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    Quote from DarkSky: “@Titan-Forge I send you an e-mail with some (for me) important questions quite a while ago. Will I get a response? ” I'd try their facebook page.

  • Quote from Eldan: “Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “"roman inspired" is a fair generalisation. ” I'd say Roman-Imitating. They don't even have the legitimation of Translatio Imperii like the Franks did. ” I was moreso talking about the design decisions that went into creating the theme for VS. But sure, Roman-imitating works just fine and is more accurate in-setting

  • Quote from Alkasar: “95% I could say no good words for Roman idea and Historical reference at all. Most our community think need keep fantasy back idea. ” Here's the thing: everything is derivative. You cannot reach into the void and come up with a wholly new and original concept, that's just not how the human mind works. We draw inspiration from what we already know and change or build upon it to make something new. Sure, we could try to start from scratch and make an original culture. Like, dr…

  • I guess this is more of a general rules question but coming across it in this book a lot so here goes: Does the unit as a whole have to test for terror due to a character with Valorous Discretion? Or would the character flee, ditching its unit similar to how one can charge out of a unit?

  • Quote from Mr.Owl: “Quote from Eldan: “We should totally do a supplement based on project leader's avatars as special characters. ” Eldan, I'm in the process of painting / building a VS army. I am absolutely going to have a "rat with a picket sign" in my army. When I get it done, I will share pictures. ” Way ahead of you: PSz0yHA.jpg

  • Quote from bas_2312: “And what do we get? F*cking Romans and memes? ” To clarify this a little bit, from a BGT perspective: VS is Rome-inspired. Just like how KoE is France-inspired and UD are Egypt-inspired. Just like how you'd expect UD to have names like "River God Suptekh" or whatever, you'd expect VS to have names like "Velites". Then, there are the silly names, be it Palpatine-memes for a dictator or literal rat puns... A lot of people like these and at the end of the day, we're a miniatur…

  • Well damn... those are good. Like, real good... Let's hope they come to patreon or MMF soon!

  • Quote from Eldan: “That's the way they work in Total War: Warhammer, too, and they are a ton of fun. ” Yes! And the total war models... may or may not be ripped and available for digital download in various places. I have two of the metal models, so having some bits and pieces flying about along with an explosion might make for a good third one, in which case I'll have a full unit ready to play

  • Quote from ValourUnbound: “ - Meat Grinder models can be used as Legionary Drill Teams (or possibly Dreadmill Chariots?) ” I assume most people are talking about the GW model below, in which case a drill seems rather farfetched. However, use green stuff to make fire and smoke to cover the lower rat and you're in business for a Dreadmill Chariot! Not sure if this comes in resin, but if it does, removing the rat and replacing it with a rocket should be possible. Or just add a couple of rats with w…

  • @dan I think you fundamentally misunderstand the purpose of the rebasing question. It wasn't to settle some sort of player dispute or an attempt to make the least people upset, it was to improve the entry for game and gameplay reasons, primarily and the purpose of the poll to gauge how open the community would be to changing its base. Now, full disclosure: I wasn't there, I don't know the exact reasons they chose for changing it, but I outlined a couple of reasons earlier in this thread and have…

  • Quote from dan: “However it seems odd that if someone was worried about angering half of the community by choosing either 50x75 or 75x50 (by far the top two poll choices), why they would instead choose an option that angers almost 100% of the community instead. ” Haven't seen anyone who wanted 50x75 angry. I said in my first post ITT that I voted 50x75 because it's the smallest change: rotate the base. But 75x75 is perfectly fine as it solves all the issues I had with the 75x50 base, and I don't…

  • Quote from Darkwise: “Personally, I hate the idea of an LGBT poet caiman with rainbow scale colors walking around the jungle inhaling bad weed. it's just ridiculous !!! ”

  • Similar unit filler with water: uo0jJBT.png OViybDn.jpg Given that these are meant to be slaves, the whip really adds to it.

  • Quote from VS LAB: “Battered Laurel Wreaths When an enemy model issues a Duel that the bearer could accept, if the bearer’s unit does not contain a Champion, the bearer may upgrade a single non-Command Group R&F model in its unit to a Champion. This Champion must accept the Duel that was just issued. ” Best item in the book, hands down. "You want a duel? Here, have a rat."

  • Best news I've heard all year!

  • Quote from marlab: “Heavy armour: The presentet VS guidelines states "The primary defence in the VS army is strength in numbers. They have many low quality HP. Heavy armour should be very limited." But with having a core unit with heavy armour, means that it contradicts the statement that heavy armour should be limitet. ” It's a matter of perspective. You could interpret that as limiting the number of models on the field with heavy armour, or as limiting the number of entries with heavy armour, …

  • Quote from Wesser: “As for their chances against elves. Sure, I like the odds of 40 Forest Guards against 40 Blackfurs. But do 40 Blackfurs with Command cost 520 points? ” Either way, you'd only need to strike down enough Blackfurs to make them no longer steadfast, so that they no longer get 2x FieR, which makes them considerably less dangerous. And at R2, you'd have some decent odds when you hit on 2+ and wound on 3+

  • Quote from dan: “And by the way, that’s all without even touching the fact that if this goes unchanged HBE players are going to need an explanation for why expendable, DS3 rats have a formation ability and they do not. ” Be-because... they don't have a LAB yet?

  • Quote from oreogolem: “4-5 ranks of great weapons does sound like a lot when the rats are mitigating their loses in Combat Res. That said that would be horde Formation and Steadfast, a likely large point sink. ” It sounds really scary but with great weapons and Res 2, how many veterans are gonna be left standing after the other side is done hitting? Against the right enemy, they'll still be very dangerous but elves will cut them to ribbons.

  • Quote from Chack: “The formations bonuses seems way too much for a core unit, they might fit better the special unit, on the other hand the trend of Labs is to have good core so maybe is not too bad ” It's a balancing act. One the one hand, people don't want too powerful core but on the other hand, people don't want to deal with a "core tax" of taking mediocre units just to get to the stuff they really want in special and other categories. That being said, I do feel that some armies should have …