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  • Cheers guys, it was a fun evening talking about all the things we've done wrong over the years!

  • Quote from Kadorna: “This week I have painted this old mad Orc Warlord. ” Love that model, heavy as anything! Nice job.

  • Most of them yes: Map 6 - Secure Target Craig (HBE) vs Ryan (ID) - Sunday 3pm Hugh (OK) vs Jeff (BH) - Saturday 6pm Marcus (DL) vs Trent (VS) - Sunday 7pm Ed (OnG) vs Kev (BH) - Sunday 2pm Tanka (KoE) vs Ali (OnG) - Tuesday Eve Colin (SA) vs Jake (ID) - Monday Eve Mark (HBE) vs Jak (WDG) - Monday eve Mikey (VC) vs Rory (SE)

  • Got two of my rabble done, not the best quality, but I may revisit them!…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Holy crap! Would make for a great vampire Equitan lord @Scottish Knight ” Would definitely make for a cool vampire!

  • My plan for January is to finish off this motley crew...…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558 So I can move on to this lot:…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558

  • From my experience too, with the maps having dedicated deployment types, it does mean that there's limited variety and deployment starts to feel more samey than when the maps and deployments could combine to add variety.

  • T9A lore videos

    Scottish Knight - - General Discussion


    Quote from kisanis: “@Blonde Beer @Scottish Knight ?? ” If we get something worked up, then yes, the official channel would make sense.

  • T9A lore videos

    Scottish Knight - - General Discussion


    Quote from Just_Flo: “@Scottish Knight This thread might be of interest to you. ” I can see members of the BGT are already in here - I look forward to a proposal!

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “Is it possible to paint your shield the color you want these to be, then glue them at a single point, spray paint the shield in your intended base color, then remove the template and paint over any damage from where you glued it down? ” That's a nice idea. Small amounts of blu tack shouldn't cause any damage, if the emblem stays close enough. Also means they would be reusable

  • Quote from Marcos24: “oooohhh nice... damn it, ok I'm buying some ” What's the best way to get the detail out of them? Superglue will fog the surrounding paint on a painted shield - do you glue them on, paint the shield then pick out the raised part to get the design?

  • Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “When do you think is the latest we will know for sure if ETC 2021 will happen for purposes of buying tickets and booking rooms? ” I would say it's hard to be absolutely certain. With the advent of vaccination, it seems likely that by August, international travel should be possible, even likely. The event is booked, so will go ahead unless it needs to be cancelled.

  • Quote from Arturiki: “Sat? Past simple of sit? Or is this an old-fashioned version or verb I'm not aware of? ” Should be sat!

  • Quote from Arturiki: “@Scottish Knight and @kisanis, ” Good catches - @kisanis, do you have the text for the next version?

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “@Scottish Knight are you able to educate us on how interrelated OnG or the SA Big’n’Little lizards are? (Note: I’m not asking for a ruling to push for the spell, it was an epic long shot , I’m just curious about how closely related the others are so potential we’re off topic). ” Distinct species within a culturally homogenous group is how I would describe them roughly

  • Quote from Arturiki: “@Scottish Knight and @kisanis, about LAB WDG. Section Chimera, in general. Sometimes you "Sir" is used, sometimes "sir". You should agree on one. ” Shouldn't be capitalised here.

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Which crackle paint? I’ve used the gw before and not been so successful. Just gotten patches of crackle. Maybe I’m just not using enough ” So I don't use GW, I use Viva Artline - German company. You can find them on eBay. I use an undercoat, which is basically PVA glue, and then their black crackle paint. Applied thickly, it dries and makes good cracked earth effects. You can experiment with different thicknesses, depending on how much you want it to break apart.

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “I like the cracked earth bases, where are they from or how are they made? ” Crackle paint applied thickly over the base, then just sprayed, washed and dry brushed. Pretty simple and easy to replicate.

  • So, I finished having fun with making some trap markers for my Scraplings. Still to actually make a trapper unit, but I will get to that. In the meantime, here are some daft conversions!…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558…278cf437aee62f5ded2159558

  • Quote from Arturiki: “Perhaps it's because I am not native, but it is still off to me like that for 2 reasons. The first one, is that "at the start" is already referring to a past moment, and "the Wasteland was somewhat larger", in past tense too, does also not seem to go along "think" in present tense. So, do I just delete this one from the OP list? ” It's people in the present, speculating that in the past the Wasteland was larger. It may be conversational, but the tense shifts make sense to m…