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  • Quote from Jawor: “soooo, where is our book? ” Quote from AlFiKa: “Not much it is still in progress, DL is probebly the last book out of the update I just hope the gap between them will not be to great. ” ATM we awaiting the last answears from BGT and RT and then I think RT will do the pricing.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Quote from krzechu: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “Considering how dirty cheap some entries slowly come to be, how about introduction of new squad - chimera raiders. You know the squad that consists from only barbarian chiefs on chimeras. With 270p for model, we will soon be able to field a squad of them, without actually breaking the rules for maximum point allowance for unit sizes. ” Now that would look cool on the table!Sadly you can't have such chimera sqad due to towerin…

  • Quote from TobiasP: “Does the release of the new patch mean anything for the update of the DL book (or is that still due for december?) ” Not much it is still in progress, DL is probebly the last book out of the update I just hope the gap between them will not be to great.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “May be its not really that TT&RT are failing us. Recently I began to think - may be we just want different things from the game, have different priorities. For example, I dont know who made the Cultists supplement, couldnt find credits in the pdf. ” A combination of DL and WDG ADT to most part (me not included this time) and yes the Supplement Army Books has a much higher degree of freedom for the TT compared to the old Gold TT work. For the future LAB they seem to work much…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “I will just state my opinion and you can see where it diverges with yours. 1. GD are bad currently. Bad and underrepresented. Thats what TT said itself. Right now the update is underway where we hope to see some improvements. So, the post from a TT member where he states that he sees a lot of big GDs lately and did great with one himself can be very misleading. Especially in the context of the previous posts and taking into accounti its part about shooting. I wont speak for …

  • I think it would be possible to merge core and special but it will take a long time to plan such a thing and countless adjustments as most books is not built for it. For me Core is the staple, the basic troops that has a sort of all commer approach and mostly act the scoring duty. Special you should upgrade/equipe to work for a specific job. Atm I still think there is to much in most armies attempts to minimize core and spill all beans on characters and special. I would have loved to see it natu…

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from Laurfelt: “For my part, the biggest question mark is the rule of paying double for enchanted weapons. Even at normal cost he seems to be outdone by most other characters so I don't really understand why he has this restriction. Is that based on some wacky fluff too? ” I believe that is more of a balance issue: hence why it is just points.Better to check with one of the team though, I don't want to put words in their mouths ” Yes even though I think 1,5 times the cost…

  • You could combine them so if you say 5 you do it for equal reasons.

  • Warriors is decent priced at starting cost, I usually field a 12 naked unit as a bunker, with spiked sheild and evocation backup they are well worth their price. Problem is additonal models and upgrades, Toghether with the 12 naked I have the last months played a 18 FCG, Greed Warrior unit with Stalker´s Standard but those 6 additonal HPs and its upgrades makes the unit 2,5 times as expensive as my 12 naked Warriors and here something is wrong IMO. 12 Warriors, 258 18 Warriors with Favoured Cham…

  • Yes this is the intention of the rule and how it is written, what confuse things is the Rage rule giving +/ 1 Attack Value whenever it lose/gains a Health Point, witch then leads to a total of topic question regarding Bigh Brother upgrade for Giants, do they lose one attack from when taking the upgrade as they gain +1 Health Point @Eisenheinrich?

  • Quote from Danimoth: “Quote from IoRi78: “no is that they forgot to write it. Thanks for pointing it. I would add to the error thread ” So is the Omen supposed to be light troops too, or is it just thr Deceiver and the Harbinger? ” Harbinger and Deciver has a footprint that fits with the Skimisher Eidolons, Omen is lightfooted enogh and has its enturage of Hellhounds to join if it wishes.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Little Joe: “I had expected these in plastic, I am not even sure how usefull they are for T9A with them being on 50mm bases: 99560102300_HHRuinstormDaemonBrutes01.jpg Ruinstorm Daemon Brutes Oh, and I laughed a bit at the price, it is silly. But the library does not judge on price, so should I add them and where if so? ” You could use these as Brazen Beast as well, the rider part is mostly to Keep older collections viable, lore wise rider and beast is the same daemon and the entry and…

  • Task team have this week handed in their suggestions for adjustments in the book and awaiting RT response on it. How long it will take to agree between us is unsure, it depends on how much is handed back for rethinking.

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “There's obviously better designs for things, but I don't feel like this is even remotely worth breaking the freeze for. ” I agree, thus why I wrote the below in my post above and on the internal forum has said that I think no immidiate reaction like a FAQ or even breaking the Goldfreeze is needed. Quote from AlFiKa: “After DL walks out of Beta there might be a change to the Eye of Dominance to reflect upon the new situation if it is deemed needed, ”

  • As designer we where awhere of the item when making almost the whole book Beast. But as I saw it and still see it it is a good counter to have during a beta test period if the DL book would be to strong there is a very good tool to use to stop its worst characters in its track and most Beastherd players will naturally not pick this item, but if DL would have been running rampage during beta most would. After DL walks out of Beta there might be a change to the Eye of Dominance to reflect upon the…

  • Best piece in the DL book to handle him is Omen on Throne of Overwheling Power as Omen then do not count as Beast anymore and ignores the Eye of Dominance.

  • Hoarders

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    As both Hoarders as quite underplayed entry atm and manifestations is on the list we looking at what mnifestations would you think would fit with the unit more then the Greed specific ones. I also see a problem currently with some pricing on the manifestations for example Unnatural Roots compared to just buying a standard.

  • Yes, especially as one of the focus areas is the manifestations this round.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    AlFiKa - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from RobertR: “Has anyone tried using this as a rock aurochs?,shop.php?art=1276 How did you solve the issue with the slightly too narrow base? I would still like to use the scenic base. ” I use one for one of my Rauchs, regarding base you can add other similar bases together to form the bigger base as its mounted on a chariot base 50x100 and it needs a 100x150 base.

  • Quote from Donotask: “Quote from AlFiKa: “Quote from ZardukZarakhil: “Not sure if this has been asked before But Deceiver is fighting an Abomination (which has 3d6 Attack Value) How many attacks would the Deceiver have? ” 1+3D6, the flip side is if it is fighting a Forsaken One it only has 1+0 ” I just have to tell a funny ETC story about this. I was playing, guess what Finland WdG and my Kuulima+Myrmidons just charged a 3 Forsworn unit. Made 8 hp they run and I get a forsaken one in the face. N…