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  • The top 5 over- and underpriced entries resulting from the internal balance survey are out! Link: Feedback Internal Balance Highborn Elves Sorry for the delay, we (HE ACS) did not realize we had clearance to post the results I see some other armies have posted the full results so I'll try to get my hands on that and publish them (if possible) as well

  • Quote from arwaker: “Seems like the staff is a bit reluctant on showing this "MoCT unterpriced" label to the HE community? ” This made me chuckle, but it's not the case as far as I know (Clarification: not the case about being reluctant. Whether that would happen or not I cannot yet comment on). My apologies for the delay, it will be out asap!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    elendor_f - - WWW Topics


    Original comic: (I hope providing a source for a meme does not break the Only Posts With Memes policy. If it does, well *shrugs* sue me.)

  • Dudas T9A

    elendor_f - - Spain


    Debe cargar toda la unidad, ya que basta una miniatura con Frenzy en la unidad para que deba cargar toda la unidad. El movimiento de Vuelo solamente se puede usar cuando todas las miniaturas de la unidad tienen Vuelo.

  • Would you mind commenting on the list and your experience @2Cats1Tuna ?

  • Ahaha no worries, I appreciate the nuance in your second post @jaith1 ! I think the issue when comparing with a big block of Spears or Sea Guard is movement. Cavalry across the game has to get good use of their Advance attribute or they look pretty meh. But this is something hard to do, so they look underperforming. They may have other disadvantages at the highest level of play but I am not there by a distance measured in astronomical units, so I can't comment on that. I think I saw a list with …

  • Quote from jaith1: “Big Highborn Lancer units are hopeless. A fully kitted unit can get close to 700 points... ” Define fully kitted. 12 Lancers with full command and a Rending Banner (50p) come at 570 points. That's 130p lower than 700 (so an extra Reaver Chariot, Eagle, gear for characters, 5 Queen's Guard...) Quote from jaith1: “Last year’s pricing helped the army externally, but internally I feel it didn’t do much other than make flame phoenixes playable and bring back the lion chariot cowbo…

  • As you may have noticed in other armies' boards, the project is requesting feedback on the internal balance of each army. To that end, we kindly ask you to fill a survey as explained in this thread: Feedback Internal Balance Highborn Elves Feel free to use the thread to ask questions and voice your opinion. An explanation on the survey is given in the first post, with a diagram explanation too. Thank you!

  • Fellow Highborn Elf generals and players, Your feedback is kindly requested for internal balance. A survey has been developed and can be found here:…xRfG-I18Ha4AFd_Q/viewform Please fill it The survey is asking to select the units you think are either "underpriced" or "overpriced". You can select as many of either as you want, but need to select at least one from either side. For clarity, since this is INTERNAL BALANCE it is all about the relative value of entries …

  • I will use this opportunity to remind everyone that in this thread: Discussion & Questions on Naming for HE Rules and Units you can ask @Giladis questions about the names of rules and units of the HE army. And he promised to answer as best as he can You can also discuss about said names, and why you like/dislike them.

  • I think perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss the role of Flame Wardens in a broader way. First, having the role of an anvil makes them different from the other two elite infantries, more focused on dealing damage. Would anyone prefer a different role than anvil? Second, I have the impression that Fearless (together with low damage output, obviously) helps to balance the Aegis 4+. If you commit a FW unit you better make certain they can take whatever the opponent is about to throw at them, …

  • Quote from Ehakir: “And we did a list review! ” I am indeed not flying from Spain (forbidden) neither do I come from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland I live in Belgium! Which means I will very likely not be able to attend

  • @Feaynnewedd I would consider to have a Spear Prince (vanilla or MoCT) to use the Bodyguard ability of the Lion Guard. MoCT Prince + Div Master allows you to build the list without BSB and Adept, which may give you important extra points to support the relatively expensive double LG blocks.

  • Everybody thinks they should win 60% of their games The topic of balance dependence on player skill is very interesting. I'm far from a knowledgeable person about this topic, but I would imagine that the structure of several available playstyles for each book allows some playstyles to have different skill curves. That is, from the same army, some playstyles will be stronger when players have less experience (and weaker when facing more experienced players), and some stronger when players have mo…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Why are these wounds considered to be caused by the unit engaged in Combat? They are caused by the spell. Caster may be (and probably is) out of combat. ” That is the key, the wording says HP lost by their opponent's unit during this round of Combat. It does not matter who causes the HP loss, only which side suffers it (from the units of that side involved in that particular combat).

  • Quote from AlexCat: “How do you translate the part: "... from their opponent's units" then? ” I am not sure why it is confusing, the hits from the DE spell are suffered by the DE opponent's units right? Example: Non-DE unit A is hexed. Unit A is in combat with DE-unit Z. Unit A swings and causes X unsaved wounds to Z. Then immediately suffers X hits S4 AP2, which cause Y unsaved wounds to unit A. When it's time to count total CR, the DE side can count Y points (plus whatever other bonuses they h…

  • Quote from Rulebook p.71: “15.F.a.1 Lost Health Points on enemy units: +1 for each Health Point Each player adds up the number of Health Points lost from their opponent’s units (Engaged in the same Combat) during this Round of Combat. This includes enemies that were Engaged in the Combat but Dropped out of Combat or were completely wiped out during this Round of Combat. ” As far as I understand, any unsaved wound the hexed unit causes to a DE unit triggers the S4 AP2 hits. If these hits happen i…

  • Amethyst Crystal + Crystal Ball new meta. Read it here first folks.

  • Your attention please, elves of all walks of life. Some Feedback threads that are still open to voice your opinion below: Naming of HE units, rules and items (there is also a thread to ask questions to the Background team!) Quote from elendor_f: “Hi again! I have been recently informed that a survey on the current names for units, items, mounts and rules for Highborn Elves was missing. So I have set up 3 threads: 2 for polls (like and dislike) and 1 for discussion. You can vote for the 5 names y…

  • @matrim Would you apply this to Core units? If so, why? On a different note, something I would like to see is an enhanced role for light units such as cavalry with light troops or skirmishers other than "stand in front of something and die". Blocking charges is a key part of the game indeed, but having units being "pure chaff" is one of the most boring and uninspiring designs possible for me.