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  • Quote from Ivar K: “Quote from echoCTRL: “the new standard will be 50*100 mm), and to offset this nerf with the new rule which buffs the individual discipline of the model. ” Then why not go to that standard? I am sure that a balanced entry is possible with that base size and if it is going to be a standard, the LAB could be supporting it instead of making an exception. ” I am happy we stay on 50.75 Old model will really look small on a 50.100 base

  • Thanks for explanation. Agree or no at least it allow to understand the logic. I think it should be added to any official news that imply such rebasing. @Ghiznuk maybe would it worse to quote it on Facebook.

  • Lots of negative feedback on base change on Facebook. Could we have any explanation of LAB team for this base change reason to understand it ?

  • Quote from Arosy: “Having auto-charge to flank is too strong, it should be either by out-maneuring opponent, or just seldom ” In my suggestion, its not exactly an auto-charge. The rule is the same than actually, but also offer the possibility to get a flank charge on next turn. But its not exactly auto. Nothing prevent the opponent to chaff the counter-charge unit. And it also mean your parent need to hold at least turn, to wait for support. Seems fair to me.

  • Quote from micdicdoc: “I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "and force to move that are not really cool"? From what you wrote afterwards on a battle-line, do you mean the need to deploy your units in a kind of 'chain', with appropriate support from characters, magic and Support Units? Being careful to check all of the ranges and that? I feel like this is an issue which isn't exclusive to EoS. Since we are quite reliant on bubbles (in particular with the General's Dis, BSB reroll), there is…

  • Quote from micdicdoc: “In particular, the call for the Parent-Support mechanics to either be scrapped entirely or made "much easier" is what I find hugely problematic. I read here of players saying that it's too hard to pull off supporting charges, and that they can never manage to do it - and I agree, it can be very hard to do! But, when I play, I feel like that's an issue which rests with me, and not with the rules. After all, I don't think - nor have I read here - that people think it's impos…

  • @DanT Hum but then, with my answer above, what would you consider my answer is ? ^^... I guess, then yes, put a large amount of elitness and complexity budget into parent support system is fine for me. But it should not become the only playstyle possible. The book should keep some possibility open for other unit more elit by themself that do not benefit from parent support system, and do not synergize too much well with list than benefit from parent/support, to prevent than increasing elitness o…

  • @DanT my personnal answer, would be that i would not like to see elitness tune down. But i think there is some way to compensate a increase of parent support ability, by small adjust. And i am not sure if it is what you call a reduction of elitness, in my homebrew for exmeple i suggested some pist of reflexion. (remove the FieR, limit order to 1 only etc..) Otherwise i would also balance the book and compensate by modifying some of the most big advantage of EoS. Like cheap Electoral cavalry, the…

  • @Smythen here: Empire of Mondstahl ( but still WIP )

  • KoE LAB guidelines!

    Casp - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    I am not a historian expert, but could knight exist if not inot a feudal system ? For me feudal kinght dont really make sense. Now in english i dont know.. But in french, well i think the right trasnlation of "feudal knight" would be just "knight" ?

  • How did you apply priority order with Scarification + Children of Umi ?

  • Quote from Wesser: “I hope something is found for Yeomen that isnt just chaff though ” That would be cool too ^^. But we still need chaff :p

  • Quote from debek: “Casp, but now you pay 145 for yeomans with 4+ armour save. I would expect about 210 Points for HB riders. ” Well yes that exactly the issue. With those price for sure, if i want a chaff, i will prefer yeoman. i think competition for chaff would be around 160-170.) But for 210pts i am not sure to be interested. A simple a trade with a unit of crosbowmen, dont seems relaly interesting. For 210 pts i could pay 4 additionnal knights. And an unit of 14 crossbowmen shooting 5 turn s…

  • Quote from debek: “Casp, you can flank crossbowmens and force them to turn. If they dont, charge them from flank, if they do, you can fly away. Crossbowmens will lose 2 turns of ecextive shooting. ” Why would crossbowmen face you ? I mean, charging on flank dont change anything, on contrary, you will do less damage, so you will not even break them in 3 turn. Quote from Davian: “In addition, your scenario is based on the most likely probability to happen, but there are quite high swings in P when…

  • Dont they lack impact ? I mean, look like a shooting unit that could be a good target. Lets try to charge 14 EoS crossbowmen that cost 190pts. Turn 1-A KoE charge: 3hit S4 + 1,5 hit S4 + 2 hit S5., lets say 5 wound. EoS ripost: 0-1 wound but steadfast. Turn 1-B: 3,5 hit S4 = lets say 2 wound EoS ripost: 0-1 wound but steadfast. Turn 2-A 3,5 hit S4 = lets say 2 wound EoS ripost: 0-1 wound potentially killed one heraldic beast now and still steadfast. Turn 2-B, you could you maybe break steadfast …

  • KoE LAB guidelines!

    Casp - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    And guys you forget books from robin hobb ! If it’s not a successful fantasy setting don’t know what it is.

  • Well, if its bad luck dont blam Knight from KoE Quote from Uradel: “From then on I started taking 35 spearmen rather than 30. ” But this is a wise choice. Perosnnaly for spearman i even go to 40 With order and inline eyou get 40 att, Start to be cool.. And if you managed to get some reroll to wound or to hit .. start to be deadly. You could always reform after you first victorious fight :p

  • @Litoperez did you look at my suggestion into moonstahl book, i think they answer some of your concern.

  • Quote from Uradel: “Nine KoE knights making a frontal charge can blow apart a unit of 30 Empire spearmen who are 5 wide and 6 deep. ” Hum and how could they do that ? Spearman will do 1 wound first Then Knight and horse will do 6. Result of combat EoS loose fight from 5, but with 4 rank against 2 they are steadfast. Heavy infantry first. 16 att = 8 hit = 4 wound save 4+ 6++ = 1,5 wound lets be nice 1 knight dead Then knight : 9 att = 6 hit = 5 wound no save = 5 dead Horse : 3 att = 1,5 hit = 1 w…

  • Quote from Shino: “Could you give base sizes for new units? So that we could start modelling units before the book comes out? ” Dont do that. be patient. Base size is always somehting that could be modified, look at vermin book, there is still some base change even after alpha public release.