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    Ah, yes. @DarkSky is more or less correct, @Ivar K. The militants are not regular troops. The Temple Legate will essentially call up his or her faithful followers to join an army or a campaign or whatever might be going on. These militants are rather fanatical and do not seek earthly rewards such as gold or loot (not that they'll necessarily refuse if offered), they have religious motives and they follow their temple leaders. That being said, in order to function well on the battlefield, they wi…

  • Quote from Phosphorid: “As a recent convert I have been checking my VS Army and have already decided to rebase a few models such as my VS 'meat grinder' and Screaming Doombell. However I have a problem with my old metal DoomwheelsDreadmills these are so heavy and prone to coming apart I screwed them onto some pieces of 6mm mdf that are 75mm square (Rules state 50 x 100) - it is the width that is the problem. I am very reluctant to cut the bases down as the scythes already overhang by 15mm each s…

  • Är tanken då att man fortsätter vara obetald tills dess att man blir kontaktad ang plats?

  • Quote from Eldan: “I've suggested that before internally, when it came up several times that art was a major bottleneck in LAB discussion. I was told that the project would not officially commission artists, because that would compromise the "volunteer" status of the project. Also, it would look bad if we paid artists, but no one else working on the project, like writers, layouters or translators, some of whom are professionals too who donate their time. (Not meaning myself, I'm a mediocre trans…

  • Cosmology is one path among the others and doesn't really hold any special place among them (except you get twice as many spells let's goooo). Magic in T9A comes from beyond the veil. The veil is a kind of barrier separating the mortal world from the realm of magic and supernal creatures. If you've seen Stranger Things you can compare it to that. Sorcerers have the power to weaken the veil and draw magic from the other side (which is why you get veil tokens and siphon the veil in the start of yo…

  • I also would like to clarify that although many armies have access to the same path, the way they approach it are wildly different. An EoS mage studying the path of pyromancy may channel the righteous flames of - and through the blessing of - Sunna, whereas a daemon with pyromancy lets hellfire pools from the beyond breach the veil. They're the same path for gameplay purpouses, fewer spells (no duplicates or near duplicates) are easier to learn and remember.

  • Quote from Eldan: “I like going to the store, though. ” Oh, don't get me wrong, I also like going to the stores. But going to the store and back is definitely a time and cost factor (varying by where you live and how you get there) that I wanted to include in my comparison. If you're short on time to make a print, you'll also be short on time to go to a store. I firmly believe that game stores have a place in the future, though they'll need to start having in-store printers to really make it in …

  • Quote from Loghaire: “5) It still seems that 3D printing eats a lot of time and tbh - it appears to me as a whole sub-hobby on its own. I just don't have the freetime to get into it. I even hate my airbrush for taking so much time cleaning - I think I'd really hate my 3D printer for eating my little spare time. ("But why loghaire, do you have time to write so long forum posts if so?") ” For me it's def a hobby within a hobby. Some people mentioned titan-forge models which I also have. So check t…

  • Ja men vafan, nån motivation ska man väl ha för att måla upp en ny armé. Anmäld! EDIT: Eller halvt anmäld iaf för jag är pank fram till månadsslutet

  • Den Svenska Målningshesten

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    Quote from Eisenhans: “Alldeles för lite snusk i den här tråden: GCC5S4r.jpg QqTxhBA.jpg ” tenor.gif

  • Quote from mr-modmoto: “I think merging two units only because their statline is similar is not a really good argument. It is clearly not the same unit. A lot of other units have very similar stats, like the core units. All have res 2, 1 attack, dis 5, etc. Only the weapon options change and a few extra rules. You could argue for a "Melee rat" Entry, that has the weapon options "two handed, extra wepon, speer" etc. and "if you choose extra weopon, the models gain poison" This is obviously not su…

  • The legacy mindset was weird. You could have Slaves with hand weapons or with slings, but it was the same unit. But Weapon Teams with machine guns or flame throwers? Those were not the same units. Same with artillery. T9A makes it a lot easier. If two models have the same statline and only a weapon separates two, then you merge them and make weapon options. In some cases, that can include a minor change in stats, base size or abilities. This means each entry is a bit more complicated, but you sa…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “The download section should really be removed from the forum As well as the News ” This has been planned for... well over a year, maybe two, at this point. It's just not as easy as just doing it and the website team is severely understaffed when it comes to people with time and skill to code.

  • 9th Age Discord?

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    Yep! xHUYvoC.png

  • Thank you!

    Hombre de Mundo - - For Beginners


    And feel free to personally tag or PM @piteglio if you need any help with Tabletop Simulator

  • Den Svenska Målningshesten

    Hombre de Mundo - - Hobby


    Bra grejer! Jag håller också på med UD, tester både utsriftskvalitet, baser och färgschema. Och en råtta... uUdiH3f.jpg

  • Quote from Eldan: “Quote from bas_2312: “It's clear where the "inspiration" comes with, these ideas are copied from the Romans. (Don't get me started on Emperor Palpatine/Mr. Dictator). ” Not familiar with that one, who's he? ” iu

  • Titan-Forge

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    Quote from DarkSky: “@Titan-Forge I send you an e-mail with some (for me) important questions quite a while ago. Will I get a response? ” I'd try their facebook page.

  • Quote from Eldan: “Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “"roman inspired" is a fair generalisation. ” I'd say Roman-Imitating. They don't even have the legitimation of Translatio Imperii like the Franks did. ” I was moreso talking about the design decisions that went into creating the theme for VS. But sure, Roman-imitating works just fine and is more accurate in-setting

  • Quote from Alkasar: “95% I could say no good words for Roman idea and Historical reference at all. Most our community think need keep fantasy back idea. ” Here's the thing: everything is derivative. You cannot reach into the void and come up with a wholly new and original concept, that's just not how the human mind works. We draw inspiration from what we already know and change or build upon it to make something new. Sure, we could try to start from scratch and make an original culture. Like, dr…