use a unit of 30 skeletons, very cautiously. (With DS5 and 4+ they can grind down some units, but very slowly. They are a good counter to monsters generally and have an easy time trapping GD. Don't expect them to win a fight, expect them to survive untill you can heal them again.) (=> without good magic and UW, they seem pointless to …

  • Yes! And no! I've taken a couple of notes how to change the list, but the style I'm going for (team-list that can take a beating) is perfected when knowing the meta. So after the tournament, I'll see which lists performed best and I can adapt my list to those. Points I have noted so far: - Cannons suck -> no more Dread Sphinxes - 2 units of cavalry take up a big space/ limit the space needed for archers and warmachines - I need a binding scroll in a defensive build (not NEED need, but highly val…

  • Don't try Skeleton Cavalry! They are a meme xD. Well, not completely, but look at them like the non-combat unit they are

  • It was in there originally, but needed to cut things. The -1 to cast is the better of the 2 anyway though.

  • A magical thing just happened guys! The battle against the KoE ended in 12-8 to UD! (2000 points in my favor but 1 knight captures objective for him) MVP of the match? Casket of Phatep hands down. It seems if your opponent consistently fails to dispel it (even on 3 dice) and rolls 11+ or worse on the LD test, it's very valuable xD. Second MVP: Evocation with Hasten the Hour -> it killed about 8 knights in the battle! LVP = Pharaoh, he couldn't handle 6 grail knights xD

  • We both know I try to keep my games as boring as possible, hence the warmachines/archers. I try my very best to avoid combat whenever possible. Come to think of it, I must conclude all my opponents are always overly aggressive...