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  • We’re going to need a bigger boat.

  • Scramble! Scramble! Scramble! Wrong night to go out with the wife!!!! I hope I’ve made the cut off…. Haven’t seen a ticket frenzy like this since South Coast many moons ago….

  • Yes, as @Nerocrossius says, just because I can't win tournaments with them doesn't mean much at all other than I'm not so great at T9a! But they are super addictive and I love the look of a EoS army. Like a moth to a flame or a dog to its vomit, I surely return. May I never be set free! Nothing better than a fully ranked up EoS army.

  • That’s a true story. I guess we both have miniature is that are older than most of the people that we play against but I simply couldn’t bear to be parted from them. Thanks for the link to old glory miniature is I’ve just had a look at them and they look really cool, I really like the Knights of the White Tower with maces. We’ve just recorded a long podcast on the Empire so hopefully you can give that a listen which might tempt you back to the guys With feathers in their hats. We are trying to d…

  • Hi @IndianaBradley, Welcome to T9a and the EoS, glad that you are with us in the ninthageasphere and that you are enjoying the pod. We enjoy making it. I think that your list has the basis of a good army but the BSB is a must, those pesky EoS boys do love to run away and a BSB will keep them from legging it. Ditto Steam Tank, although that's just a huge ram! Love it. As you get more and more familiar with the EoS I thoroughly recommend @Nerocrossius excellent summary of the EoS units in his thre…

  • Tommy Tucker is up for this too.

  • Quote from Haradrada: “Finally posting some EoS stuff after ages Here is my marshal on a great griffon…34247401a16c12bf2d884bb96 Here is an image with more exposure to see the colours better…34247401a16c12bf2d884bb96 Still needs a few touch ups but is basically done ” I remember this guy! He wrecked my Feldraks! Great paint job!

  • Quote from Riddles: “Excellent event mate. I can attest to that as my raiding chariots turned into steam tanks against kev. Immortal buggers ” Yeah. He said something like that…. Jack- great event, super location and good to see everyone again. Jeff, Kev, Edgar, Ryan and Alex. Gentlemen all. Thanks for the games.

  • List submitted. Excited…

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “Well, one part of them. The other hasn't been seen since his illustrious tournament win and presumed lost in the wild. ” He was last seen North of the Wall shouting about Freedom or something... I will send him a Raven. Be assured of our support for this though, I'd imagine that we'd like to do the list review in advance with special guests and spotlights then probably an episode on juicy first round match ups and the a live recording from the event. Probably in the mor…

  • Bravo. Superb. A triumph.

  • Sitting in the sun with a BBQ on the go and G/T in hand. Only thing missing is RL tournament. Paired Weapons Podcast is proud to add to the hype. This is going to be huge. And probably messy. Get a helmet!

  • Thanks @Optimistic C - That's what I thought but it seems a cheap way to get the yw spells I'm after... ps - thanks for listening to the pod.

  • Hi Marshals, Right, an apprentice with the heirloom. Does he/she get two spells - both no.1 spells but from two different paths or is it a wasted item as the second spell is essentially an unusable slot for the send no.1 spell? ie, can I get lash and fireball on an apprentice with the heirloom? Thanks in advance

  • The Scottish Championships 2021

    Mattyp - - Tournaments


    Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Will there be a virtual meal and pub crawl of Stirling? ” This! This! Quote from Scottish Knight: “Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Will there be a virtual meal and pub crawl of Stirling? ” We can strap a go-pro to Fras and send him on a bender?Quote from Riddles: “Sign me up mate. Oli Mather ” Have added you in TourneyKeeper now. ” Strap it on! Let him Loose! also, I’m in.

  • Matt Perriss, he says ‘yes!’

  • HOT OFF THE PRESS - UK MASTERS LISTS EXCLUSIVE WITH DAN THOMAS!!!!!!! - READ (LISTEN) ALL ABOUT IT!!!! The UK Masters Lists will be released at 0700hrs GMT 15th Jan but you can get them here, early and undiluted, in the Scoop of the century!!! The magnificent mind of Dan Thomas is turned full force onto the 16 hopefuls as the Hype Train throws another shovel of coal onto the white hot fire... Enjoy! (as if you wouldn't.....)…exclusive-with-dan-thomas

  • Too slow.....

  • Yes, fair point and well made. @ukrocky if you could do that then this would help, tbf I don't know some of the forum names... I'll start here: Craig Johnson - @ukrocky Kev Stonebanks - @AxelVicious Jake Corteen - ? Trent Barnard - @Uwedxot Mikey Newman - ? Mark Greensil - ? Ryan Amiri - @ryan90 Colin Power - ? Jak Payne - @zulu (?) Ed Murdoch - @Scottish Knight Adam Jones - @Tanka Rory Stoves - @Raughri Hugh Scarling - ? Jeff Keeling - ? Marcus 'Por Favor' - ? Alisdair Parren - @Gingersmali Wil…

  • Player Interview Incoming!!! Explosion at the Masters Factory! Alistair Parren, Jake Corteen, Marcus and the young gun himself Trent Bernard.…p-jake-c-marcus-and-trent