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  • Displacement maps in Blender. Downloaded the textures from Usually I have to edit the 3D-textures in Photoshop, to increase the contrasts. For example the flooring is a combination of a plank floor and rough wood in some ratio. The beams that hold the floor is Rough wood, but I had to use the diffusion maps instead of the height maps. The beams of the fort themselves have three displacement modifiers, first one that distorts the shape, then one the makes the surface uneven, and la…

  • Yup, I will share it on Thingiverse. I think you need the blender-file though. Let me think about it for two seconds

  • Sure! It's already using textures from, I just used the bump-maps (displacement maps). Painting it for a videogame should be quite straightforward as it would just be to apply the normal maps, shaders, and materials (or something like that, I don't really know what I'm talking about). Be aware though, that this is really high-poly, but the way I've built it it should be quite easy to reduce the polygon count and just use the maps instead.

  • Quote from piteglio: “that's the way, mister, well done! i like the care to woodworking and joinery, it's not only pretty but also quite realistic. if you're also open to non-necessarily-printing collaborations, i'd definitely like the idea of putting it into my videogame! ” Sure! It's going to be an open community terrain, so use it for anything you want

  • Inspired by @Frumious and stumped I couldn't find any good free fort/castle models I decided to create my own. This is the first model I've designed from scratch, so I'm quite happy with it. My plan is to also make a gate as well as the pieces you can see here. This fort can be used for anything Fantasy-related, as well as Roman forts and Orks in 40k. It is Skirmish-sized, but can easily be used with Siege rules in WHFB/T9A. Here she is:…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dcth…

  • And here they are in all their glory! As a test I received the full Dock Guard set and managed to fit all 6 complete Dock Guard soldiers on a Eledoo Mars (similar to Photon S) build plate. I must say I'm impressed by the level of detail. Hoping to get them painted over the weekend. What's interesting is that because they are 3D-models, most of the parts (legs, body, heads) can be mirrored to makes for a whole lot of combinations.…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dcthe-ninth-…

  • Quote from Garboq: “Quote from mrmossevig: “I have an Equitaine army in dire need of some flying reinforcements so count me in! I also have 12 3D-printers now (yes, I do have a problem ), so if anyone needs me to print you anything let me know! By the way, do they come already with supports? ” If I may, could you print the samples? Mainly because it would allow people here to see the quality, and if put together, size of the models in a way that most renders, well, can't quite reproduce. ” Will …

  • Just checked the kickstarter, and it looks awesome! But what's up with the height of the supports? If we're talking mass production, the height of the model is very, very important so I would advice to reduce the support height. E.g. if you can reduce the support height to a minimum, it would take down the print down with approximately 25% for the torsos.

  • Hi guys! I need some help here! I'm considering going for the merchant tier in the amazing kickstarter from @Tartessos Miniatures. Can you guys without 3D-printer help me estimate how much you would pay for the different models in the kickstarter if bought IRL from a webstore? Quote from Tartessos Miniatures: “Founded!! In five hours! Thank you very much to all! Let's see how far we get now!…f-the-old-age/description…43f0c831311b20eb5…

  • Quote from Tartessos Miniatures: “They come with SLA/DLP supports! They will also be available to download without supports! ” Perfect!

  • I have an Equitaine army in dire need of some flying reinforcements so count me in! I also have 12 3D-printers now (yes, I do have a problem ), so if anyone needs me to print you anything let me know! By the way, do they come already with supports?

  • Quote from Marcos24: “here's my first finished Pegasus Knight with a nice action base…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dc…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dc…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dc ” Holeeee sheeet! That is amazing! Both the miniature and the painting!

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    mrmossevig - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Just saw this one over at Lord Of the Print:…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dc

  • Fallen soldiers are cool as objectives. Saving Private Ryan style or capturing the enemy fallen generals. Works well for most objectives. Gold chests are a of course a much used objective but it doesn't make to much sense to just have them laying on the battlefield. What about Wyrdstones? If you arrange the setting around a comet exploding and everybody running around trying to gather the Wyrdstone-shards. Works well for all objectives too. If you design something cool I'll 3D-print them in tran…

  • It's very similar yes. It's a creator on Thinigverse that has made his own model of it:

  • By the way, I 3D-printed this guy for a Dark Elf project. Free model on Thingiverse:…43f0c831311b20eb52cec07dc

  • Got it. I think ultrasonic cleaning is more important for hollow models. I just bought whatever I could find at a decent price close by. Do you guys have any favorite resins?

  • What's your general cleaning/curing schedule?

  • Ultrasonic bath is just a really deep clean to make sure I get every last piece of resin out before the UV-hardening. Not sure if it's really needed. I'm using isopropanol here too, which might be a bit of an overkill. I haven't put much research into the optimum low effort cleaning. A lot of places ust recommend alochol too, so maybe it's better just to use that. But appart from that, all my prints have come out really crisp

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    mrmossevig - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Lol, Oracle? elven1a_large.jpg