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  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • Quote from Filthor: “Perhabs we could persuade some skillfull painters to paint up a couple of the sets if the models were donated to them. I would think that both @Lord Marcus and I would be up for that. It would be win-win-win as far as I can see. If the EoW team and we the sellers can use the pictures for cool promotion and someone gets a new army Some sort of community decision about choice of painter would be in order to ensure the right feel ” that's a lovely idea! let's see what the other…

  • yep, those photo contests were fun! i've been thinking we should run them again - i've always wanted to include a proper gallery in the final Gold Full Amazing Fullcolour Maybe Hardcover version that i'll put into production one day. i would also use them as a chance for a starter guide. so i guess in the future we'll have both "old-style" contests, with miniatures that people already have lying around, and "new way" contests, with people painting up a new set from one of the Starter Guides abov…

  • nice! i think having 3 viable spells will change a lot your feeling of magic phases. i dont think i'd go with 2, in Advanced, kind of... ever?

  • i think McBaine's definition of playable means "with Armylists for all 16 factions". i see how someone who plays with an excluded faction might define things this way. i think Remys definition of playable doesnt require completion for all factions. i see how someone who is a game designer might define things this way. so there's no censorship here. we just need clarifications of our definitions. both McBaine and Remy can say that the book is nonplayable and playable, at the same time. in other w…

  • thanks KPhan, let us know how your games play out - we're always looking for constructive feedback : ) the post by Calcathin above covers most of what you need to know. other things to keep in mind include unit formations. since there's no Reform in EW, and since you count additional ranks when even when you have a single model (and independent of model type), certain formations can be intrinsically more advantageous. the interactions are many, so let's make a simplified example: imagine a heavy…

  • no prob - seems youve been busy with Essence of War these days! : D (by the way loved your battle reports, will discuss them separately in their thread!) ...and here we go with: Sylvan Elves Turn 3 Charge phase: none Movement phase: 7ZBSDPY.png Magic phase: Flux card VI IV I --> 3 Active vs 2 Reactive as per Lawot's instructions, casting Swarm of Insects on Flagellants with 3 dice 8YmGOUn.png cannot be dispelled! fCsAM79.png 11 hits 6wRMyVx.png aouch! 3 die! it's enough for a Panic test, but Fla…

  • Gamefinder & Tournaments

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    by the end of demoday, you'll have one player for each patrol! i bet my moneys on that! : D

  • Nippon for T9A

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    keep up the great work, guys. i cant wait to play with this new book in our videogame adaptation! HtbQv7V.png

  • this is excellent stuff! for EW, i've just started experimenting with a "no backsies" culture, so i dont think i will make big use of the last feature you showed. but what you presented at the middle of the video (~ minute 7) is stunning, and i cant wait to see how it works (i mean the scripts themselves). what are your release plans on that?

  • Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from piteglio: “he game took 1 hour (and five minutes), and we played till the end, all four* turns ” what is a baseline time with out the home rules? ” i would say a normal EW Basic game should take 1h IF both players know the EW ruleset and are experienced with TabletopSimulator. if not, i would say 1h30' is a reasonable baseline. since kisanis had only played a couple EW games so far (and no TTS game with my mod), i'd say the homerules made the game faster by a 30%

  • just had another game online yesterday with @kisanis and used: - no backsies - no doubledipping (if you touch a unit you move it, completely) - no premeasurements - only 1" increments in movements (but 0.5" for unrounded sidestep/backwards) - no commenting on statistics (future) and dicerolls (past) - no discussing plans (if / then) the game took 1 hour (and five minutes), and we played till the end, all four* turns * it was an Essence of War game, Warriors against Swarm we discussed how to use …

  • actually this is quite important to me as well. in the past i have proposed we go with 2-letters initials for all factions. Orcs and Goblins becomes OG, Empire of Sonnstahl is ES, Warriors of the Dark Gods is WD. it might sound counterintuitive in some cases, but it's great for file naming conventions, and there is a huge advantage if you run statistical models on army performance at tournaments.

  • Starting EoS list

    piteglio - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    hi there AL if you are new not only to EoS, but also to T9A in general, id suggest you have a look at Essence of War first. sometimes it's difficult to plan a new collection if you dont play it, but it's difficult to play it if you dont collect it. so with Essence you have a way to start playing with very few minis (Wizard + 10 Handgunners + 5 Electoral Cavalry + 15 Imperial Guard), then you have the option to add more units after that. there's also some papercraft minis that you can print for f…

  • thanks @berti @youngseward @duxbuse for the suggestions tonight im gonna play a game with @PTG-Lucky-Sixes on twitch and pilot some of the things you mentioned (if-touch-then-move, no backsies, pre-measuring) plus others (comments on rolls, on statistics). i made tokens for all these suggestions and put them into a "Chill Play" bag. in case anyone's interested, the flyer for the match is in the spoiler. (Hidden Content)

  • disclaimer: this is going to be honest. i've seen people say "we want Fantasy Battles, but well-balanced at 3000pts". now people are saying "we want Fantasy Battles, but with simple rules". my personal opinion is that you cant ask for a dog that cleans after itself and smells nice. if you want that, consider getting yourself a cat. or at least consider spending an afternoon with someone who owns a cat, to see what that's about. or get a Habilitation from the Fetthis house and breed a new type of…

  • dispelled on an 18! this leaves 2 dice for Volund's, as per Ivar's request. the spell is cast on a 10 (wow, im rolling hot), and cant be dispelled cos no more dice available. we move to Shooting Phase. as per Ivar's request, i go with Militia on Archers - 6 to hit, 4+ to wound... 2jm71fY.png HksvuCF.png that's 2 dead archers! not enough for a panic test, but juicy nonetheless. recap: Movement: Halbs/Flaggies slide, Militia comes in Magic: Volund on Halbs Shooting: Militia kills 2 Archers l2T9lgK…

  • Sunnas Faith Magic Phase 5 active dice vs. 4 reactive dice Casting Ullor's Blessing on Totenhammer's unit with 3 dice successful on a 10 (no miscast) @Lawot you have 4 dice, want to dispel?

  • Turn 3 Sunnas Faith Charge Phase none Movement Phase Quote from Ivar K: “Flagellants sidestep 1" left Halberdiers sidestep 2" right Militia wheels 1" right, advances 1", wheels 2" right Totenhammer one position to the right aWmBE8w.png The arrows and magic of the enemy were causing heavy casualties to Totenhammers flagellants, but he could see that it was not the worst thing. That cavalry unit was also threatening their flank! "Take cover from that building, don't let them get you!" Totenhammer …

  • Gallery

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    Quote from Caledoriv: “Quote from piteglio: “ready to welcome some minis ” Which would you like to see some photos of? ” well we cant have an "far east archipelago" patrol just yet, since work on the armylist isnt finalised yet... but in the meantime DarkSky has been using his japanese-themed minis to recreate other Essence of War patrols, like Empire of Sonnstahl: (Hidden Content) im sure other factions would work too... for example, the HE and DE patrol are practically the same models! (that's…