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  • Warriors are great in a pinch, I just feel like proper chaff need Light Troops.

  • As @micdicdoc said I hope there won’t be massive change with the LAB, but tweaks to change the dynamic of things that are already there: cavstars and large defensive shooting blocks are overwhelmingly taken because they’re obvious, encouraged through rule synergy, and comparatively easy to play. I’d like to see more abilities that encourage more risk taking from players with mixed arms infantry lists and the like.

  • That’s probably all we need with m3 bricks to support anyway.

  • I mean I doubt they hold if they’re not in woods and charged by anything worth redirecting? That’s a real concern with min Seekers, since you don’t want the enemy unit getting freed up in your following turn, but 8 naked Rangers with no static combat resolution breaks to just about anything when charged.

  • I’d say it’s a much more stable investment than the stock market at the moment.

  • Speaking of Rangers, the Copter discussion had me wondering about chaff alternatives. Anyone tried Crag Warden Rangers with no other upgrades? 151 points, Scout, March 9” light troops - seems like it has potential on paper.

  • Quote from xaby86: “You had my like but in the end you lost it. ” That was a joke my dude.

  • I’m not suggesting points are tied to statlines, but emphasizing that take-rate based pricing has limits. Copters are the easiest example to pick on: if we keep whacking them with price hikes and ignoring the fact that they’re the only unit that performs a mobile chaff role in the army (again, with no flying cowboys, m7/14” solo monsters, fast cav, etc. to fall back on) we’re going to end up with 600 point copter units and wondering why nothing has changed. And if I’m not mistaken isn’t the “we …

  • And your potential for skewed results due to a single incorrectly priced option is way higher with 3 core options than it is for 8. The totally math-based approach also doesn’t take into account human psychology. You can come up with a lot of really creative core builds for Orcs, from shooting Orcs to fighting Orcs to feral Orcs to three different kinds of goblins, and even fast cavalry. That’s a lot of fun. And that variety is important, because spamming the same core unit is boring. Regardless…

  • That’s patently ridiculous. They have the exact same shooting output and defensive profile against missile damage, which is all that matters in almost every game. Suggesting that we might as well compare them Gargantulas is absurd hyperbole and diminishes your argument. Orcs have a slightly harder time securing lanes of fire in exchange for 42% more bodies on a 290 point unit. So yeah don’t try to tell me Orcs are cheap because they’re so much worse and so much harder to play with. The real reas…

  • Seems like a weird complaint. 20 Orcs with Crossbows/shields/musician are 290 points. We can get 14 Crossbow Marksmen for the same price. That means you Orc players only need to go 7-wide to have the same firepower as the same DH unit, which is only an extra 35 mm of space and you have a third rank with 6 models for fightin’. Let me put it another way: if your Orcs with Xbows could go on 20mm bases, would you pay 410 points for the exact same unit?

  • [Not posting in a staff role] Quote from Omarcomin: “They are absurdly over costed compared with Orc crossbows and are considerably worse than rangers. ” This is a funny conundrum about take-rate based pricing. Basically Crossbows feel overpriced but still overwhelmingly taken - I have suspicions that the reason for this is actually a commentary on our core more broadly, as well as the fact that gunlines and small arms shooting are easy to use even if they’re not very successful these days. In o…

  • Quote from Sander: “I agree a block of xbow rangers is fine. Without them, for example just a block scouting gw rangers are not so fine. That choice need to compete with other special deployment fighters such as vanguarding units (HG, seekers, or swiftness unit) or miners. Very hard to justify them. ” Yes, but, if a single block of 15+ Rangers without Xbows counted towards core I think suddenly they’re much more tempting.

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “Buffs to rangers make me very nervous. I believe they are stealth OP. ” Your instincts are good, the Xbow (3+) option is what makes them dangerous. That would need to be restricted if any changes to caps were made to encourage larger combat blocks.

  • [Not posting in a staff role] Probably the last one, Weapon Master is what really makes it worthwhile. Frankly I think all units with GW/shield access should have a third GW+shield option like: Shield - 2pts/model GW - 2pts/model GW+Shield - 3pts/model Obviously to take into account the reduced utility from the lack of shieldwall. With Greybeards specifically they’re already so expensive and the GW option so under-represented that you could probably just do: Shield - 2pts/model GW+Shield - 3pts/…

  • [Not posting in a staff role] Just a wishlist really: -Copter price come back to earth. Two units of two cost as much as a brick of 30 Kings Guard. -0-3 on Vengeance Seekers. -Miners add’l model price decrease. No chance we’ll ever see a unit cap of 45 on an Ambushing unit (though 25 is possible), though it’d be cool to see a single unit of ~15+ count towards Core like light cav can in other armies. -Rangers perhaps the exact same treatment, since functionally they’re just Scouting Warriors. -Ac…

  • Models for the Dwarven Holds

    dan - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    I had some success with old buttons as well, actually made a press mold with one that looks like a hoplite shield with a horse on it.

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “I’ll just send them to you. paint them or don’t I don't care. You haven’t moved aye? ” Haha this is turning into an unusual hostage negotiation. I’ll gladly paint some BH for you, PM/discord me what you have in mind. I only work in exchange for models and booze though, so pick out something nice for me.

  • Ugh only if you clean and assemble them first. Not trying to deal with sprues of Chinese resin. I’ll add your name to the docket. Gonna paint these Vikings to see if my dipping technique also works on a horde of Norsemen, then rats, then a unit of 40 [something] YoungSeward also wants painted, then I’ll be free to paint 1,000 beastmen.

  • Most expensive mini ever?

    dan - - General Discussion


    What am I missing? Was it signed by the entire 1997 GW staff?