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  • Quote from micdicdoc: “Yes, indeed! I will get them printed ASAP! I plan to use the printable magic cards as a template for printing them off at the right dimensions to slip into the card sleeves I use Or has anybody already done this who can save us the hassle? ” So @micdicdoc. I guess you've had enough time now. Pictures?

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Scylla: “- Page 5, 4. The Orc Broods allow to select from broods of Common Orcs, Feral Orcs and Iron Orcs. age 7, 1. About Flying Pigs states that the winner may "claim the title of Iron Orc Chef". Is it intended? Does it make sense, even for orcs? ” I assume "Iron Orc Chef" is a reference to the TV cooking show "Iron Chef": ” It is indeed, thank you for noticing. I felt very clever about it.

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from mrmossevig: “Like you could take 500 points out of my army allowance for every list I build for the rest of my life if I never have to face one on the battlefield ever again. ” @Watertheplant Is he always this tense? I thought you said he was a cool bloke for roadtripz n shiz? I did not sign up for catching emotional grenades Bruno Mars style once this fella empties his second horn. Also, is this why you wanted to play EoS TVI style instead of bringing that clas…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Setting my aurochs up for a charge while humming a tune…d0eb0edff21c80deda2f33e77

  • If you still want input on color schemes, and you want to run with orange and blue, check out this fierce iguana.

  • I think you need to do some trimming on the Nabhs models. Elves are known to have the same problem as dwarves; difficulties distinguishing men from women, only not because of the beards. Edit: I forgot to complement your army, sorry buddy. It looks great, and even greater when accompanied by dice throwing and that home-brewed 9th age beer of yours.

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Phosphorus: “Quote from baexta: “Quote from greentide: “It´s difficult. Herminard was quite succesful with a maxed out parten/support army consisting of multiple IG parent and sword/board support units. Apart from him nobody came close to the Village Idiot from old game. ” If I'm not wrong you are talking about an army that also utilized 4 units of the old militia, right? Those old militia were very strong and single handedly enabled such an army. ” Yepp, that w…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Watertheplant - - WWW Topics


    Happend to me and @Knowlaugh the other…d0eb0edff21c80deda2f33e77

  • Nicely done boys - looking forward to seeing a battle report from the rematch with 4500 points in the near future! Where now are the boar and the orc boar boys rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? Where is the axe and that other orc axe, and the bright green charging? Couple of friendly pointers on rules: - Maximize models in base contact also on overruns - it's still a charge (Boarboys) - A unit may never shoot in the same turn that it decleared a charge (Gargantua) - There is no option t…

  • It's not easy taking back the objective when it's hold the ground vs. 15 units of 20 who get to march up and claim it in the first turn, that's for sure! 300 elves makes for a fearsome army in the hands of a master tactician. More off center was a huge water feature, so flaggies could go no more to towards the table edge. Might have been better even more in the middle and less aggro? You got to swarm them after I lost a restrain test after all. Was a good fight anyways. If I were to fight that l…

  • It could go some way into solving what I see as a problem with artillery atm: that you either do a bunch of wounds, or none at all. However, druidism would probably need some reworking. Armies with access to the path would be virtually untouched by artillery - instead of spiking and doing 4 wounds to the taurosaur, you would do two, one of which would be recovered the next round. It would indeed be cool if fortitude and aegis were more different!

  • Sort of an economic approah, yes - I'm a student after all. Combined with wanting to build it myself (more unique), and wanting to play with a titan asap. Materials was about..... free. @mrmossevig had some XPS lying around after fixing his house. I imagine a block of the stuff costs about 5 pounds (would be enough to make an army of titans). The only real expense was paint (+crackling paint for the base). Those cravices soak a lot of paint!

  • Or you can make the Kadim Titan yourself from XPS styrofoam. I spent about 2 hours on making my own model. It's super lightweight, and quite durable (the xps really hardens when melted). All done…d0eb0edff21c80deda2f33e77 First I cut the XPS into apropriate pices: head, arms (two pieces for each arm), torso. Then melted the pieces (using @mrmossevig's creme brulee burner) together by setting fire to the xps, extinguishing it, then pressing the parts together while …

  • Aye, @Fleshbeast. Same remedy as against a cold winter infact. Anyway, I will sound the bugle and awaken @Halfwhere from his slumber, once I'm back from vacation.

  • I would encourage you all to influence your local 9th club to make more use of the warband rules (as they are), and arrange 3000 points tournaments. Yes, the game is balanced for 4500 points, but if you are playing with new players, or with friends for fun, does that really matter? In my opinion, no - you can still have a great time. Here in Oslo, several beginner friendly tournaments are heald each year, where the army size is 3000 (and I know of several new players who's participiated in these…

  • Ah. scaling for magic card sleaves. Did not think of that. Did you fix it micdicdoc? If not, I will.

  • The sketches for the Taurukh Anointed looks great! When do you expect the corresponding miniatures to be ready for sale?