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  • Quote from Igthorn: “can I see the setup of your EH..please ” I got it laid out in my list thread: saint_barbara list corner | WDG 4500 Don't derail!

  • 20:0 vs VC MVP: Doomlord LVP: - 0:20 vs SE MVP: - LVP: Chosen Lord 0:20 vs ID MVP: - LVP: Chosen 10:10 vs ID MVP: EH LVP: FDE 8:12 vs VC MVP: EH LVP: EH 14:6 vs DE MVP: EH LVP: FDE 19:1 vs VC MVP: EH LVP: FDE 11:9 vs VC MVP: Warriors LVP: EH 3:17 vs OnG MVP: EH LVP: EH, FDE

  • I've tried chariot chiefs last year. Survivability is better, but champions and tough chars killed the entry for me. I prefer regular chariots.

  • @Exalted Champion Thank you for the arguments. I agree to a degree but for different reasons: 1. Even vinegar was sweet when I was young. I often catch myself praising the past, claimed to have lived through golden ages of this or that many times and many times proven wrong. This is like a deeply humane thing to forgive and forget, even when at that time the guilt was obvious and to be critical toward contemporary world because it touches us the most. 2. The perspective of playing the same book …

  • @Exalted Champion Alright I get you I think. However I don't necessarily think this list is out of the table currently - perhaps the meta has shifted and its power might be diminished when facing new lists, but you say yourself you don't care about power. Barring the trolls, you've got all the units still in the book. And you said yourself you are happy about the characters. What I can't understand though, why the old list with the same units was fun and a new list with the same units is unfun?

  • @Exalted Champion It's difficult not to agree with you. Giving favours to warriors and warrior knights might have been a mistake in the beta because that was the one factor which hugely differentiated chosen to non-chosen units (it still works for Chariots and Feldraks/CK differentiation though).

  • Quote from Eldan: “Was the one that was copied from GW an official art team one, then? ” Could you please phrase the question differently? I don't understand what you're asking.

  • Quote from jirga: “Was one of those art pieces that one with direct references to chaos dwarfs? ” Nah, it's the duel between DH and ID lord.

  • @Shukran Well, the project did make attempts to state what images it needs (can you remember the army icons competition?) but it has produced very little results. Quote from Eldan: “If the Design Team then says "no, that's wrong", what do you do? Not use the art someone just paid 300 Euroes for? ” No, it's the same as with any other bought services. You order a plumber to fix your sink, he don't deliver, you don't pay. But your first argument stands. The only way to commission paid arts is what …

  • Quote from Casp: “Layout team is complelty understaffed especially for full layout. ” You could drop full layout completely and just do cool slims with a bit of fluff and art inside (maybe 30% of what's inside currently). I've got a complete proposal if anyone's interested.

  • Quote from Feynn: “My only answer now is being hidden and trying wrath of god hoping you get rid of his Experimental Weapons so you can try to get some points and get nearer. ” The hard truth is VS was a bad matchup before and new LAB hardly changed anything in that regard.

  • Quote from umbranar: “In short: what are you going to change in your lists to deal with the new threats? ” Imma try 2x EH again. Hard Target + D6 stomps + 4++ should + WoG should work well in this matchup.

  • Quote from klatschi: “I could imagine that as soon as the situation normalizes, people tend to come back to real life play. ” It varies a lot. Me and a few friends were more active during c19 than before. We even started a small T9A academy with 4 returning and 4 brand-new players around January-February, and even had another vet+noob pairs tournament 2 weeks ago. Mostly convalescents which helped a lot spark some vigor into hobby with other RL activities hampered. Quote from klatschi: “UB is a …

  • @jimmygrill Are you ok with hijacking your thread for some random discussions? You seem to have a relaxed approach and wide spectrum of topics, but it's better we ask before.

  • Quote from jimmygrill: “Thanks, are you not a fan of tactical parts in general or my tactic pieces in particular? ” I prefer skewing a list aspect to balanced lists - I've been sporting 4+ monsters in every list for the last 2 years with the rest of the army acting as support pieces. After that I plan to play ultimate tank list with no chaff. This is mainly a different philosophy thing. Quote from jimmygrill: “I will partially agree here, I think both private (garage/hobby room) und public setti…

  • The older I get the more I prefer garage games over tournaments. One thing is, I finally have the proper facilities to have a comfortable game at home, the other I can't muster enough stamina to enjoy the 3rd and 5th game. Great blog @jimmygrill - I may not be the fan of the tactical part but the conversions and paintjobs are brilliant and above all you build a lot of suspense and phrase it humorously, which is what I appreciate the most. Keep it coming

  • Quote from Altao: “As my philosophy professor said - "There is no lesser or bigger evil. It is always just evil." ” And my typography professor always told me "always align left". His experience doesn't make him right.

  • Quote from Kaitin: “I hate you with all my heart, dude! Don't make names for anything, please! ” You're welcome!

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Also, with this approach, staff shouldn't be surprised by negativity on this forum. WDG were sacrificed for the sake of other armies, why should players invested in WDG like you after that or appreciate what you do? ” There are players that are negative and those that are positive. It's natural that you conceive "your group" (whichever that would be) as bigger or "righter". And the truth is, you will never know, since the forum is just a fraction of the community and out of m…

  • Quote from Altao: “But can you tell that this way it is fair for WDG? ” Maybe not 100% but unfreezing the WDG would be unfair towards all books that didn't get LAB yet. Lesser evil. Quote from teclis2000: “I agree in principle, but what happens if price for chief/wizard master/doomlord on behemoth is really low already and still unused? ” We still got some wiggle room, I never expected the balancing algorithm to work 100% in the first few years. I can wait.