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  • Quote from Palmu: “Vultures are basically ready-made for backline hunting duty, they just have some problems that stop them from fulfilling that job. Standard size means they can't see over the flimsiest unit blocking them, the role also has the freaking Sand Scorpions, and mobility is difficult when you can't move away from the general's radius. But heck, slap Autonomous and Tall on them and they'd already start looking pretty decent for the job. Anything else after that would basically be just…

  • Yup. But losing those 4 attacks feels really bad. Imagen that same unit doing 12 attacks! That would open more possibilities. Maybe even units of 6-9 could start being used!

  • Quote from wombat: “leave the Gt Vultures as Skirmish/Chaff ( ideal due to Size, Speed, Fly ). ” Do note that pure chaff units are (mostly) getting redesigned to give them a role in the battlefield aside from being a speedbump. I wonder if big units of Vultures should be viable in the LAB. Maybe just giving them full support attacks may be enough to make bigger units attractive. Similar to how Scarabs originally were only used in small units as chaff, but after the update that gave them chinitou…

  • Not much of it is recorded in detail compared to more modern nations.

  • Having seekers as faster infantry with freer movement would make them quite distinct from other block of dwarven infantry. Something like 4"/12" and light troops would allow them to fulfill a niche no other dwarven unit currently occupies.

  • My main problem with big units of stalkers is the short range of their shooting. They require a lot of planning to be able to shoot at full power, since the combination of short range, big footprint and suffering penalties to hit make this hard. Quote from Izomov: “Something i'd like to discuss, Sand Stalkers (Laser Snakes) I have 12 of them unpainted but assembled and based, i've played them once i think over the last 3 years. Does anyone have any tips/tricks or neat little combos with other th…

  • Impact Hits and Chariots

    Folomo - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Yup, you need to not have light troop to have a full rank.

  • Impact Hits and Chariots

    Folomo - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Chariots get 1dD3+1 IH base, and one extra IH if there is a chariot behind the frontal one and you have a full rank. So for example, if you have 5 chariots in 2 ranks: CCC CC You will have 1d3+2 + 1d3+2 + 1d3+1 = 3d3+ 5 Impact hits.

  • Evocation is pretty terrifying for VS.

  • Quote from Izomov: “How do you guys play swarms? They seem slow and pricey for chaff, with higher odds of doing the worst thing possible, living into the opponents turn. Im guessing you want to slap swarms against something with few high quality attacks? ” I don't use them as chaff, I use them to deal with single models or as a combat unit to weaken an enemy unit. Between LT and march 10, they are pretty mobile (for UD). Always in units of 6 and supported with strong magic, to allow them to heal…

  • Quote from Bretboy84: “Is it difficult to make hippogryph knights that have demigryph stats but with wings? Even Warhammer Armies Project did it. Copy the idea from it. ” The problem here is that unlike EoS, KoE is an army where the rider outshines the steed, not the other way around. If you have hippogryph units, the one doing all the work will be the steed, which is not really knightly. This is why a monstrous mount works well thematically on EoS but not on KoE.

  • Quote from Palmu: “I'm sure armies on release will be largely balanced, but then releases start to happen and suddenly they're not. One only needs to glance at 40k to see that GW has caught up quite well in how to sell armies to competitive players - Ensure that each release one-ups the previous ones power-wise, then reset the cycle after it becomes too overloaded. I suppose it does make the tourney scene pretty colorful when you can ensure that the entire meta gets flipped every other month. ” …

  • Quote from Honeym: “Hounestly, if I wonna tie something down, ill devote a 6 kotr unit to the task. And if something need 50 peasents to hold it down, Ill much rather ride around it ” This is the biggest problem with combining cavalry and infantry. Cavalry is so fast, that it can escape the things that the infantry could hold down.

  • Quote from Dain_II: “Every save of 6+ from the charge saves 2 dwarfs instead of 1. ” Do note that on average, this is the same as +1 armor with a few extra steps.

  • VS LAB Alpha Discussions

    Folomo - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from StockFish85: “I do not agree with this thou. Even if they are not as you refer to as constructive. If they are short and straight to the point e.g. "book = trash". Then they should still be voiced and I do still believe they should still stick on the forum post. Let all posts be seen except IF they are personally offensive or racsist of any kind of course then they should be taken down. But if it is just negativity towards the LAB or the project. Let it be known. Those are my two cent…

  • Quote from arwaker: “If peasants would have brains that make them behave like a swarm, yea maybe. ” What does "behave like a swarm" mean in this case?

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Bruva Alfabusa made a decision of their own to adjust and the video he posted was very reflective. GW did nothing but flex legal muscle on their own website. ” Really bad news, they had a great channel. Its a real shame to see such a passionate project get canceled due to GW policies.

  • Quote from Col. Tartleton: “Why can't we just get rid of initiative entirely and have combats happen simultaneously? ” Elves. That is the answer.

  • If the intent is to make the game more accessible, a reduction in overall models would be needed. If in V3 we reduced killiness overall and made the game playable with 30% less models, it would make the game much more approachable for new players. Having more units of fewer models doesn't really help tackle the "barrier of entry" problem. I can already hear the cries of "Model invalidation"

  • Quote from GorillaConda: “I wouldn’t mind seeing a hard cap on units at 30 models. VC, VS and UD might not agree lol. I do like medium and large sized units. They just look better on the board. Poor VS armies are like 200+ models now lol. ” This would be pretty viable, as long as the offensive capacity of most units goes down. If the damage output of most units was halved, units of 30 "non elite" models would be quite viable. The increased carnage of 8th made capping unit size to 30 unviable. If…