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  • For the lucky owners of a 3D printers (and the other that like to store STL files), Beast Clay Creation have an Halloween gift for you: The Grim Pumpkin (free to download) 246012167_295671292387982_2955165043533807989_n.jpg

  • T9A @ Spiel 2021

    Folkienn - - General Discussion


    So, the last hurdles would have hopefully to be now removed, I should be able to be at the Spiel Convention on Thursday. Depending on your plan @piteglio I can: - bring some minis from DL T9A:EW demo games - bring more minis to play a T9A:FB game - offer moral support Let me know!

  • The models from the Kickstarter Echoes of Camelot are now available on the Bigchild Creatives shop. Very nice miniatures, but be aware of the scale: 35 mm ! Lady of the lake bigchild-creatives-echoes-of-camelot-35-mm-lady-of-lake-1.jpg Queen Guinevere bigchild-creatives-echoes-of-camelot-35-mm-guinevere-queen-1.jpg Sir Lancelot du Lac bigchild-creatives-echoes-of-camelot-35-mm-lancelot-du-lac-1.jpg Sir Kay bigchild-creatives-echoes-of-camelot-35-mm-sir-kay-1.jpg King Arthur Pendragon bigchild-cr…

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    Folkienn - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Some very nice new models from Raging Heroes, however they seems to follow the scale creeping from GW and it could be challenging to fit them on 20 mm square bases: Malferiah, Dark Elves Queen DE-Queen-Full_9d155a60-3d76-41df-b589-f2668b2be7fa_5000x.jpg Blood Seekers BLOOD-SEEKERS-COMMAND-AND-TROOPS_5000x.jpg

  • And to celebrate page 77, a few more Goblins from SpellCrow. Ugruk-tar Goblin Mercenaries v.3 SPCW0527_Ugruk-tarGoblinsMercenariesv302.jpg Ugruk-tar Goblin Mercenaries v.4 SPCW0528_Ugruk-tarGoblinsMercenariesv402.jpg

  • More from Signum Games: Nikor, Knight of the Bloody Skies Nikor-Knight-of-the-Bloody-Skies1-1.jpg Sarian, Knight of the Bloody Skies Sarian-Knight-of-the-Bloody-Skies2-1.jpg Tadvor, Knight of the Bloody Skies Tadvor-Knight-of-the-Bloody-Skies3-1.jpg They should made pretty convincing Brotherhood of the Dragon Vampires on Monstrous Revenant.

  • And more stylish Goblins and their Giant friends: Greenskull Castle - Heroes & Legends 678d73a0467c15d172a1ced332ea4f67_original.jpg 23da6767334bba9362d669a922c73afb_original.jpg

  • For those who have missed the first version of the game (or actually the miniatures for the game), Limbo Miniatures launch a new Kickstarter campaign for the 1.5 version of Limbo: Eternal War: 630ce63761f11eb0963205c6d2682bce_original.jpg f48c4931933ba4bb5758a4651514069a_original.jpg The miniatures are much bigger that usual 28-32 mm scale, so rather difficult to reuse the humans one for T9A armies, but this doesn’t really matter for demons, especially for the big ones (and the Lord of Gluttony …

  • Quote from Feanor83: “Quote from Grimbold Blackhammer: “I'm using this guy and I get a lot of complements! ” I'm afraid this one is no longer available ” Actually he is currently available as a Add on of the Kickstarter campaign of the 1.5 version of Limbo: Eternal War, but accordingly for a short time and you should rather not be in a hurry regarding the delivery. d292ee8a28f2f61294bbcdbe3b03a10c_original.jpg

  • Spellcrow opens pre-order for a reviewed version of their Ugruk-tar Goblin Standard Bearer: SPCW0526_Ugruk-tarGoblinStandardBearerv203.jpg

  • Last releases from Signum Games: The Hungry Winged Horror The-Winged-Horror-2-1.jpg The Winged Horror The-Winged-Horror-1-1.jpg The-Winged-Horror-1-5.jpg

  • Speaking of stl files, and these days even more surprisingly also physical models, Tabletop Legends launched a Kickstarter Reign of Blood with quite well fitting deamons for a warth themed army: 03c2dd31e7c080cf47a44d9c92ece7eb_original.png 2730318bc93dbf7c74de06493c5f2624_original.png 5cf4195127430daaf0d5bf164b248d8b_original.png

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    Folkienn - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Filthor: “How do you guys feel about the male minis in this set as Bloodletters? ” Love the heads, not a big fan of that one "open torso" (too much "pestilence" for my taste, but others looks good) but really dislike the human feet for deamons (completely subjective). But overall very nice designs and a good fit for Myrmidons. On another note, Creature Caster just released its first infantry: Children of Ruin Might be a little bit challenging to fit them in rank and file, but should m…

  • A small release from Lucid Eye Publication, a kind of mix between common and cave goblins Hooded Goblin Cubs 72272d_ae70be6512d44d7680a9b0ab8a341ebd~mv2.png

  • Archvillain Miniatures released (again) some quite impressive digital models, this time very lizardy ones: Old World - Agama Rising OLAR.IndPres.TitanoceratusWarband02.jpg OLAR.IndPres.BlessedClawsZiskal02.jpg OLAR.IndPres.Chameleon04.jpg OLAR.IndPres.HighPriestZiskal02.jpg OLAR.IndPres.Mankutter01.jpg OLAR.IndPres.MatoRider06.jpg OLAR.IndPres.QuetzalRider08.jpg OLAR.IndPres.Sundancer03.jpg

  • Quote from Bretboy84: “Anyway, Sylvan Elves needs Elvish Piper who can summon creatures to battlefield. For example small units of wolves, bears, bird swarm etc. 39806-elvish-piper.jpg ” Titan Forge already thinks about this issue! Elf Female Bard test-3d-titan-forge.jpg

  • Hard to fit in a 50 x 50 mm base, but otherwise should make quite impressive Sand Scorpions: Dark Stone Scorpions from Flying Frog Productions DSScorpions_Box_Front_800__93128.1573613647.1280.1280.jpg DSScorpions_Box_Back_800__29033.1573613647.1280.1280.jpg

  • The Magma Giant from Flying Frog Productions should make a pretty decent Kadim Titan: SOBS_MagmaGiant_Cover_800__71076.1581743008.1280.1280.jpg SOBS_MagmaGiant_Back_800__31861.1581738198.1280.1280.jpg

  • Nothing fancy, but some pretty neat commun goblins from Lucide Eyes Publications: Goblin cubs 72272d_6c6405f6aef245bd9dd42d8c391dce05~mv2.jpg

  • Machine Learning for 9th age

    Folkienn - - General Discussion


    Well, there are Softwares like AlphaZero that gather data on their own by playing again themselves. In a very simplified way, it tries to optimize what goes well each time it wins, and in parallel strives to identify and improve what it “done wrong” while loosing. Due to it very nature, the Software is able to play countless games in a rather ridiculous amount of time and can therefore move from utterly unable to make meaningfull moves (let alone implement simple strategies), to master a game in…