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  • Hey must be old question but can you combine crown of the wizard king with magical heirloom?

  • Mostly super cool horses. But that work with horses in the game. The wdg mounts are expensive because any bonus to chosen lord mobility is huge as they can single-handedly defeat quite a few entries. The mounts are pretty bland but I'm very happy with the different lords. We have high magic item points good weapons and armor. Amazing variety of builds compared to most other races. The only race with stronger more customisable heroes are the VC and it is pretty normal to me. It is actually possib…

  • Socerer can still have 4str5 attacks and 1+ Armour

  • Quote from Grimbold Blackhammer: “You can't five-dice Wrath of God EVERY turn ya know... ” No need to five dice anything. I have killed my herald on the first turn of the first game of the biggest team tournament i went to. 4 dice, triple 6 done. 4 dice triple six without thaumat deals enough 4+ to kill too. (they look like 2+ to my archive) and dont talk to me about triple 4 on 3 dice for my DE oracle hidden behind a building while shooting with familiar ... I tell you every single tournament.

  • I kill at least one of my mages per tournament it is a tradition.

  • Yeah dice knows. What dice really know os how to really mess you up and make you do a 666 each time you roll on 5 dice

  • My point is hybrid caster seems bound to be some sort of priest thing. thaumaturgy is the power of gods.... Pyro is a plain sadistic furnace invoking discipline. I can see the pragmatic DE generals want this kind of mage. And it's not that I like the spells better. I don't. But looking at the lores maybe the big mage is the priest and the small one a prince/captain thing. Restricting divination to an adept is really sad

  • DE as we know them seem to point to thaumaturgy and pyromancy to me. true offensive magic. even if it is just as adepts.

  • there has been the same weapon option problem for DE captains

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    zertuiop - - WWW Topics


    Quote from Ira: “Quote from JimMorr: “You are almost right... (Hidden Content) ” In the end we all know the truth ...(Hidden Content) ” Perfection

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “Quote from namadeva: “@Cortrillion that was in the earlier post ” I cant seam to find it anywhere. Im looking for that post that says that X unit in Y books core is more elite than Warriors. Because I dont think there is a core hat is more elite, unless it is a MI. What single model from core, on foot can take on a warrior model in CC and on average, win? ” single model, rank and file, standard size not taking charges into account. I gess only blades of nahb with a rendi…

  • There is a wdg army at the etc with effectively 3500 pts of monsters and about 30 models in total. It's not awful or it wouldn't travel to the etc

  • I think barbs are nearly auto include and dirt cheap compared to other core humans. They make the perfect bunker with discipline banner. can jump through portals get sacrificed and run through dt to fuel the ledger. A big max unit wirh spears and magic support can actually be a real combat unit. Barb chief on the contrary is just not good enough. I used him a lot to make a cheap bsb but that went away

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from Zamo: “That list is almost no magic... no channeling and 3 spells and a bound with 12" range is pretty poor magic. But fun to play for sure. ” yeah for sure, it's a gimmick list that definitely won't be wrecking it in the magic phase but you should be able to cast at least 1 useful spell every turn and adding a wizard would lose a whole behemoth ” that's why I put giants instead of other monsters I can get 5 spells for a real magic phase.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Characters – 2000pts Feldrak Ancestor – 685pts Doomlord, Behemoth, Wizard king, Trophy Rack – 660pts Doomlord, Behemoth, rod of battle, Trophy Rack – 655pts Core – 940pts 20 Warriors, Mus – 470pts 20 Warriors, Mus – 470pts Special – 700pts Shrine – 260pts Shrine – 260pts 5 dogs – 90pts 5 dogs – 90pts Legendary Beasts – 860pts Forsaken one – 400pts Feldrak Elder, paired weapons – 460pts 4500pts my altered version of zertioup list. I reckon this has got some legs! ” I…

  • still only mvt 5 in the unit. I don't intend to get the warriors into combat. they are more like resilient scorers. the shrine cover them to win light combat and make some magic. 3 giants 2 behemoths 1 FA 1 chimera (that is 7 monsters 6 of with are real tough ponies) can take the fighting part alright. only thing that makes me really afraid is super duper multy wounders on big mounsters. they will always be stronger than my guys and can force me into chalenges.

  • Just the builder not totally up to date.

  • The warriors just amble forward to the objectives and the shrines are here to push the center. All the rest is fast and Can flank rush as needed. Core could also be made of barb horses. And the shrines turn into two other chimeras. So everything is fast.

  • What do you think of this list: (Hidden Content) I think it's completely bonkers. I took giants and shrines to maximize magic but you could very well go with two feldrack elders and sloth chariots to make a res 6 list.