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  • I’m not sure what you mean? This thread was created to further engage community hobby aspect. I searched for relevant active threads before creating it. Last activity was March, and therefore over the 4 month threshold I was looking for. Besides, head of ACS wants more engagement from its team members, and for me, hobby talk is the most fun!

  • Patch update

    GSbasic - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Also keep in mind that the gap between each teir is way lower than ever before. In fact it’s mostly the outliers where you would see any real significant percentile changes. The last 14 man 1 day tournament I went to me and the guy who won it played our DE against each other at the top table, and both our lists were pretty infantry heavy (considered sub par). So data can’t get it perfect. It’s REALLY important that we have realistic ideas of what is considered balanced. I feel for myself that I’…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from Angord: “What are your thoughts? ” It's a cool and innovative idea. It reminds me a little of some rules I suggested for the Divine Altar rework back in the day. I made a rule something like "on a combined charge, each unit may use the roll of a different unit". It was targeted to minimize the chance of trying a multi-charge and having only one unit succeed (which can be devastating and happens quite often due to the nature of probabilities). On the issue @GSbasic…

  • Im wondering if we will have more luck trying to create better tools for hunting shooting units or clearing bunkers rather than rules that mitigate their effects. It also would fit the guidelines in regards to playing aggressive.

  • A DL tale

    GSbasic - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Great report! I’m slowly building my DL army. It just seems like so much fun to be able to tailor so many different styles of lists with 1 army.

  • Quote from VampsinMD: “@DanT, So am I correct in thinking that most points changes will be made based on the tournament data that is available for us all to see on the army sub-forums? Also, do you know how the project handles points changes as they relate to army identity? e.g. vampire counts and zombies were taken much more than the mean for their categories. Imo that is because they are staples of the army. One who wants to play vampires, typically wants to take a vampire count and if they ar…

  • Just make any set of armor “always save on 6+”.

  • ]……1acc30576d26dcde6586edb4b This model was designed and printed by @Marcos24. The only problem with it is now I feel the need to re do my whole army in Roman theme...

  • Wow! Your army is beautifully done! I’ve gone with a muddy snow look on my bases (I’m not have the painter you are) but I’m pleased with the stark contrast it creates and it adds to the overall darkened look I like for DE! I’ll post a pic when I have a chance

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    GSbasic - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Alexwellace: “…nis-genie-efreeti-p183716 - Just got this guy from my local DnD store to be my new Omen. He's pretty much the perfect size and very easy to paint for people with not a lot of time, but want striking models. Painting mine up in blues, purples and golds while painting the clear-resin sword with gem paints. PathfinderBattlesDeepCutsUnpaintedMiniaturesGenieEfreeti_1024x1024.png ” Just picked this up last weekend. Was using him as an omen as wel…

  • A couple of ideas I wanted to get documented. Hopefully a few members of the TT see it! An item/character special rule?: Once per game, all academy units may triple their march (up to a maximum of 15”). This must be declared at the beginning of the movement phase. Kinda like the great waagh, it must be used that 1 declared turn or not at all. This could help our fragile core get down the field, or late game secure an objective etc. it also fits the background that dread elves were very good at c…

  • Has anyone used Victrix miniatures before? The pictures of their sprues looks fine but curious if anyone has used them. I’m very tempted to start replacing my current DE models with their Roman and Ancient Greek models. Only thing is they don’t have very good chariot models IMO

  • Man I’ve really got to step up my kit bash game!

  • Awesome conversions and great paint jobs!

  • The academy’s Workbench

    GSbasic - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Happy Fridays eve everyone! I would like to create a space away from the LAB process to share projects that are being worked on. Post your conversions, your favorite model, your whole army, anything that you’ve poured sweat tears and blood (especially if it was your enemies blood) into! Let’s see what the community has been working on.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “I wondered if the new Dread's wiil get piraty themed cool fluff, which is translated to faction units/rules. For raiders special deployment is kinda of a big thing, no? ” If not the main book, I think the auxiliary book will have a LOT of it.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from DanT: “Personally I won't be happy until WOTDG have bolt throwers that can fire multiple shots, VC have cannons, and my EoS have flying knights of ryma ” This is what Auxiliary books are for!!!why stop at VC having cannons? They should have zombie handgunners too! Vampire Coast....Vampire Shore Pirates Quote from GSbasic: “I am curious again about what people think about the monster/ handler relationship? I think it could enhance some monsters or perhaps provid…

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from GSbasic: “I just think it’s important to remember that comments like this don’t help t9a, whether in jest or not dude. Lol. I wasn't the staff member who called a project decision absurd publicly without attempting to understand first. What kind of behaviour do you think a post like that by a staff member promotes on the public forum? The staff member could easily have clarified the reasons by PM or internally. Behaviour like that from staff is part of why I left, so…

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from GSbasic: “I quoted your post because it contained both comments.... I guess I could have tagged the other author? Regardless, I don’t think “his comment is snarkier than mine” is an appropriate response to someone. It’s still escalation in a place that we would like to encourage cooperation. Well, if his comment was snarkier than mine, and mine came afterwards, technically I am de-escalating not escalating My comment was genuinely intended to be a humorous way to mak…

  • Quote from YungPabby: “I would rather have like a hostage unit than a slave unit that you could kill as the DE to enrage the enemy for a turn but you could also save as the enemy to get their points. ” Interesting idea! What would really be cool is if you could upgrade a unit corsairs with “slaving nets”. Could be something triggered by a leadership test (to stick to guidelines) or something that allows you to stop a unit from marching for a turn or something like that.