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  • Quote from Shako: “I also accept that I don't really do any damage to the house (apart from a window perhaps). So the bastion should ignore all hits from bows and similar? Or maybe it could be reflected by the rules that I am at a certain spot (a window) I could actually deal a little bit of damage. Of course hitting just a single window is harder then hitting the whole damn thing. Your example actually can support Soft Cover as well it can go against it. ” To be fair, the exact same reasonning …

  • Serwyn's Homebrew Sylvan Elves

    Serwyn - - New army books


    Quote from Kdownunder: “I wouldn't remove poison from sentinels since you lose all the tools to fight those high resilience monsters in case you would want to play full elf lists. Plus side you have some nice ideas. ” +1 to wound also helps against monsters, and the problem with poison is it's as effective when you're hitting on 2+ and on 6+, so it doens't fit "high skill archers" very well. Poison is indeed stronger than +1 to wound in most cases, but note that now the Darkwood Predator and the…

  • I've written a Homebrew of SE with many ideas, if that interests someone Serwyn's Hoebrew Sylvan Elves

  • Guys, I'm sure RT will be able to balance well the book with all the data and everything. Noone could expect the balance to be right on the first try, giving points to completely new entries is very hard. Arguing about overall external balance is really not productive, especially when it is data-driven. If it's not strong enough it will be buffed, if it's too strong it will be nerfed. Just give it a bit of time. "Balance" is really the level 0 of game design discussions so please don't waste you…

  • Serwyn's Homebrew Sylvan Elves

    Serwyn - - New army books


    Quote from Alexwellace: “The only kindred that really deserve it’s own spot is the shapeshifter. I like yours. I also really really like your deep wood predator. I think that the design would be cleaner if you combine the two concepts into a single model. Yeah... but then that is basically just a mount, whi I wanted to avoid. Also note that I called it Darkwood Predator, because Deepwood was a name used in WHFB fluff. Other things I like: I think you’ve done a better job than I did on be specia…

  • Serwyn's Homebrew Sylvan Elves

    Serwyn - - New army books


    Hi everyone! Following advice I've read somewhere that trying to write a "redesigned" book was really informative, and following all the discussion on the SE LAB brainstorm thread, I launched myself into my own update of the book! This is not a full redesign like a LAB can be because this would be a lot of work to do alone. Moreover I think that a few units works well enough that I wasn't convinced my changes would improve them. Also some inspirations or idea may comes from the excellent homebre…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Or three Dwarves normally take three hits, but if one of them stands on the other two's shoulders, they only take one hit. ” Maybe the one on top is further away from the heat? Joke asside, I don't think it usefull to reasonate like that. The profile of a chariot or a mounted char is a combination, an abstract representation of the model's characteristic. A hit is an abstract thing, it's not exactly a single blow. What does it mean that a dwarven King on two other's sho…

  • I personaly find the book quite fun and interesting. The units are impressives and cover the fluff well. When reading the book, I had the feeling of red hot, infernal, constructs and dangerous evil-looking dwarves. Playing it must be great. It has clear, powerfull play paterns and (it seems to me) also good ways to cover its weaknesses. The play paterns aren't too simple or boring though, with a kind of "decently mobile" bastion feel, so that's cool. I feel that march and shoot don't combine wel…

  • If you like pride, sloth,anger and chaos, you probably have no problem with darkness either, so it's reasonnable that Warriors call their gods dark imho.

  • Dear Sage, Some old stone tablets say that some Avrasi emperor convert to a monoteist religion. They also assert that, with time passing, the celebration consacred to Sol Invicta become the birthday of a prophet of that religion. Please dear Sage, tell me, do these tablets speak the truth? Edit:roleplay

  • What SE currently lacks

    Serwyn - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    With runes of lightning, Dwarven Kings are way too dangerous for our elves. Better try to get flank charges with kestrels/hunters/dancers/rangers while holding the front. Of course if they hold stone, it will be hard.

  • Dear Sage, I was wondering who in the world is the best shooter, the sharpest hawk who never miss their target, be it with a bow, a pistol, an arquebuse or a crossbow or any other hand weapon. Are they a dwarf? An elf? Another race? Please telle me the name of the best among all!

  • Hi fellow elves ! For those who missed it or don't remember, a couple of month ago the Giants of the Ninth Age supplement was out. I was wondering if some of you already built or painted a Sylvan Giant, or envisage doing so? If you did, please show us the nice mini! I would love to see a nice model of a Bone Break Dancer Giant

  • They look great! Really cool dynamic position. I personally was always hesitent to do something like that even though it attracted me because in the book it's clearly a mount and a rider, so it felt a bit weird to havee a single part.

  • Final VS LAB Guidelines

    Serwyn - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Seems really cool! It's close to make me want to play rats. Especially the "Avrasis legionnaires parody" concept attracts me. Small question for RT. Does the part saying that the Duke may have access to divination (since supernal) means that he may have let's say thaumaturgy and no divination, or does the "may" means "in the case he has any magic, he must have divination"?

  • I think you're darkening the painting. Sure, SE lost their arrows, but they were quite broken and many people found there were not so fitting with sylvan elves. Moreover, our whole roster gaind sylvan longbows, which is basically v8 black arrows and actual Sylvan Archers costs less thant what they costed in v8 with black arrows. Also even if the internal balance is not perfect and some things might be more successfull in tournaments, it heavily depends on the meta and in my opinion every unit is…

  • Sorry in advance if it has already been answered somewhere, but what is the reason behind the fact that the World Map looks so much like real Earth ?

  • Also HE core are military militia and it make sense for militia to be in large block armed with spears. Quote from CariadocThorne: “IMO professional soldiers shouldn't be core for SE. Core should be ordinary elves defending their homes with the weapons they are familiar with, a hunting bow or a woodsmans axe ” Sounds a bit like Texas rangers advocating for their right to carry a gun and defend their home, not sure I like that tbh ^^'

  • Quote from Arrahed: “Quote from Serwyn: “I agree that Rangers are good and totally viable from a balance point of view and I play them regularly. I was speaking more of a fantasy and affection point. Also having them on forest guards base stats would certainly not make them cannon fodder, they would be still quite dangerous for a lot of things. For the seconds part I don't really see you point to be honest. I easily see so much more difference between stronger Guards and BD than actual Rangers a…

  • Quote from Stygian: “Ok guys it sounds good, real good to be honest, but that is assuming they don't get priced crazy high or suffer other serious limitations (beyond losing additional AP and losing 1 attack and vanguard/+1" adv option). But lets put that aside for now. You honestly feel SE of the 3 elves would be the army to achieve GW core? That would sure be incentive to take some block units. And related to that, would GW core help with the issue of elves are too elite and susceptible to ran…