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  • Has anyone ever tried a core like this: 10x Warriors, Lust, M, C, Halberd 10x Warriors, Lust, M, C, Halberd 7x Fallen I'm curious as to why I don't really see Lust Warriors with Halberds. They are still capable to flee, but they have some better attacks. Yes I could go for 3x10 Warriors with PW; but I am also using a Wizard Master with Ranger's Boots. Hence the unit of Fallen as bunker Any comments?

  • @Happy Aspid Your opinion is your own we can agree to disagree But OP asked for fun and not completely useless Dragon builds and this one has my seal of approval And any list with monsters will have a hard time vs 2 cannons and 40 handgunners man, but not everyone runs that. Funny; I tend to keep my mages fairly cheap if I can. The wizard only tends to die from Miscasts or me forgetting about an enemy snipe. Which you often barely have a defense against anyway.

  • @Happy Aspid Its obviously not the most competitive build out there, but still pretty useful. If you have the kind of list like the one that I posted, that tends to push hard then you can mitigate ranged damage. Hell maybe you can snipe the evo mage first with your own magic :P. Push the army hard, if he snipes the dragon then he gets hit with other things like the CK or Feldraks. There is also a binding scroll in my list that be a pain for your opponent: if he gets one turn to do damage with ma…

  • Warriors of the Dark Gods 915 - Chosen Lord, General, Wasteland Dragon, Trophy Rack (Stalker's Standard), Shield, Hell Forged Armour, Halberd (Touch of Greatness), Immortal Gauntlets, Obsidian Rock, Sloth 565 - Sorcerer, Veil Walker, Wizard Master, Evocation, Plate Armour, Magical Heirloom, Ranger's Boots 380 - Sorcerer, Dark Chariot, Wizard Adept, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Binding Scroll, Dragonfire Gem 670 - 20 Warriors, Paired Weapons, Great Weapon, Halberd, Greed, Standard Bearer (Banner of the…

  • I love WODG Dragons! I'm using this one: 915 - Chosen Lord, General, Wasteland Dragon, Trophy Rack (Stalker's Standard), Shield, Hell Forged Armour, Halberd (Touch of Greatness), Immortal Gauntlets, Obsidian Rock, Sloth. Coupled with an Evo Master and (for now) Alchemy adept. If you avoid the cannon lists you can do a lot with the guy. S7 AP4 with divine is pretty good. Stalker's Standard to ignore those pesky DT's. MR2 helps vs magic missiles. The trick with this guy is that even if he is in CC…

  • Quote from panterq: “Currently I'm trying the following: 370 - Barbarian Chief, Chimera, Heavy Armour (Thrice-Forged), Paired Weapons (Shield Breaker) 4 attacks with S5 AP6, 5 attacks with S5 AP2, stomp, quite a damage output, with 20" march rate, and not crazy expensive. 2+ with res 5 and 4 hp with a plenty of models to hide behind - so far it seems ok. ” I will give this guy a shot in my list: Warriors of the Dark Gods 915 - Chosen Lord, General, Wasteland Dragon, Trophy Rack (Stalker's Standa…

  • Quote from Shukran: “im using 4ck sloth next local t. Edit; im using ck since oct anyway. No mattet how "bad" they are They are still overprived ” Eh, define overpriced. I think (Sloth) CK have their place at their current price. Vs Feldraks: More attacks, better OS/DS/Agi, rerollable Disc test in CC, and more AS vs lower A/M, fewer wounds (when going for roughly equal points on both units). I run both a unit of 5x Sloth CK and 5x Feldraks with Halberds in my list. What the CK lack in speed and …

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Hey guys, has anyone fielded chosen knights in a competitive environment lately? I often try to build lists with at least a single unit, but the price of only 3 naked CK scares me away. Cause most other things for a similar price simply seem to be far more point efficient. Is there someone made good use of them in a MSU build? Greetings. ” I've been using a unit of 5 Sloth CK with stalkers standard/wasteland torch for a few months now. Used them in the W8MW Usa team…

  • SA LAB

    Haemoglobin - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from marcema: “What i think SA needs is a clean start rather than looking at what there is right now and adjusting that. Its really easy to get stuck in that way in the design process. ” Also fan of starting from the ground up. We have time and we should take time to bring a new thing to the army. Basically the army is comprised out of lizards and amphibians. Start anew from that point

  • SA LAB

    Haemoglobin - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from ToDD: “Quote from Haemoglobin: “I propose a large Carnosaur (150x100) ridden by a smaller Carnosaur. Any takers? ” I know t9a is model agnostic and the team can't proceed with everybody's collection in mind, but realistically it might be a problem to put the Carnosaur Crew for the companion option on that base size ” You seriously underestimate my conversion kungfu! Think Dread Saurian model with a converted Carnosaur rider..

  • SA LAB

    Haemoglobin - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    I propose a large Carnosaur (150x100) ridden by a smaller Carnosaur. Any takers?

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “What software would people recommend to do simple modifications to STL files? Sometimes I want to cut away part of a file, but I haven't found an easy way to do it. I've tried Blender, but couldn't make much sense of it, even after watching a tutorial about cutting an apple in half. For example, I want the head of this goat. I could just print the whole goat and cut it's head of, but I don't have any need of a headless goat. ” I use Blender for that, but I admit it has a bit…

  • Quote from Hillbilly Carl: “One other thing to note, if you find pieces that you like you can use the mirror/scale functions in the 3D printing slicing software to make those bits fit onto other models. ” I've done the same. Download a free stl, slice off a part I need, enlarge it and voila. Easy and cheap conversion bits!

  • Out of curiosity: Is there a guarantee that these 3 concerns will be adapted according to the poll? Or will they be looked at and dismissed? Not trying to be negative here, just wondering what will actually happen to the raised concerns.

  • Looking good! I get my isopropanol from a local pharmacy. Maybe that is an option for you aswell? That way you don't have to wait for it to be posted to you.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “I can't even get it in the Netherlands, it's blacklisted because of it's use in making drugs. ” If you are near the Belgian border, you can get isopropyl in most pharmacies. I do get funny looks sometimes though so I just make sure I have some pictures of the printer and printed stuff on my phone if they want to see lol.

  • 1) Price reduction on the Wasteland Dragon mount. You are playing with a model that HAS to be the General, yet is very fragile. Losing the model means you lose about 1000 points, 200 of which you can't avoid due to being General. I would prefer it that the model did not have to be General, but afaik that would fall under the "no redesigns" clause. 2) Hellmaw: reduce price of the Gateways. Right now you never ever see people play a Hellmaw because you are paying 480 points for a model that will p…

  • @Dopey Yea I had a look at it and really couldn't find the points for something that dies in a shooty meta. Probably going to go for 5 Feldraks, full command and with Halberds for S6 AP3. I think they might fit well if the meta shifts to something like Pyromancy builds. And with my Dragon being weak to Alchemy it helps to have a unit that is OK vs that path. Also good if I end up playing vs Pyromancy. For 40 extra points I could probably fit 5x CK with full command and Greed. Might be worth it? …

  • In addition 10x Wrath Chosen with GW, FCM and Speed Banner are 5 points more expensive than 6x Feldraks with Halberds, FCM and Speed Banner

  • So out of curiosity, how do you guys rate Chosen? I'm looking at replacing a unit of 5x Sloth CK with the following: 10x Chosen, Wrath, GW, Full Command, Banner of Speed. Small frontage, high damage and OK ish resilience against ranged. I reckon these guys can hold a flank? Or be run alongside a unit of regular Warriors + Sorc. I will be playing this in a Dragon list so they might be a tad slow for that without Relentless Banner.