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  • so in ten minutes a bunch of us will meet online to play with the new patrol. we will livestream the match (the affiche is in the spoiler). i mention this cos we'll pilot using 1" increments, to see whether that makes things easier for new players. if anyone watches the game and wants to leave some comments (either in the live chat during the game or here on the forum after the fact), i'd be very interested in knowing your opinion! (Hidden Content)

  • you pewple are insatiable : D for those who are still tuned into the "old news" of... today?, in case you want to see the new patrol in action, see you on twitch in 10 minutes! jW17auA.jpg

  • Thank you!

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    welcome aboard! in a bit more than 1h we play on my twitch channel a live match of the introductory version of T9A, and we use Tabletop Simulator. see you there if you're curious!

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    oh yesss! love me some crossover patrols! plus, as long as they stay in the forest, why bother if it's fighting with the pointy ears or the smelly furs?! Remy, that new core unit frankly looks quite élite! do you also have the two remaining units that compose the whole armylist?

  • hallou people! have you seen the news? there's so much stuff going on... basic patrol for a new faction + new advanced armylist for an old faction + a teaser on how to start playing T9A for free... let's start somewhere: what do you think of them rats? 36885-d0ea8211-large.png of course, there's a couple minor typos, left there for you to enjoy the hunt : D but more importantly, this was a particularly challenging book to cram into a single page, so... what do you think of the adaptation of the …

  • thank you Delcurt! i've kept working on the mod in the last weeks, and i think we will be ready to release it publicly when we release the new alpha rulebook for The Ninth Age: Essence of War. i decided to focus on giving everybody the possibility to get (or give) a very nice introductory game. we said the new book would be available in summer. spring is almost over, so wait for the solstice, and then "at the dawn of the third day"... 55zJGum.png

  • you guys ready? Hn5ULU4.png

  • Turn 1 Sunna's Fury Charge Phase: nothing Movement Phase: Quote from Ivar K: “ @piteglio move flags 2" right 6" forward, halbs 3" left 5" forward, militia 2" side right ” xXDfV6o.png the move is legal: 8zEEqdu.png Magic Phase: Flux card V Sunna's Fury: 6 dice Sylvan Elves: 4 dice MufeJGk.png

  • thank you! to do this, you will need three pieces of information. [...] tagging @Remy77077, @RHworldbuilding and @calcathin so they know im spoiling stuff : D actually, when youve read this leave a like / reply, so i can edit this info out of the post ; )

  • lots of negativity on the forum these days, i hope you dont mind Uradel if i sway your thread into a slightly different direction (but still a related one!) in order to keep the mood up : ) tonight i'll be the guest of a collective of youtubers / twitchers that do videos on all sorts of games (boardgames, cardgames, wargames, roleplaying, videogames). i've been invited to talk about T9A together with a T9A tournament player, while another couple of dudes have been invited to discuss AoS, in the …

  • if a commercial miniature wargame company releases a new book, we all expect old things to change, and new things to happen, so you are pushed towards buying the new miniatures. when T9A releases a new book, we should expect old things to change, and new things to happen, so that the book can work better as a whole and against the other books. from a design perspective, keeping all old units relevant is more challenging than you might think. so not using some of your old models as you used to is…

  • thanks man! besides my own sculpts, i've been looking at models uploaded by the Tabletop Simulator community. there's some crazy stuff coming from the most disparate sources, like the orcs above. or those elves. or also... OMFT0Or.png i guess that tonight we'll play these guys... with another surprise faction. see you later on twitch!

  • seconding everything calcathin said let me add one clarification on voluntary order of pursuit movei had my TTS mod open so i'll use that to explain. apologies for using DE models to represent the Empire, but i was checking out other people's miniatures, so i'll use what i had open at the moment: Orcs get flanked in the charge. note that Knights didnt maximise in the original diagram by mclizard. im assuming there's a good reason for that (e.g. intervening impassable terrain), so i replicate tha…

  • Quote from Ivar K: “Could we get the distance between EoS archers and SE cavalry? ” front left = 27.2" back right = 29.2" HoSOVuM.png

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    stories from my new Cultists army: (Hidden Content)

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    Quote from Ivar K: “But for KoE the mounted character would be more fitting. ” that's how we had it in the first iteration of the rules! but in EW a mounted damsel would replace a (costly) knight, and would have to stay in the first rank (to keep things simple). so we decided to put her on foot. in Advanced, of course, the options will be different.

  • hi there Uradel my two cents: Quote from Uradel: “"Fan-made games like The 9th Age detract from the brick and mortar stores... ” i have talked to quite a few owners of independent brick & mortar stores. most of them described large publishing houses as imposing them "a chocking business model" made of low profit margins and practically no flexibility. most of them said they only supported such large publishing houses because they had to, since at the time there was no alternative to attract play…

  • alright ladies and gentlemen. here we go with the Sylvan's deployment: UTwYRhh.png more shots for the pretty of it: (Hidden Content) so it's up to you and your cronies, Ivar. Turn 1 Sunna's Fury Movement Phase how do you guys wanna move?

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    piteglio - - Essence of War


    oooh nnnnnice! and yes, there is indeed one intruder even for my taste... i immediately thought HAY! get outta here! : D

  • yes, there were serious efforts to try and set up a collaboration, but with my big sadness that didnt work out. i suspect the main reason behind Warhall's success is in catering to the advanced players, and in giving them something they are already familiar with. i've always tried to reach out to new players while doing new things - which means i only get the support of a few "future-oriented" people. that makes a big difference i guess : ) plus, i mean, Warhall has you, so i dont think it's har…