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  • If you like this army, good news! It's for sale now [SELLING]Asklanders

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    bas_2312 - - Essence of War


    Sounds like a matchup of legends.

  • I just love the design of the Squiggoth. For my Minihammer army I use an old Epic 40k Squiggoth, that's scaled a bit better in 10mm. 9Ie9kSx.jpg

  • I used to have a plan to use him as a Green Idol, but that's never ever going to fit ;p

  • Quote from Phoenix5: “not the Greatest pic I have.. this was back in 2013…1bc6fc7826a6e665886fb0db6…XP8QKqga/view?usp=sharing Apparently I have not been taking Photos recently... ” Holy moly I didn't realize the Squiggoth was THAT big. Awesome!

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    bas_2312 - - Essence of War


    I voted O&G and Empire because they're the most allround armies to me. All just very basic troops, no monster single units. But if you want to represent t9a more you should go for armies that already have a gold book. There's not really a fluffy matchup there thought.. Maybe Sylvan Elves vs. Warriors, although I can't image that matchup would be very fun for both players.

  • HoloMiniatures open thread

    bas_2312 - - Supporting Companies


    Oh man these are so cool! Do you have any pictures of printed and painted minis?

  • You can ofcourse give some advice to players, how childish it may seem. Some people just need to be remembered how to talk to people. Age of Sigmar dedicated an entire page in their rulebook to this: 40cf6d39-players-code-aos-1.jpg…f-conduct-for-events.html

  • Quote from darkknight109: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “Quote from darkknight109: “80% of all "evil dwarf" minis just happen to have a Babylonian/Assyrian theme, with vertically-curled beards, goblin allies, and some centaurs in the mix ” well,that's also what they are in our fluff, so ” Which is sort of my point. T9A did spring from WFB, including in lore and aesthetic, so I don't really see the argument for pretending that link isn't there. Cleave to the themes GW established or set your own path, but…

  • Quote from theunwantedbeing: “So you would prefer the shorthand to be OaG over OnG? ” I'm just being difficult. But what's wrong with O&G?

  • Quote from umbranar: “ Short for "and"."Orcs 'n Goblins" although it sounds a bit like an American dialect. ” Yeah, sounds a bit rednecky ;p If we're going to change the name of the army, why not Goblins 'n Friends? GnF? Or Goblin Friends for GF?

  • So where does the N come from? Orcs Need Goblins?

  • Quote from oreogolem: “Looking into all this makes me want to play Warband level Daemons since the extra channel feels relatively more impactful... ” So why would you want to do that? Why do you want to ruin the game for your opponent? At what point do we stop writing restrictions or comps for the game and let the players work it out themselves? We're all adults here right? Why would people need these things written down to play a good game? Is the aim of the game to win and wipe your opponent o…

  • Quote from RobertR: “ OnG without animosity aren't really OnG anymore are they? They should have kept it and just priced them differently due to their unreliability or given them something else to compensate and so on. ” I just have to quote this because it's so true. O&G without Animosity feels like diet O&G, better for you but less flavour. So they're more reliable at tournaments now, but at the cost of a fun/random factor. But that's a discussion for probably somewhere not on this forum.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “What you describe was precisely what I feared when I saw the Akito comp rules. I totally believe it levels things out, and makes for a cool ruleset, but it does take away many aspects that I feel are cool to the game. Stuff that I need in my Fantasy Battles experience. Ah, balance, oh balance, thou art a funny b4st4rd ” That's the problem with 9th Age in general. Balance might be good for a tournament, but it can make games really boring and predictable. There's a reason G…

  • Quote from rolan: “I don't think I like the idea of the game being more luck or lit dependend. ” That's fair. Some people like predicting the game before it happens, other people just like to have fun with their opponent. 3000 points just has more epic moments, because everything is more imporant. You don't have any backups, so any double 6 or double 1 feels even more good/bad depending on the situation, and the moment where you make unpredictable saves or roll above average feel way more epic.

  • Quote from RobertR: “No, you don't need dis 9 rerollable. But you need dis 8 rerollable in ogres for them to be playable at all. At hero level characters only but keep the 1200 points it would be fine. The thing is, a naked bsb is almost useless since he is supposed to be on the frontline. The only ogre character that it makes sense to hold back is the shaman. A naked ogre character still dies pretty quickly and then you're just feeding the opponent points as I said. ” While I don't agree that y…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “I see the issue. One option with be to nudge characters to 35% for OK, cause they have not cheap option for LD9, magic and BSB. Don't see a hard cap per character would bring alot extra, just bump the character section to 35%. ” But do you need the LD9, magic and BSB? To me that's the power of 3000 pts, now you have to choose between magic and a BSB. Or maybe just suffer the Ld8? It's a bit silly that all armies seem to have Ld9 with re-rolls all around these days anyway..…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “In other words, is it really that needed to balance so hard? Or should we leave it to the ruleset, and allow more variance? Or don't cap anything, but use the rules @Caledoriv to assign "CHEESE points", and weigh a list on cheesyness What do you think? ” At some point you should let go of restrictions and balancing, and just let the players judge themselves. If you want to bring a Greater Daemon (in a mono Change army for example) at 3000 pts, that's ok. But if you want to…