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  • The tournament was a lot of fun! In the first round we faced off against a team with Dwarven Holds, Beast Herds, and Vermin Swarm. I drew the DH, while @funkyfellow took on the VS, and @GreenDwarf faced off against the BH. Funky managed a quick 20-0 victory using his Samurai themed Highborn Elves. GreenDwarf also won his game 14-6. My game was closer. We ran out of time before we could finish, which was a shame, because I could have gotten a lot more points if we had been able to finish. In the …

  • Hey all, I’m going to a tournament tomorrow. Wish me luck. It’s a 3 player team tournament, and I’m teamed up with @funkyfellow and @GreenDwarf I’ve been busy getting the UD ready, but I’ve been remiss in updating this blog. I managed to get a Greek Odyssey set from Facebook marketplace, and I’ve built and (partially) painted a couple of the miniatures. My army list went through some revisions, and this is the one I’ll be using tomorrow. (Hidden Content) After I got that big storm giant to use a…

  • Hey folks, I would like to direct you to this poll for Wargames Atlantic. They do a poll every Friday on Facebook, and this particular one is very relevant to my project. If you could go put in a vote to help skeleton cavalry rise to #1, that would be great! Obviously you can vote for whatever you want though.…rmalink/1192035067942309/

  • Wargames Atlantic just posted this update:…xc4pHACRNHK3sJ4Zk0qt67Rz4 It’s really exciting to see Landsknecht Ogres on that list. Now we can watch for updates. I’m really hoping that skeleton chariots and cavalry are among the secret sets. I know they’re coming eventually. Of course, conquistador infantry and cavalry are on the list as well, which is exciting for what they add for empire proxies.

  • Thanks very much! I’m so pleased with it myself - especially considering how easy it is. Prime brown, pain Balthasar Gold, slop on Nihilakh Oxide, done. On some I dry brushed some gold back on, but this latest colossus I didn’t do that step (yet). My plans for what’s next: I have been looking at the reaper bones 5 Kickstarter. I did an order before this project started, and got a whole bunch of stuff, including the ship (it’s like 3’ long). However, I didn’t order the Greek Odyssey stuff, and I’…

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    Quote from Kallstrom: “Cool knights! It looks like the unit on the right has slightly bigger bases than normal cavalry though, right? ” I think it’s a bit of an optical illusion. The GW bases are beveled, which makes them look a bit smaller, and the models on the right are a bit smaller, which could make the bases they’re on appear larger.

  • That sounds like a fun idea. I’ll see what I can find.

  • Splashed some paint around today. TiOLSrf.jpg His left hand will have lightning. It’s made of clear plastic, which I’ve never painted before. My plan is to spray it with matte varnish, and use ink to give it a translucent blue colour. Wish me luck!

  • Quick update: @funkyfellow has been telling me I need a second colossus - one with scales of destiny. After a bit of searching, I stumbled upon the wizkids storm giant. He looks suitable for something Greeks would make a statue of. I didn’t like his sword though, so I built him some scales. qKhkZgw.jpg

  • @TobiasP thanks! Glad you like it. There will certainly be more halflings. Right now I’m focused on the skeletons, trying to get ready for a tournament. It’s actually exactly one month away today. After that, I’ll probably get back to the halflings. I’m excited to finish the cart, and work on a few other things (small steam tank, giant, halfling/scrapling units).

  • You could always check out historical Egyptian miniatures as well.

  • Reinforcements have arrived! DoKSnEP.jpg I’m building towards a revised 4500 point list for a tournament in September. As such, I needed more core quickly. I am almost finished with building. I just need another 16 archers. As you may be able to see, I’ve added a couple of unit fillers. I also built another character. 5Ke441h.jpg nw6BGXX.jpg He will serve as my Tomb Architect. I figured he would be an invaluable addition considering how many Ensouled Statues are in my list. Army List (Hidden Con…

  • Quote from dan: “Those are awesome, would make cool shields for your ushabti as well. ” Good idea. I even have decal paper for the printer, hmm…

  • It being summer up here in Canada, many in our group are off camping this weekend (a long weekend for us). As such, our campaign meetup has been postponed. Nevertheless, I decided to make some magnets today to put my UD on the map. k4n9mDW.jpg ZF8wykN.jpg

  • The map campaign has begun. We did a round of battles at 1500 points, and I got a slight victory in my game against @GreenDwarf and his…green dwarfs (featured in issue 26 of the scroll). 12-8 for me. In a a “Now for something completely different” vein, a miniature I ordered a while ago through a flgs came in this week, which allowed me to do this conversion. RZaU3hw.jpg k6hOL30.jpg

  • I have managed to get a couple of games in with the UD this past month. The first one was a standard 4500 point matchup. It was interesting trying to shake all the dust off not having played in over a year. Furthermore, it was my first time ever playing the army. Facing @funkyfellow with his HE Samurai, I was defeated quite swiftly, but I learned a lot about the army from that match. I went back to the drawing board, and made some different lists to try out for next time. Today was a holiday her…

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    Quote from Eldan: “Did you post them as a preview in a translation thread or something? Because I'm sure I've read them all before. ” It’s possible. The Ask the Sage section of the scroll was completed fairly soon after issue 25 was published, so you may have seen it as part of your translation duties.

  • 9th Scroll Feedback thread

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    Issue #26 has now been released. thanks to all the staff and contributors. I’ll try to tag you all, and hopefully I won’t miss anyone. Thanks staff @nflqt @Nerocrossius @Closer @funkyfellow @Laniston and contributors @Bunsheebush @skipschnit @GreenDwarf @VisconteDimezzato @Scottish Knight @thedarkfourth @Little Joe @Clanlord Skabrius @fjugin @Fthunder @Chevalier Rouergue2 @Mattyp @Loghaire @Aenarion43 @Lord Marcus @Mad 'At and artists @Thorsen @Casp @Marcos24 There are others credited in the pub…

  • We are looking for a full page ad for the scroll. Message me if you are interested.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “He’s barely larger than a normal black knight and he’s a beautiful mini, I had to clip the dumb statue the front hoof sits on off though ” Hmm, intriguing. Could you do a comparison shot next to a black knight?