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  • Quote from SirMC2015: “I'm not dismissing it, but it allows a lance at its finest with minimum risk and maximum gain. Not exactly fair to have a lance facing only 3 models and the rest of the opponent attacks mean nothing. I understand it is a multicharge situation. As for VS, not my book and life is cheap- not my book and it is still in alpha phase. As I said, love the idea, but looking at it from opponents perspective. Also, just note the lab is watching and reading this thread. Just wanted to…

  • Quote from SirMC2015: “Unfortunately that is a too strong, but love the idea. ” Not as strong as LiC because there is a big restriction, you need to have both units to have the result. This is not the case in most of times. Now VS TT opened the Pandora Box of changing CR count, I don't see why this could not affect our peasants. But maybe reword it as, "The casualties done in a peasant unit done by an enemy unit in contact of at least one peasant unit and one knight unit doesn't count for combat…

  • Crown, Divi/Cosmo + Pair of Catapult. I prefer cosmology and a 3+ hitting catapult (for casting value of 5). VS will hate the test with -1 LD and their Res2 makes the 6x6Area very likeable. this way you remove the blocks of Blackfur Veterans much quickly even with their 4+ armour save. And against "Life is Cheat" (saw this on french player discord) then only attack reduced packs, abuse of breath weapons, prey. And last option : Play another army and give up UD until we have a LAB.

  • ETC 2021 UD lists

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from WoeRie: “Very interesting reading these list, but I'm a bit confused about this: 315 - Tomb Architect, Skeletal Horse, Light Armour, Crown of the Wizard King, Ankh of Naptesh, Terracotta Does it allow the Architect to cast "Death is Only the Beginning" as an additional Attribute for his spell? The description states that only Death Cult Hierarchs can cast it, but the description of Hierophant says that he can cast it 18". ” The true wording is : ''When the Hierophant casts Death is On…

  • I agree too that the design to separate corpse healable to statues, non healable but more resilient could be interested and flavourish. Problem : if they cost less than other specials but are more effectives, then they gonna shadow the other specials. It's more a problem of internal balance than external balance. Remember the 8th Ed TK book, statues could heal 1W per magic phase, it was considered repaired when they could heal 1W per spell during EoT.

  • The single problem for this design is the additional wounds lost by Unstable. Maybe Constructs shall be Stubborn rather than juste removing 1 to Unstable result.

  • Here is a brainstorm, everything is open :p Notice this is something that apply to all unit affected. Example, I take a Nomarch with AW "Tower Shield" and I take skeleton warriors with tower shields, if I take necropolis guards, even without a shield (they wish to take Paired Weapon for example) I gonna pay for it.

  • Since the Vermin Swarm Alpha, I was thinking on how we could expand the Ancestral Warfare of the HB LAB. Then I thought about this: Quote from Ancestral Warfares: “ANCESTRAL WARFARES In old Naptesh, the nobles and kings were buried with their soldiers which fits of their masters tactics. Centuries after centuries, these tactics evolved, some abandoned, some created. But today the ancient armies awakes and sometimes put their masteries of war in common When you create your list, you may pick 2 An…

  • Not sure : Unless the character is a BSB with Banner of speed (+ his Cloak) it depends of the answer to this question : Does the banner still apply to a leaving character ?

  • Crow is usefull if you have a large front. but 18" bubble is quick good (it's the half of table length ^^) But it's very use it to give UW to another unit. And Yeah Deathmask is a very bitchy item on Sha Pharaoh

  • Quote from whitebeard: “So you have enough monster points to play 2 Sha guardians and other 2 monsters? One dread Sphinx and one colossus for example ” Yes, A sha Guardian cost 335pts for a pharoah and 320pts for a Nomarch. In 4500pts you have 920pts remaining. Sure you can't pay for 2 Battlesphinx (960pts). But you may have : 2 Dreadsphinx (pro : autonomous and fly, con : the lowest number of attacks) 2 Colossus with paired weapon (pro : high amount of Attack Off5 ignore parry S6 AP3 + Grinding…

  • This is what I plan to do. because maybe you lose S5 and AP3 but you have 3 more attacks. It better synergize with our magic. In a monster mash list, this is a good plan with 2 Hierarchs (1 Cosmo, 1 Evo)

  • IMHO Scourge and Sekhem minimum on a Nomarch. We don't have the S5, but still the 7Att. Nomarch benefit the most of scourge and Sha Guardian for its base cost.

  • Something nice would be a Pharaoh, PW, Scourge, Deathmask and Sekhem for mobility. Deathmask makes him receive less hits, Sekhem grant him Stubborn (reducing the CR damages if he may lose)

  • UD (unofficial) LAB

    setepenmentou - - New army books


    Sorry for the late : DCH are Not a Leader, list 2 is not good. At the beginning we aimed only Pharaoh and Noble could be general/bsb like it was on TK 6th Ed book.

  • Well in BG PoV: Life is cheap because they don't care about their losses (vs are big a*****es) Undead crumble due to magic disturbance due to soul unleashed from their vessels

  • Quote from nomrakram: “Quote from setepenmentou: “The loop starts again: ” you're joking right? I thought this was a thread about new ideas. a 'brainstorming'... perhaps if 'your' fluff doesn't include the stories of slaves being forced to fight, we can make some more fluff. I am certain that a fictional magically reborn ancient empire can justify enslaving souls. ” Maybe because we already discussed about this idea ? You quoted your own message, you may have seen the answers to the message you …

  • Nice Repanse I'll take one with the Questing Knights. When do you put them on store ?

  • @Lord Marcus Do you plan to include Highland Miniatures Questing Knight on your printing services ?

  • The loop starts again: UD Legions were professional soldiers who gained the right to be buried with their noble. The worthiest are the guards, and the worthiest/too damaged are ensouled in statues. Slaves were slaved and serves as slave, not as soldiers.