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  • SA Painting Hub

    MountainBuns - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Woah. Seriously the coolest conversion ever

  • That splotch of yellow is popping! Love it!

  • SA LAB

    MountainBuns - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 25... dinosaurs are so cool! I’m so happy for everyone! I know the wait has been frustrating to some. I’m super jealous of the lab team that will be put together. They will have so much fun creating this book! There is so much untapped potential in the saurian lore and flavor! Keep your LAB ideas and suggestions flowing in all our threads. We have incredible talent and creativity in our community.

  • @Minidudul over here spit balling golden ideas one after another.

  • For our next discussion, let’s talk about our characters. We have: Saurian Warlord Saurian Veteran Skink Captain Skink Priest Caiman Ancient Cuatl Which ones do you feel need tweaking and how so? As an additional note, should the cuatl bsb option remain?

  • What awsr would you like to see in a homebrew?

  • @jb195 Like an alpha/pack theme? That would be pretty awesome!

  • @Blingley I don’t know why I forgot to add that! It will definitely be a part of it

  • @jb195 you are in for a treat! These minis are some of the easiest to paint! The sculpt just picks up ink and highlights so easily. I love their minis.

  • Here is a poll to help find themes that we can use to begin building a cohesive homebrew.

  • This week is midterms at university, but I have a big break coming up next week so we should make a lot of progress then. I will plan on making a few ‘spoiler’ pages for next Thursday of some of the ideas we talk about here. I’m happy everyone is having fun and enjoying making this homebrew together Let’s keep the good ideas flowing! Tell us more about what your ideal thyroscutus looks like.

  • Thanks for the strong reception! I love the guidelines and ideas everyone is providing. Rixi and I have decided a good way to involve as many people as possible, and to be as productive as possible, is to have focused discussion about a specific category for a few days and then move onto the next category. The past few days we have seen a lot of discussion on core. Two tools we have readily available are mixed units and totems. You all gave some great suggestions. What are peoples thoughts on us…

  • As per my post on Monday evening, here is the linked thread, Community SA Homebrew. Again, this isn’t a SA ACS homebrew, it’s just MountainBuns doing MountainBuns things. There are a few polls there to get us kicked off before the weekend.

  • How many changes (in number)?

  • How involved is community in making decisions?

  • Magnitude of changes

  • Hello all you cold bloods! For those only now hearing about this, I made a poll asking what people’s opinions were on making a community derived homebrew in our three things thread and I received a lot of responses with a good chunk of people saying yes. The main idea is to use a variety of community input to create an interesting homebrew. This is really a project I’ve been thinking about for a few months now and the opportunity presented itself quite readily after the last update. I am always …

  • DE General Discussion

    MountainBuns - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Girien: “Quote from Minidudul: “Thankfully the ring is limited to the Legion Legate ! ” So better change his name to "Frodo the Ring Carrier" ” Thank goodness we rode the SE eagles to Mordor. One of us could have died!!

  • I am happy you’re excited @Khadath! I will set up another thread pretty soon here with some polls asking about preferences on magnitude of changes and methodology so it resonates with as many as possible. I hope to get something finished in 3-4 weeks given the amount of time I have to work on it. Yeah, so the second poll did have that 4th answer of “I don’t agree with the premise of the question” and I put that there because there may be differences in opinion on how much changes to unused entri…

  • Thanks everyone for the responses to the two polls I set up. It seems there is a moderate interest in a homebrew with a community approach. I will be thinking about a good way to involve as many members as possible. If you do have any ideas about a methodology that sounds good to you, pm me! I will set up a different thread for any future developments on that. Regarding the second poll, I am thankful you all have responded. While the next scheduled patch for SA will happen next winter, I am hope…