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  • To help with the current meta give characters, FW, DW and kingsguard Champions assess to the wyrmslayer rocket. Add March and fire to it so we still can push.

  • To be fair, all armies are very close in power and they are within its expected range. one army has to be last Unfortunately it seems to be our this time. DH problems goes deeper because restrictions we have, poor magic, poor movement, poor agility, No cavalry and no monsters. And our strengths are not very good, Leadership is great but almost every book has at least 9 rerollable when it matters. We have good armor but everyone has a lot of AP. We have good shooting but not too good or we would …

  • If nothing is done to AP in this game, armour 3 or less should be almost free. And any infantry army with heavy armor will have to be priced so you can field them in hordes. DH will struggle if you can’t choose your fights due to low moment, you almost always strike last and your protection is useless. Shieldwall helps a lot for our core units, but you only take them because you have to anyway. DW have a lot of room for buffs as it is a bottom tier unit in a bottom tier army....

  • The idea was to replace shieldwall, and it is essential to have AP halved because we don’t have any problems with protection from strength 3-4 attacks but against high strength attacks st 6 ap 3 our supposedly tough guys with heavy armor dies just as quickly as goblins. This will also work against impact hits and stomps. That is one reason that seekers are dominant, they at least have a real wardsave so they survive as good or better then our other troops and can hit back. If characters are the …

  • Armour of the hold, attacks made against Units with Armour of the hold have its AP halved rounded up.

  • I would like MR rune on war machines so they don’t get killed by magic straight away, maybe I would use the more expensive war machines then. Now I use baristas and FC

  • I think we already have the most boring core and highest core tax of any army that I have tried.

  • Quote from WarX: “With all weapon options we have two core options is not an issue ;). Clan Warriors with shield and hand weapon are completely different unit then with shield and spear. And both of them are completely different to paired weapons or great weapons Clan Warriors. Not mentioning throwing weapons for those 4 flavors. If we add one more option to Clan Marksmen then we have most core options from all armies ” I would say that we only would have 1 option in core because marksmen and cl…

  • I think we should also focus on what we need to make DH competitive and fun to play while still true to the fluff. DH is to strong when you play unskilled people or beginners and we get a lot of grief for that and it is to week against really skilled people. We need board control, I think manipulation of the battlefield would be great and fluffy. Minefields, cavalry traps, war machines that create no go lanes and so forth. It would take skill to use but could be very powerful if used to it’s ful…

  • T9A @ Spiel 2020

    Ironclad - - General Discussion


    The best battle reports to catch new people is a movie not pictures and talking. Most t9a battle reports is to tactical and you have to understand the game to enjoy them. For outsiders I think dice rolls and actually moving is important and live sound where the players are having fun.

  • T9A @ Spiel 2020

    Ironclad - - General Discussion


    We should try to find someone that could do a filmed battlerep like mini war gaming of a small game or a quick start game. Probably hard since it requires skills in editing but well worth it if we could pull it of.

  • T9A @ Spiel 2020

    Ironclad - - General Discussion


    If there is anything I can help out with, let me know. I think this is a great opportunity for us.

  •…9d2c02502ff7ccf5cff60b15a 2 Wrecking teams added to the army, hope to get my first game soon.

  •…9d2c02502ff7ccf5cff60b15a My army is getting bigger...

  • yes, negative effects on opponent would be fun. Could be 2 different paths, Engineer preparing the battlefield with mines, traps and obstacles or runesmith using stone magic to make quick changes.

  • the painting on the unit I mean....

  •…9d2c02502ff7ccf5cff60b15a my latest addition to my army, almost done.

  • Hi I need some advice on my OnG army, I am a Dwarf player normally but I finally have some OnG models painted and want to try the green horde. I want a fun army more than a hardcore competitive list but I still don’t want to be steamrolled in all games. So if you can give me some advice on List-building I would be grateful. What I have painted so far: 60 cave goblins with spear + 3 mad Gits 30 feral orcs with spear 5 orc boar boys 7 Gnasher dashers 15 cave Gnashers 2 git launchers 1 splatterer 1…

  • A common complaint against this project is that it lacks Fluff and fluffy rules. Another is that it is to steep learning curve. in view of those complaints I think it is very unfortunate how the fluff has been presented, the fluff is very inaccessible. There is some very cool fluff published but it isn’t very informative. For a new player to first try to learn the rules and then choose an army that he have almost no accessible information on. then he tries to choose units for his army and reads …

  • very nice banner, super cool