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  • @Adam thanks for carefully reading the thread and checking errata regularly! I hope that its useful As to your question - kinda both were correct? Item was deemed unclear/misleading/not necessarily working as intended and whatever you call it. Now its fixed in errata. Mind you - thats what errata is for. Usually entries affected by errata will end up played differently with and without errata. Whether by misinterpretation of the unclear rules or by misleading rules/rules leading to loopholes. Di…

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “You can use Fly for all charge moves, so if you will hit a unit with the pursue/overrun using the normal rules (ergo, no flying), you can chose to make the actual charge move with Fly to position yourself better. ” for reference: 15.H.c, 2.2 (p.64): "If the first obstacle would be the Unit Boundary of anenemy unit that did not Flee from the same combat,the Pursuing unit declares a Charge against that unit,using its Pursuit Distance roll as its Charge Range." 21.A.a.11 (p.81…

  • Based on 16.B.b (page 69) seems to me that removal of casualties should have been performed so that spectral hunters don't lose base contact. Vampire knights after losing base contact can be nudged back into contact by combining nudging them to the left and forward it seems (unless there is some obstacle which i cannot tell from the picture).

  • in same rule which you referenced you have a line: "units that are in base contact with other enemy units can never be nudged in this way". So no, nudging cannot bring A/B back into contact so it drop out of combat.

  • accept it: there are borders to deployment zone. You just can't see them john-cena-you-cant-see-me.gif

  • going straight forward with the dragon, some distance before infantry do a wheel of about 80+ degrees to hit the griffon with a corner (ending up as close to infantry as possible i assume for best chance of success). griffon does the alignment move. By looking at it seems feasible but it obviously depends on exact placement.

  • Not finished games

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    Sad to hear that. Unfortunately refs cannot be everywhere at once and issues arise mostly at the very ends of the rounds. This is sorta excuse that if there would be 5 refs instead of just me situation could be just same. At same time I think its worth highlighting that this year there was exceptional 4 hours 45 minutes for pairings + game which seems like much more than usual time limit per battle for tournament. In general I do think that players can play much faster than they think especially…

  • 96 players in teams of 3. newest rules including newest version of VS and DE. Random deployments and scenarios, maps from newest map pack version A. Link to armylists:…x41IyqbI/edit?usp=sharing warning - might contain errors which were not found before tournament. link to tourneykeeper: Connecting players and lists should be doable by anyone. If not I hope that Tournament Analysis team have sufficient expertise.…

  • played a dozen or two of games with 3x9 - 3x10 trolls of various flavors across last year and a half. Not a lot but enough for me to consider trolls as really good element of the list. Not auto-take, not breaking the meta, depending on other elements of the list, and sometimes difficult to pilot with underwhelming moments. Like failing this rerollable dis10 stupidity or failing to dispel flaming swords 5 dice vs 5 dice. Far from auto-win but also far from doom and gloom which lots of player clai…

  • O&G Q&A

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    Losing front rank does not mean model should be repositioned right away. But the next time models are getting repositioned while the item is turned off you should take that into consideration. So any combat reform the VS unit is making means model goes to the front for instance.

  • Quote from WarX: “Quote from Sergrum: “Quote from WarX: “1) You have to charge after failed test only if possible. If spider is not declaring charge board riders don't have to. 2) Character can't charge out. Frenzy works on whole unit, not on models. ” What prevents the character from charging out if the rest of the unit is blocked? Unit cant declare a charge anyways. I agree 100% if the spider wasnt there the entire unit would have to declare a charge. ” True. If spider doesn't declare charge c…

  • Tournament Protocols

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    Raise to referee if exists. Do not interfere during game. Asking "do you want me to interfere?" is interfering already. Another story if its tournament without ref. Then its more customary and kinda natural to point out misinterpretations of rules.

  • Stumbled on it just now. Separating some of more convoluted MW rules into separate MW instances (where OR would be used) would be my preferred way to go since i value less convoluted rules more than less spacy unit entries. In practice it would be similar to introduction of brackets into those conditional application rules. AND instances in english which you presented here Adam are acting like OR where both properites cannot be true at same time (are exclusive). You cannot have monday and tuesda…

  • born to fight.

  • @Sergrum ill bring it up internally.

  • regarding this flying goblin gal - imho any goblin with some flying capabilities fits into gnasher dashers or goblins on giant cave gnashers.

  • Quote from greentide: “If I only could field more than three goblin gitz on huntsman spider, it´s really a shame ” You can. There is a limit 0-3 on Cave Gnasher mount but not on Huntsmen Spider mount.

  • You simply remove casualties by removing models in the back ranks as per rulebook. given that quite often models in further than first rank are allowed to attack (2nd rank usually as regular supporting attacks, 3rd for line formation, spear or other instances of fight in extra rank which are stackable...) its not that uncommon for Agility stat to matter a lot though. Even more so when you look into plethora of units which commonly are small enough to not have ablative hp to be lost before losing…

  • It wont be truly... playable but here is the most I could squeeze: Quote from piteglio: “does anyone want to doublecheck the lowest body count armies for OG... ” Core:3*290 + 316 = 1186 3x5 Common Orc Boar Riders, Lance, Shield, FCG, Banner of Speed (x3) 290 1x6 Common Orc Boar Riders, Lance, Shield, FCG, Rending Banner (x1) 316 Big and Nasty: 455+525+365 = 1345 Great Green Idol BSB Great Green Idol Gargantula Web Launcher Characters = 1800/1800 Feral Orc Shaman, war boar, paired weapons, master…

  • @Nox True, my bad. But O&G one with Grotlings, Goblins and Chief stands at 75+35*115+132*3 = 4496 points and 2+20*35+5*6*3 = 792 hp with 719 models.