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  • Ich könnte am Nachmittag, Zeit hätte ich so von 13 bis 19 Uhr.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from The Kremlin: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Nope. Here's the rule you need, which you will find in "Front Rank" as indicated by the rule you quoted ” But it says to only apply Front Rank if the unit is *unengaged*... ” True, that's odd. I'll have to get back to you on that . ” Also any update on this would be great when you guys have had a chance to discuss it. ” That on the other hand is subject to ongoing discussions .

  • Quote from Sander: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Borcha: “Quote from Scrub: “Wait, are you implying that you don't remove all 5 models that died simultaneously at the same time? That seems wrong. ” I agree with Scrub on this one.I can see nothing that refute your point of view @Eisenheinrich (RAW your are right) but it feel wierd and no one play it like that. If its stay ruled like that it will change a lot of things. ” Yeah, we only recently noticed that certain aspects regarding the r…

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Sorcerer off/def 3 fighting enemy off/def 4+parry. Sorcerer cast 2 instances of rot within with sacrifice so he is off/def 5, enemy off/def 2. How does modifier work with parry here? Enemy unit get 5 because it still mach sorcerer off after spell modification? Enemy get deff 3 because unmodified values 4+1-2? ” The sorcerer has Off/Def 5 - this is not affected by parry. For the enemy unit, you first apply the -2 Off/Def from the spell (see 6.D Priority of Modifiers, p…

  • Quote from SnakeEyes: “Does the highlighted part of the Darkstone Generator "override" the highlighted part of the rules for Lightning attacks? ” Yes, that's precisely what it's there for .

  • Quote from deejwii: “So is this situation trigger frennzy from arrogance, ID unit "A" with Overlord "C" is 11.9 inches from enemy unit "B" (corner to corner, character are outside 12") and unit A is in a line of sight of unit B (last one model from boundary of A can be seen)? ” Here's what a "wordier" version of Arrogance would look like: < Arrogance: Universal Rule. Apply the following effects while the model is joined to an Infantry unit: • The model must reroll failed to-hit rolls with Close …

  • Quote from HumanClay: “If you have Åsklander Battle Fever with Shield and Great Weapon, you can use the +1 Armour defensively before you get into combat and then the Fight In Extra Rank instead when you get into combat right? I mean the only limitations I can read there is minimum 10 models and not engaged in rear or flank? ” Correct.

  • Quote from Caledoriv: “A DL Maw of Akaan with 1 HP left inflicts 3 wounds. In the same initiative step, the opponent inflicts one wound on the Maw. It does not get the chance to heal itself, correct? ” Correct. You roll the 4+ for the dealt HP losses at the end of the initiative step, at which point the maw has already been removed as a casualty.

  • Quote from Twisted Magpie: “3) really an explanation of the front rank rule... Why when a character dies is his side filled with models without front rank? Also I'm this case when that gap is filled with models without front rank, at which point will a model with front rank be pushed forward? When the unit moves at all or only when a reform is completed? ” Quote from Lagerlof: “3. Not sure what the question is ” I believe this refers to the fact that the rules state that when a model with front …

  • Quote from Atomic: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Wann willst starten? ” 13:00 Uhr würde gut passen. ” Sehr gut, dann fangen wir um 13 Uhr an .

  • Quote from The Kremlin: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Nope. Here's the rule you need, which you will find in "Front Rank" as indicated by the rule you quoted ” But it says to only apply Front Rank if the unit is *unengaged*... ” True, that's odd. I'll have to get back to you on that .

  • Quote from Promet: “If I have a barrow King BSB in my barrow guard unit and loose a combat, I reduce half of crumbling through stubborn and up to 5 HP if I have Rally around the flag with 2x legion Standard if I have the ranks? ” Correct.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Removing Champions andCharacters When Champions and Characters are removed as casualties, they are removed from their positions withinthe unit. Other models are then moved to fill emptyspots, following the same guidelines as for casualtyremoval above. When removing casualties from unengaged units with a single rank, Champions and Char-acters follow the rules for Matching Bases (see “FrontRank”, page 82). Doesn't this rule mean the champ spot is filled in by RnF? ” Nope. …

  • Quote from Atomic: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Ich würd nen Gegner suchen. Zeit hätte ich zwischen 13 und 19 Uhr. ” Würde bei mir gehen. Wollen wir? ” Klar . Wann willst starten? Falls du dir vorab schon mal meine Liste ansehen willst, findest du sie unter den Listen vom 17. KFC (hier).

  • Ich würd nen Gegner suchen. Zeit hätte ich zwischen 13 und 19 Uhr.

  • Quote from Borcha: “So Carno is dropping out of combat. correct? ” Quote from Borcha: “So in this situation Tuskers and Carno are dropping out of combat. Am I right? ” Quote from Gingersmali: “I’d wait for the RCT to respond, but I don’t think the Carno drops out in either example. ” He actually does in both examples , for the reasons given in the original post.

  • Quote from Kisscool: “Daemon legion : a unit with Greenfire Eyes on a hill : can you use the reroll for charge range of the hill to not waste the greenfire eyes reroll ? ” Nope, you "must" activate it once you fail the charge range roll.

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “After errata random movement still take unit out of board while pursue or overrun after cc phase right? ” Correct, the restriction applies only to "normal" random movement ("with the following exceptions that only apply in the Movement Phase").

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “So to be clear, quests can still declare charges which they can only reach with their +2 (so units 22" away)? The same for the snout? And this change in wording was to prevent people claiming they get +2 advance as a permeant effect? That would could stack with itself through the game. ” Correct.…fb047e209ab5c5d1e8185ae19 @Sergrum

  • Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “Are the erratum changes to Divining Snout and Questing Oath intended to reduce the maximum charge range declaration of models? ” Have you ever scrolled to the end of the errata document ? There you can find the "designer notes", where we explain the errata. So no, these errata were introduced so that the units don't keep the +2" to their charge range roll and gain another +2" with the next charge etc. Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “eg adv8 with one of these rules can now no long…