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  • Quote from Bulls Eye: “Question and after this my opinion about our big shooting; canon and Catapult. The guidelines say they fall under theme C; C; Unreliable way of life Most tech is unreliable, there is always a (luck-based) risk that the wielder and/or nearby vermin will lose HP when technology is used. This drawback should not be compensated with increased efficiency. It should be compensated by reduced price (lower eliteness) which in turns allows for more models/units. Some tech has an ov…

  • For those of us who just click on notifications rather than check the actual forum: VS LAB Fetthis Brutes Survey

  • The LAB team is discussing various ways of changing Fetthis Brutes due to low take rate when compared to Murmillos. As this is a community driven game, we thought it best to check in with the community to see how they feel. The survey will stay open for about a week, depending on how many responses we get, so don't delay, vote today!

  • I've not found a good use for the Legate yet. I only used the Chief as a BSB, which flipped between verminous coward and Hulk mounted beatstick depending on my mood. So far I've been playing without a BSB, so I've not thought to bring him. If I did, though, it would probably be with the Doomblade

  • Quote from Cam: “The core units already have: Cant be disrupted ” Just pointing out that this is not the case. The rule is stating that when there is a unit with at least 2 full ranks in your flank, you cannot use FIER x2. I agree that the wording is not intuitive, but it is consistent with the BRB. See the below post and this page of the rules queries thread: VS LAB Alpha Rules Queries Quote from WarX: “Steadfast means you have more ranks.Disrupted means you can't benefit from Steadfast, but do…

  • On a similar vein to the above, copying from another thread: Quote from Fleshbeast: “if you summon/move it behind zombies/skeletons/whatever that is trying to raise bodies. Can they still raise? (Not sure if this has been asked yet) the awakened swarm RAW specifies ignoring unit spacing for movement but I would not expect a raise to be considered a move. Rulebook only says if can’t place as legal position the raised model is lost. ”

  • I'd like to use this thread to call out ways that the Hereditary Spell from the LAB can be used. Please do not use this thread to discuss ways the spell can be changed (that's how the other thread got off topic), but focus on how it can be used as currently written. Here's a few things I've come up with: 1. Cast within 8" of a unit containing Mad Gits and force them to move out of position or release the Mad Gits 2. Cast such that the spawned unit touches one (or more!) models with Ricochet (Mad…

  • Don't forget to read the patch notes! Prepared lovingly by our LAB team: Quote: “In today’s “Acta Publica”, the VS LAB Team outlines the current changes to the Vermin Swarm Alpha Book with the release of Hotfix #1 (Dated July 1, 2021, Alpha #2). The Change Log can be found on the downloaded file at page 27, but we’ll go over them here as well. As stated before, the VS LAB Team will take on the task of edits, hot fixes, etc. as small and purposeful updates. Because so much of the book is connecte…

  • There is a game results thread here: Please report your game results here It is the generic VS one, so be sure to mention exactly what version of the book you are using.

  • Just a quick reminder that we do have a thread for Rules questions: VS LAB Alpha Rules Queries

  • His examples were all in a vacuum, why not mine?

  • Well since we get to set the parameters... 23 Piranha Saurian Warriors, HW/S, FC. 447 points. Saurians charge. Legionaries fail their Disc 4 Fear test. Each are 7 wide. Legionaries get 5*7+1 attacks, 36. 12 hit because of Fear, 4 wounds AP 3. 19 Saurians 7 wide get 14+1+5 attacks. 16.67 hit due to Fear, 19.4 after Born Predator. 16.2 Wounds AP 1 results in 13.5 wounds. SA have 13.5/2 = 6.75 wounds + 2 ranks (7,7,5) + 1 charge + 1 banner = 10.75 VS have 4 wounds + 3 ranks + 1 banner = 8. Lose by …

  • Quote from Darock: “Do I get it right, that a General in a Unit with Eagle Standard works quite similar to a normal Battle Standard Bearer? Talking about the Reroll for Dis checks... not counting Except for the different Range, the missing CR and the missing possibility to buy a (second) magic standard in the unit [Which are quite some differences already] ” Why yes, when you ignore those 3 pivotal things, they are exactly the same Note that the General does not have to be in the unit for it to …

  • RAI, no. It's on the to-do list.

  • Quote from schaufelschwein: “ However, I am more than glad, that the arena beast finally has a fixed movement (although i will refuse to cut of a 10x100mm piece of my base) so that it doesnt fail a 5" charge because you roll 1,1,2 and can be used to terrorize other units.” The upgrade Underworld Beast give the Arena Beast 60x100 base and Random Movement. The Arena Beast without the upgrade is more analogous to a Chief riding a MRat.

  • It should still be 20x20, nothing in the weapon profile indicates a changed base size.

  • Mishap damage

    ValourUnbound - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I ran a unit of 4 Jezails in my few test games. They would usually misfire once or twice a game and put a couple wounds on the unit. But with 3 HP each and Callous preventing panic, it wasn't too awful. They usually ended the game at about 75% strength.

  • Quote from Ondjage: “Why dont shadowfur stalkers have bloodpox blades instead of «Poison attacks*, paired weapons, *CC Only»? ” You're not the first one to notice that. We're working on it.

  • Quote from Karanadon: “Rules question about the Giant Rats... The Dire rat upgrade implies the whole unit is upgraded to dire rats, but the unit size is now 0-15, correct? Does that mean someone could take a unit with a single Dire rat for 83 points? If the upgrade is for some of the models in the unit (unit of 30, 15 of which are dire rats), doesn't the mismatching base sizes make that really awkward? Just really confused when I read it how it should be interpreted. EDIT: Is it just a typo? Sho…

  • Please post any questions about the rules in the VS LAB Alpha here. This might duplicate the general Rules Questions and Answers thread, but I'm more likely to read it here smile.png Off topic posts will be deleted.