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  • Quote from Shlagrabak: “Sure, people will likely agree with that now. But do you not think that we would be at the same spot should this work be done? Would it not just become the new normal? "This didn't answer my many questions" "Still next to no fluff" ” giphy.gif I don't understand this idea that some work is not valuable. If ADT use time on communicating with the players or BGT on flavor texts instead of real work, why is that bad? How can anyone else say how to best use their time? It's no…

  • Quote from Shlagrabak: “Quote from Baranovich: “Orcs & Goblins were never meant to synergize! They were meant to OVERWHELM! With massive numbers. Grind your opponent down to exhaustion with brutal force, terror, and sheer numbers. Same goes for armies like Vermin Swarm and the Undead. Those armies aren't supposed to synergize! Again, it's about the endless, terrifying masses of ratmen and skeletons that makes those factions what they are. When you take factions like that - the classic, massi…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    dragonravioli - - WWW Topics


    Quote from JimMorr: “2g9phf.jpg ” 35K9c.jpg

  • Quote from Hoffa: “So the project exchanged immersion Yes and no, I will not dispute that the level of immersion is lower (even I that consider my self a fan of T9A) gave WHFB a higher score for immersion. But this was unavoidable. The high immersion score for WHFB comes from it's rich, 30 years in development, setting that T9A obviously could not use. What can be read from the poll is that having a developed game world is important for long term survival but lets be realistic. It will take many…

  • Quote from piteglio: “...because it'll give our grandchildren the chance to say "grandpa and grandma were there too!", when they'll learn at school how the internet changed the way people create new stuff. ” Yes! T9A enables work as interaction. We can still achieve so much more and I want to see how much.

  • State of 9th age in the US

    dragonravioli - - US Masters


    Everything points to this orga stuff again Quote from Windelov: “There was a very tangible mission and relevant goals. This helped form an aligned organization and the goal was achieved. Where to go from there seems less clear and the project seems less aligned. As so long as there is no new mission communicated, then management is steering the boat as they should. ” Yes. Where T9A is at now, is exactly where people have taken it. As time went on and goals were achieved, things got messy and we …