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  • they have a shield.. bastard sword is a 1 hander

  • Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “Questing Knight lost the 2+ armour save and the 5+ ward save againts S5 hits right? But they got R4 and 2 attacks + new rules right? They are not meant for grinding anymore then ” my understanding is they keep 2+ armor and some kind of conditional 5++ but are st5 ap1 base and st5 ap2 on the charge. An ok unit but not as good as the old questing or the old grails imo.

  • Guys the quest will basically never be completed if the questing unit is required to be involved. The opponent has a brain too.

  • Quote from Davian: “I believe this easy access to get aegis discussion is mainly theoretical. I believe re-rolls etc are more important than aegis for their role on the table. I think most QK will choose a stronger target than chaff units. ” yeah I agree. If you select a chaff or cheap support unit in what situation would the opponent not hide it. I would just leave the rule as is right now. Archers won't be shooting down any marked target.

  • if the quest is changed to require questing base contact with the target at some point throughout the game whether it be combat or running down a fleeing unit, then I think they should be able to mark their target after deployment not before. But from a gameplay perspective I'm not sure it needs to be changed yet. The current rule allows for a higher degree of strategy and potential influence on the game.

  • Quote from masbark: “Errants, realm and grail knights that hordes of i can still use? Mabye one of them as special? Questing knights have the same stateline as grail knights to day. do they support whit 2 attacks? Do they fight last or after insiativ? Point cost same as grails to day or Will it go down?:) ” errands and realms I'm sure can be used as core knights. Grails as a special lance unit New quests support with 2a They fight in initiative I'm assuming points cost will go down because while…

  • Quote from Shukran: “9models 850p seems fine ” 500 points max

  • Quote from Casp: “Quote from Klexe: “12 would mean 24 attacks each round at high ws and high s. That is way too much. 20 is already quite potent and very strong. Horde infantry gets on avg 18 av ” How do you reach 20 attack ?Did they get full support attack ? ” I think we can assume this is part of the lance formation... My guess of lance formation: -no CR from ranks -full supporting attacks -3 wide count as ranks for steadfast purposes.

  • Quote from Klexe: “12 would mean 24 attacks each round at high ws and high s. That is way too much. 20 is already quite potent and very strong. Horde infantry gets on avg 18 av ” But that is assuming the unit doesnt take casualties going into combat. Realistically it is not difficult to kill 2-3 of these guys in the first few turns even after healing... Then on the charge it is 7x2 = 15 s5 ap1(2)? That is not good and well below average. (especially if we lose rank bonus combat resolution). I do…

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Casp: “I like them, will defintly play some. Now my feedback: I am a bit worry about 2 attack + lance formation. I feeel the point cost will need ot reflect those both advantage. But they dont fit well each other if they dont have extra support attack. Would be curious to have feedback from PT on wich kind of formation is used for those Questing knight ? front of 3 or 5 ? Also call me maniac... But if lance formation, is still potential 3 model full rank.; i prefer …

  • @McBaine something like +1 st...maybe +1 ap on the charge. No strike last. I'm guessing. It's the only logical thing it can be because we know great weapons exist in the book and are a separate entity and we know bs gives a slight on the charge bonus.

  • quest having to be declared at start of deployment will make it very easy to protect whatever unit is marked. The other "mark this" rules in the game all occur at the end of deployment. Max size 10 is unfortunate. Not 12? Apart from that it's good.

  • T9A in London, Ontario

    IntrigueAtCourt - - Canada


    Hey was this the slowgrow event? How did it go?

  • I think we can assume that everything will eventually be adequately priced. I am optimistic the book will be good. Even something like the distracting virtue, while it may be boring I can imagine it having a place on a hippo blocker. So let's wait and see what the full package brings. Honestly there should be no surprises now we know more or less what's coming.

  • very nice man - it's the standard I hope to achieve one day. Everything is done very well. See you on ub.

  • I think people who like the hitting power of the current grails will be happy with the replacements - but I don't know if we will get a single entry that is an uber well-rounded knight that both hits hard and is tanky. If I had to guess that "hammer" unit will at the minimum be 3st6 or 2st6 with lightning reflexes on the charge. But the truth is, as with the current book, the competitiveness of the army will rest on elements other than the hammer unit. Sure it is important to have a cocked threa…

  • That's how I collect miniatures too... I tend to pick a range/edition and try to stick with it to achieve a uniform look. At worst I will include the 6th edition metal questing knights in with 5th edition knights but only if I have no other choice.

  • Quote from berti: “Cowboys should not be unbreakable (feys?) or even stubborn on their own. (Note. that cowboys mostly also have good output and strong defence stats so that a lot of units already struggle to even inflict any wounds). It is already enough when they can benefit from the huge movement bonus that is given to single models in this game and the ability to choose their fights. I doubt that this game needs another spam of single models that makes all the rest in the book just the scori…

  • Quote from berti: “I just mentioned it because there were in multiple of the lists 2 fey knights summer/autumn and they seem to be single models. (at least I would interprete it the way the entry is written. Propably able to be combined with charakters on hippogriffon and pegasus. And there was also a list with 2 charakters on fey mount. Hence the question if the fey mount can join normal units of knights or not. Why...I don´t like more cowboys in any lists. And even in KoE army I see nothing in…

  • I thought maybe the footprint or unit sizes or volume of units might have changed, but seeing these lists I would not remove rank bonus combat resolution from lance formation. @SirMC2015 . Even though knight damage may go up the big lances need to be able to advance without being zoned out by a single model as we can currently. It's not enough that the knights remain steadfast because opponents will be happy to stick a monster or a cowboy and pin a full lamce there with little risk from their pa…