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  • Ok. Thanks

  • Nights Crown questions

    MikaelO - - Rules Questions & Answers


    @Eisenheinrich does this include Lance ?

  • Warhall of the Arts

    MikaelO - - General Discussion


    Quote from piteglio: “Quote from MikaelO: “I got the suggstion to add some of my 3d sculpts so why not. Working on some undead latelly. I have these guys 3d printed aswell but did not get to painting yet, and my painting would not win any contest ;P ” yes, 3D sculpts, DEFINITELY! thanks for submitting. and yep, seems like this is the kind of thing that would make copyright clearance a bit easier on my side ; ) if you ever considered also doing digital painting, the path from your minis to a vide…

  • Maybe some of you have seen my stuff before, i sculpted my own deamonarmy in 3d some years back. Wasnt great but looked ok, lots of things keep breaking and so on. 3d printers wasnt really "there yet" and i had tons to learn. ( that printer was 3900$ 6-7 years ago so its easilly my priciest army ;P ) Now im trying it again with new printer ( this one is 300$) and lots more experiance. Doing some Vampire counts now Prints turn out way better aswell, dont really have anything painted to show yet b…

  • Warhall of the Arts

    MikaelO - - General Discussion


    Submitted by: Mikaelo Name: BarrowGuards and strigoi Category: Sculpted Source: Sculpted in 3d by myself I got the suggstion to add some of my 3d sculpts so why not. Working on some undead latelly. I have these guys 3d printed aswell but did not get to painting yet, and my painting would not win any contest ;P

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “TOP 5 underprized/most cost efficient entries: Goblng king forest goblin greenhide race if you in include mount options in here sure Goblin Wolf Chariot not an offender in my eyes, but sure Gnasher Herd sure Greenhide Catapults Overseer agree this guy is crazy value, didn't think this was a option tbh Great Green Idol sure, will be sad if this guy goes up much as my list contains 2... TOP 5 overprized/least cost efficient entries: Goblins cave goblin nets Yup agree not w…

  • Quote from wombat: “Hi everybody, I understand that GW are releasing an OnG Christmas Bundle. Boss on Giant Squig, 15 x Squig Gnashers, 6 x Cave Trolls, 1 x Troggoth. Have no idea about price. ” Well its probably your first born or something in that area.

  • I have added loads of more entries so it should be a bit more detailed. So have at it and let me know if something is missing that you think needs to be in there.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “@MikaelO Cheers man, Just to add, Personally I feel some of the characters and mount combinations would feature in my top 5's. I don't know if this is too detailed though? For example I think warlords on wyvern mounts are over costed, can just put down warlords if not. Again I think the wrecking ball option for the giant is over costed. I think you'll get the best results if its pretty detailed, anyways I'm sure I can pick 5 for each no matter the detail of the options ”…

  • I agree with you guys and I have been given access so i can fix it, will try to get it done this weekend so if you feel that you dont find the options you want just wait a day or two with the survey.

  • Quote from DanT: “Sorry to be a pain... maybe its my eyesight, but I couldn't spot feral orcs/common orcs? Are they both included in "orcs"/"eadbashers" etc? ” I think so yes since no unit upgrades is among the entries. I have asked tho just to be sure.

  • Fellow greenskins! Near the end of this year the annual balance update will come out, time to do your part. Below is a link to a survey asking for the top 5 underpriced internal OnG entries and the top 5 overpriced internal OnG entries.…Sx3w/viewform?usp=sf_link Remember this survey is army internal and not the external one.

  • I think there could be like a jack of all trades unit. Wouldnt bother me. But if they get more focused on 1 enemy that would be fine too.

  • well i could agree with that, i use it as super expenssive chaff that usually kills most of the unit its chaffing. That way i dont need to catch the unit just get infront of it. With magic buffs and stuff it usually causes damage almost equally to the price of the my unit same time as its chaffing them 1-2 turns. especially in comination with focused spells to do damage to characters. Later when the characters unit charges the flie usually the character hits hard and gets a bunch of toxic hits e…

  • I actually think flies are ok, i kinda like the design. Maybe still a bit pricy but i play a unit of 5, try to throw re-roll wound on them or smite on enemy and win 90% of my games I mean maybe a unit that has better stats could be cooler than the toxic hits thing but we kinda got other units for that right?

  • @evisorwhy do you concider it op tho? Not saying your wrong, just wanna know.

  • Get evo and thama and snipe that beeach before he can do it

  • How about imps shoot spear of infinity 1 per unit with bonus S per rank in the imp unit. Should probably be 2+ aim or something since its only 1 shot.

  • Quote from kelvenmore: “Quote from MikaelO: “]Your resin/printer smells? Not sure mine smell anything. Isopropanyl is quite strong tho. ” Is this a play on words, hard to tell with text? I'll assuming it's not. No smell at all with the upgraded filter. I'm in the room all the time with the printer running 24/7 I have no issues. I do not think the resin smell is bad but then I don't have it opend for long. I poor it in the vat when I need it and seal it up when I'm done. Some people really hate t…

  • Quote from kelvenmore: “Quote from Klexe: “I belive his whole body takes these fumes as nutrition and without it he wouldn't survive ” I"ve grown two feet taller and use a lawn mower to shave by beard! Quote from mograine: “How do you deal with fumes from printing / handling resin / post-processing? ” For the printer model I have the filter was very poor but some of the newer models have better filters. Also there is some biodegraable resin that do not have the toxic smell. But as Klexe establis…