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  • ETC 2018 Coverage

    Hombre de Mundo - - Archive


    You know I'd be really curious to see ETC games covered with cameras and commentators. If good setup and commentators I'd definitely watch.

  • I played a 20K game and spells didn't scale that well. GIven that we always had enough channels to get 4 extra dice, we got of 2-3 spells per turn, rather than the normal 1-2 but we definitely felt that the bar was reached in terms of how much magic one could possibly do in a turn. There could be some simple solutions to this: 1) Take away the barrier of maximum 4 dice in exchange for tokens. That way, if you invest in more channels, you'll get more magic. 2) If you're playing 2v2, have two play…

  • giants against racism

    Hombre de Mundo - - Archive


    I'd like to see different giants, sure. We have different (but similar) dragons, do we not? I also think that if we allowed giants to be different, it'd make them easier to balance in their different armies. Also, angry Sunna Giant as mount for EoS Prelate pls!

  • For those of us who don't play WDG... We need characters for good Discipline and LD aura, buffs that aren't otherwise accessible and of course someone in a unit who can actually kill another character or stronger enemy units like large infantry.

  • I laughed. Have an upvote.

  • Aaand finally done, just in time for my 20K battle on Saturday! RlByxF1.jpg

  • If I join a war platform to a unit (specifically doom bell into Vermin Guard), does the unit still need to be 5 models wide in the ranks that the Doom Bell occupies to benefit from full ranks? In other words, do I need to put my Vermin Guard 7 models wide since the Bell removes 3 models from the front ranks due to being 60mm wide? So Bell + 4 Vermin Guard = One Rank of 5 and behind the bell there's 7 guards in each rank. Or does the Bell simply contribute with the amount of models that would nor…

  • Quote from SkavenInAZ: “I have lots. Tell me where to send them ” Just upload them wherever and post in this thread

  • Quote from greentide: “Uhhm, the issue is the well-painted part ” So what does well-painted mean? The image is going to speak to new audiences first and foremost, meaning we don't need armies that are pro-painted. They just need to be good enough to make someone who's new to the hobby go "wow, cool minis!". I once got a tip from an artist who told me that when making a painting, you don't need to put the same amount of effort into the entire painting. The part of the painting that the eyes are n…

  • Just to clarify a few points (maybe you wanna edit the main post @jarnalyrkar?) 1) We don't have a set deadline at this time. Whenever we're far enough along that we need to decide on a picture we'll take the best one we have, or maybe we will announce a deadline when we approach that time, depending on how many photos we get. We'll see. 2) While there are no restrictions on the image itself, preferably we want an image in 4:3 or 16:9... in other words, if you have a phone camera, hold it hortis…

  • The 9th Scroll Issue 10

    Hombre de Mundo - - Archive


    Quote from DanT: “This scroll is awesome I think a lot of the criticisms that people make of the project would be reduced if we could give the scroll wider exposure. Perhaps it needs to be closer to front and centre on the website? What thinks our new website team? @Hombre de Mundo ? ” I looked into Fourteen million six hundred and five possible outcomes and this could possibly happen in one.

  • T9A design - why I'm leaving

    Hombre de Mundo - - Archive


    Quote from Krokz: “I think you missed the point. A lawyer was meant as heaving a brain capacity to memorize all the rules and consequently be better at the game due to knowing rules exceptions and details that helps you win the game. ” Many rules and procedures are not written for laymen in the beta. This is where lawyering really becomes important beacuse you migth not be able to even understand a rule whereas someone else is. Having many rules for many different situation is fine so long as th…

  • I'm happy everyone appreciates the evaluation and thanks for the kind words

  • Not a fan of the face of the rats, unfortunately. I did just order myself a Sunna though!

  • I read a post in the "I'm afraid this game has no way of getting any new players" thread that said our website isn't good enough to interest new players. I have a work background in interaction design so this is interesting to me and I decided to have a closer look at it. In fact, some time ago I started writing a website evaluation - nothing fancy like a comprehensive heuristic evaluation or nothing, just my initial thoughts respresented in text and images, written for laymen - and I decided to…

  • I think a lot of trouble stems from the fact that we're still using old-school methods to display the rules. We have a book (albeit digital) with rules and then an army book (again, digital) with unit entries that refer to rules in the BRB. That way, the ABs are kept slim and easy to navigate but of course the downside is that if you don't recall some rules you have to go look that up yourself. Where I play, almost everyone browses these books on their phones or possibly a tablet. For that kind …

  • Quote from Benny: “Nice work! I’m working on my Knights of the Sun PandashHkw96K.jpg ” Eeeey, we'll both have bear cav soon! Looking forward to seeing these in action!