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  • Ok! we’ve been cranking out reports from Joust, but the one you’ve all been waiting for is here, the Roast of @SwampSwimmer by @SkavenInAZ and I. Where did he go wrong!?!? Watch to find out:

  • Quote from bluu: “Quote from Borjnfer Wraith: “Speaking of Dragons, anyone out there having much success with 2 dragons recently? What does the rest of your list look like and what were your opponents list/s?…43117e82320f4ca2d3f404e5f ” I recently painted two new dragons and wanted to test them out, thus: Highborn Elves Mage, Dragon, Wizard Master, Alchemy, Shield (Star Metal Alloy), Magical Heirloom, Order of the Fiery Heart - 955 Commander, Dragon, Battle Standar…

  • Would be curious of everyone’s opinion on the VS’ new Mauss Cannon. Especially the T&T version D6 wound mechanic. There have been very few options for d6 wounds in T9A, what do you think about this add? Should it exist? Is it OP, UP, etc. would be great if you also indicated whether you have actual tabletop experience against it in your response.

  • Watch these dice! (YouTube)

    Vespacian - - Battle Reports


    Loving these vids man, thanks!

  • [Obligatory text about it only being one team tournament] HBe were buffed a bit 2 years ago for being bottom tier underperforming ~5% buff HBE were top tier and nerfed ~3% this past year. No change to design. seems the army is highly sensitive to points tweaks and/or the meta is changing.

  • Quote from eggsPR: “Quote from kompatybilijny: “Yes, the TOP players in the entire world are just too good, we should nerf their army without bothering to check how it will impact the rest of players. If you want them to lose, get them an actual opponent. ” Well, that’s what they did with VC, and nobody seemed to care about that. Now VC bottom scorer at ETC. So, in the interest of fairness, I expect a post ETC HBE nerf hotfix.MOCT is the new Hour Glass. ” seems like you meant to post in the VC d…

  • Ok! The first in a series of battle reports for the in person SoCal Joust event held at the end of July in Pasadena, CA. This is a practice game at my home between myself and @SwampSwimmer, enjoy!

  • Great job and congrats on the win!

  • Quote from GorillaConda: “Just got back from a game. It was an SA vs SA battle. My Temple Guard had to take a charge from 10 raptors and 6 caiman. I had gotten off Know Thy Enemy, but Scrying got stopped. I made it a turn in a half losing all 24. So O/D 4 is terrible for an elite unit. Cobalt Club isn’t with it by losing parry. Strength 6 is garbage if you can’t it and is only AP1 with what few hits you get through. I love my Temple Guard models, but they are going on the shelf to collect dust. …

  • The tale of two Gamers

    Vespacian - - User Blogs


    Love the tale of four gamers, following!

  • @Bobo I’ll let @SwampSwimmer answer as he’s the one that manages all the tech.

  • Very cool concept to bring some clarity to the mysterious transition of the first to the second age. given the projects approach to background (first person human) this type of text is unlikely to be released but it’s a neat background foundational idea to base the faction on.

  • @2Cats1Tuna first of all, thank you for all the reports. I’ve been loving them and especially love seeing the AD grace the (virtual) tabletop. What model are you using for your AD? On your new builds, elu bow on dragon seems cool but I’ve tried it out on a regular dragon and didn’t feel like I got the true value out of it. You want that thing shooting every turn and you want the dragon to fight as much as possible so you end up at war with yourself a bit with that build. One thing to consider wo…

  • Thought this might be of interest to the HBE community. A HBE mirror match between @Furion and myself. great game!

  • Quote from ferny: “Any update on these? ” We’re going to collate and submit them shortly, fell a bit behind schedule.

  • Painting a phoenix

    Vespacian - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    I like that. Much more ‘realistic’ overall.

  • Painting a phoenix

    Vespacian - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    I saw somebody once who used a frosty green as sort of a neutral color between flame and frost. Looked pretty cool. If I were you I’d use the flame model parts because having snow flakes on a flame Phoenix just seems weird, whereas Frosted Flames seem somehow more legit. share pics!

  • @Iron Haiden Thanks and agreed! I’ve got some good news for you, @SwampSwimmer and I got a live battle report in this past weekend so we’ll hopefully have more real models on the table top including some hobbling projects that swamp swimmer and I have. On another note, here’s our latest report!

  • I did think about just scaling up some elf models...maybe that’s the way to go.

  • Any ideas for HBE giant models?