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  • Not as cool as Questing Knights i'm waiting for

  • Disagree : - This would makes us slower than dwarves unless we have a character - Always march means no fire (except light cavalry) - less movement means shorter charges. I think we have enough issues to add this one on our pile.

  • Nice models First time I see japanese chariots

  • Quote from Perch: “@Izomov Whole army immune to panic and fear effects are advantages for sure. ” So the good edge : - Immune fear - Immune panic the other edge : - Can't flee - Crumble - March on general IP (and seriously we have to pay 90pts and more than 300pts to increase this range while other armies have this for free) - Steedfast is meh (if would prefer it halve the wounds like stubborn) - Can't hold and fire. And Immune to panic and fear... wow seriously, an army within general and bsb h…

  • Quote from wombat: “The repair ability of Both Armies make UD lists hang their head in shame. ” Hopefully, it is lowered when the other wizards don't have the oaken throne active.

  • @Echunia he asked about melee. i answered about melee. I agree that there are plenty of tools to use to reduce the threat of blocks Quote from arwaker: “I disagree. Best tool to compete with vermin blocks is to bring your own blocks. Passive boni are not halved, so are like twice as effective as kills. Skeleton or Neceo blocks with full ranks and Undying Will are more a threat to Vermin than chariots and constructs. ” I would agree if our own blocks didn't cost twice the points of vermin blocks …

  • Quote from Velux: “I know that alpha 4 will be out soon from what I read on the forum, but do you guys got some feedback on how UD is against VS ? Of course our catapult would do a lot of damage, but what about Close combat ? I haven't play against VS yet, thought about using the Fear ability from our units and Evoc magic, but against the eagle standard, on a statistic view it seem worthless... ” Chariots, Cataphract, Shabties and Reapers for melee against VS. Our infantry can't win against Life…

  • Mmmmh ok this is the angel of justice from Black Moon Chronicles ? +3A, Lethal Strike and D3 Wounds on Lethal Strike ? This is basically the virtue of renown + 3A Str5 AP2. I think the +3A is already too much, +1 would be better and cost less. Because with this kind of weapon you have 1 beast with only Res5, Arm2, Aegis 5+, it will be too expensive (I think something like 350-400pts which is a price of a monster) and I think not enough competitive compared to other units more resilient which mak…

  • I'm a bit sad about roudn shields but I still have a ton of GW Nehekharan Tower shields. the only minis I dislike are the battlesphinx (due to the howdah too big but could be nice for an Ark of Ages) and the catapult. Are chariots planned ?

  • Only wings with a bit of cut. The other part is too living, not enough stony IMHO.

  • Quote from Thurvack: “- Pegasus : the increase to 50x 50 ..... MONUMENTAL DISASTER. You have screwed up the usefulness of the pegasus that is to be within unity. If it is difficult to move within large units ( 5+ pegasus and characters) , now more complicate find space to place the unit ” Maybe other pegasus will be on 50x50 bases.

  • They forgot the cup icon (which seems to be the Gallantry icon) on Heraldric Beast. I'm a bit concerned about having a vanguarding flying character with Adv10. Even with a light armour, with some armour enchantment you may bypass the low armour weakness. Pegasus and Hypprogriff seems ok regardless the cost. No Barded Warhorses ? What are the Fey mounts ?

  • We had a lot of ideas about how to represent the "leader" aspect of Undying Dynasties. A character may buff a single unit permanently our unlock options/abilities (like Ancestral Warfares I presented here. And a Dynasty may unlock a set of options/abilities available with maybe some list restrictions. example : Old Kingdom : The army cannot include any Ensouled Status, Harbringer may become BSB for free, each Pharaoh and Nomarchs can pick one of the following Ancestral Warfares : - Hardened Saur…

  • beetlewp.gif They do (the Mummy 1999 ;))

  • Well pricefree feedback : Not really abused to term of rules. Now unit price will make the difference.

  • IMHO a flavourful and impactful curse would be something like a reverse grudge. Target an enemy unit, this unit must reroll success rolls.

  • I prefer they makes somthing Impactfull and flavourful with a dynastic system than a curse system.

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “Keep in mind that being Large would be an upgrade for them. ” A double upgrade (Stomp & 2 support attacks with PW) I think if a player takes PW, thery will be 4 models per units (depends of the additional model cost if the cost is worth for additional wound)

  • I start thinking Ordeal is not a army wide special rule, but maybe a special rule for aspirants knights. Heraldric Beast may be aspirant Peg Knights ^^.

  • Quote from berti: “Oh great. Why not sprinkle hard target just to everything? And of course on a flying unit, so that there is no counterplay possible at all... You could also just put a "no stand and shoot against them" as a rule. Long range and all the other modifiers will propably result in not beeing able to hit them at all with most shooters, and even elfes only hitting on 7s. ” Aspen bows. :p And with Res3, 2W. All monstruous cav have at least Res4. With Pair weapon its only 2A Str4 (And o…