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  • DE General Discussion

    GSbasic - - Dread Elves (DE)


    I expect some point swings on a few units for sure. Couple of units that the TT had their eyes on going into beta May see some tweaking (pure speculation, not an official announcement).

  • I’m supposed to receive my 3D printer this week. Very excited to start tearing it up with model generation. Should be some awesome stuff in the pipeline!!

  • Go follow caballero miniatures and find it on patreon where you will find all the files for the models you see me post!!! Auxiliaries in fulll action here!…51ab8b51981e02da5d3731f46

  • oh boy so I have something juicy cooking up for you guys! The next part of my custom printed DE is in the works!

  • My first 5 judicators! A clash of the iconic Dacian weaponry but with the Roman / Greek slant I’m using for the army as a whole. Paint and sculpt credit as always goes to…51ab8b51981e02da5d3731f46

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  • I think I accidentally uploaded in internal forum. I’ll make accessible to all shortly! My bad

  • The next part of this series you ask?! Well we need our fearless leaders, our cult bsb and our academy bsb! Design cred goes again to……51ab8b51981e02da5d3731f46

  • Quote from toots: “i'm looking forwards to moving my RBTs 5" back from enemy light cavalry per turn and shooting them to bits as they advance. this is going to be a common theme in my games i suspect kekekek ” I’m not sure move 5” gets you there...

  • introducing the best Nahb has to offer! These guys revel in living/killing/dying for their god, they pride themselves on how their white initiation robes stain red with each battle they honor their gods with! Paint / print design cred. @Marcos24…51ab8b51981e02da5d3731f46

  • Quote from kangur: “Quote from GSbasic: “Oh boy, this is the first design for my new blades of nahb unit, I can’t wait for you guys to see the design these guys have right now!! design by @Marcos24…51ab8b51981e02da5d3731f46 ” New scroll will have that spoiler ? ” that’s above my pay grade!!

  • Oh boy, this is the first design for my new blades of nahb unit, I can’t wait for you guys to see the design these guys have right now!! design by @Marcos24…51ab8b51981e02da5d3731f46

  • Quote from Giladis: “@GSbasic do remember that halberd in T9A is not just a halberd. It is a name of the most recognisable polearm that we decided to apply to the entire category (excluding spears and those polearms we include into the nebulous category of 'great weapons') due to user familiarity. Therefore there are examples of non-spear polearms stretching back to the bronze age. As for using different type of a spear to represent a non spear weapon I think it would be fine. If you are using g…

  • Thanks, they are going to be very distinguished. My core will probably be more Roman reflected with the elite infantry being spartan/Athenian. I’m still deciding on some of the other groups like corsairs possibly being more Dacian or Gauls but that might look incoherent on the table.

  • Hey guys, I would like your feedback on something... I’m in the middle of rebuilding my DE with historical figures of Ancient Greece and probably will have to supplement with ancient Roman models as well to create diversification amongst the models. Historically spears were almost exclusively used, and halberds weren’t invented until much later, would it bother you if an opponent was playing a unit that was clearly very different than other unit but had a spear as a weapon even though technicall…

  • Man vampire counts really do just have some of the greatest painting potential!

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    GSbasic - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from jirga: “Once I get to do demons I'll be using the harry potter miniature game dementor as sentinel. pikkukuva.php ” Oh I really like this model. I’ve gotten about 60% of my models done and they are all “blind” eyeless models. I looked at the website for this and can’t seem to find any reference to base size, any guesses?

  • Yea so far the special rules have been very tasteful and simple. For some reason shortening shooting seems to be a priority, so I’m not sure small arms is ok unless also at short range.

  • The Task Team is aiming to make Xbows a useful support element to a Close Combat centric army. So far the designs are very interesting and I’m excited for them to get play tested to see what happens.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Idea for a magic item: Basically it's the revers of the HBE one: Once per magic phase, you can make your opponent re-roll 1 dispel dice. ” After playing against the UD re roll any 2 dice as much as you want item.... this item does not sound fun. Anything that can take effect more than once per phase (even once each phase feels pretty excessive) Just makes people feel bad.