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  • Quote from Ipower: “Quote from Haemoglobin: “Any tournament players still using Skink Hunters? Not seeing many lists that take them. ” yep but that's cos I have an addiction to poison shooting and usually max out on both skirmish units. They essentially replace the damage part of divination magic allowing you to take pyro alchemy instead. ” So pretty much Pyro/Alch Cuatl, 2x10 hunters 2x10 chams? Got an example of a list?

  • Any tournament players still using Skink Hunters? Not seeing many lists that take them.

  • This week I've been painting...

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    The annoying part is that the models are metal. This makes them heavy and harder to keep in place with magnets. I personally think that your current solution is one of the better ones: drilling a hole into the model and working without magnets. What I can add is the following: 1. Drill a hole through the base and put the pin through there (so it goes through the plastic/wood of the base and is not attached ontop of it) 2. Add basing materials that are heavy (slate, or coins covered in milliput o…

  • I could however make a 60 mm round base with an insert for a 40 mm square base. That way I can use the model as both a Wrecking Team or a Cave Gnasher ah options options

  • Quote from cyrus: “Quote from Haemoglobin: “I would like a sizing of the new Mangler Squigs. Anyone reckon it is possible to fit one of those squigs on a 40 mm base? ” New mangler squigs come with 80mm round base .Old mangler squigs come with 60mm round base I think it is hard to fit it on a 40mm base ” Thanks! Guess I will wait till i can see one IRL. Maybe its doable with some creative basing :p

  • I would like a sizing of the new Mangler Squigs. Anyone reckon it is possible to fit one of those squigs on a 40 mm base?

  • Finished the Bolt Thrower with two Hobgoblin Crew. Didnt think I could fit 4 (the nr of wounds) so screw it I am going for 2.…5533362ba7eefcd73f38a9ab8…5533362ba7eefcd73f38a9ab8…5533362ba7eefcd73f38a9ab8 Not entirely happy with the Torch but hey It will have to do for now Thoughts? Comments?

  • I will get some pictures going tomorrow when the light is better However I only have the following: 15x Saurian Warriors with HW and Shield 15 Skink Braves with either Bows or 15x Skink Braves with HW and Shield and a Caiman. I might be able to fiddle the Caiman and swap it for other Skinks so shouldn't be a problem I only have mounted Saurian Veteran's so I will include that one I have a mounted (Skink Palanquin) Skink Priest or one on foot, what is preferred? The Palanquin one is the prettiest…

  • Welp looks like I got side tracked again! Here are some pictures of a WIP Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower:…5533362ba7eefcd73f38a9ab8…5533362ba7eefcd73f38a9ab8…5533362ba7eefcd73f38a9ab8 Thoughts? How does the snow look?

  • Quote from AutoHammer: “Pyromancy is 6+ to wound this guy with a 3+ save, so completely irrelevant. ” You would be surprised how dicey things can get. Unburnt pretty much removes the sometimes very spiky rolls of Pyromancy. Its totally reasonable to be wounded 3-4 times from Pyromancy during 1 Phase. Getting unlucky and failing 3/4 of those rolls is what will eventually happen. I don't mind the rule

  • Is the Spiked Shield affected by Rending Banner and/or AP from Glory of Gold?

  • Quote from Jawor: “How many armies have Toxic Attacks? VS plus one spell in game. ” Stygiosaur Breath Weapon

  • Quote from Aegitru: “What would you guys add to a full irredeemable list? I wanted to do that for a while, and it's even more interesting now 12 Wretched (570 x 2=1140pts) 2 Forsaken (385 x 2=770pts) Shrine with ledger (430) Evo master on disc, destiny, lord of damned (565) So yeah maxed out on tentacles with sweet rerolls/res hex from evo. What else? I'm thinking core of 20-25 shield unmarked warriors to go with shrine with probably 8 horsemen for scoring. Then I'm wondering either knights + ch…

  • Quote from Jelle89: “Can't use ledge on the barbarians cuz they dont have Hell-Forged Armouror or Irredeemable. Good idea though. ” Ledger changed: it now includes the unit that the Ledger is in. So when the Battleshrine is inside of the Barbarian unit and I sacrifice them I gain a Veil Token.

  • How stupid would it be to run a max size Barbarian unit with Shields, Musician, Standard paired with a Warshrine that has Ledger. Add an Occultism wizard Master somewhere. 40 bodies + 8 displaced by the Shrine is 48 bodies, giving you 9 ranks plus change. Use the Ledge on the Warshrine to generate Veil tokens from sacrificing your Barbs for Occultism. You will probably lose a couple of models from spellcasting but still plenty of staying power. Sure they won't kill anything but they will often s…

  • So many points drops! Some really good things in there like Vanguard on the Flayers (even if its 6") and cheaper whips. Loving the one use only Release the dogs aswell! In general liking what I see but we have to make some lists first

  • Just release the book already! I have lists to make, models to order

  • Question for the masses: How do you counter EoS? I am talking about the typical list: a large unit of IG with GW and Battle focus BSB inside, second large unit of Halberdiers, Stank, Prelate on war altar with buffs buffs, Cannon, A unit of reiters, some Crossbows and a Divination mage with 2 Unerring Strikes. Cannons / Divination magic are plenty to kill CKs/Giants/Dragon/EH. None of our troops are good enough to try and get them in CC due to the combined buffs (Hatred, Battle Focus, Divination …

  • Quote from SkargitCrookfang: “2 big wins vs HBE today MVPs: Forsworn with Doomlord (paired, symbol of slaughter, bsb). Won both games for me. Critical moments, held the line and the doomlord put combat res in my side. 10/10. Would sell soul to Sugulag again. ” Used their new rules and points? What exactly did they hold?