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  • Ontario Slow Grow

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    Looking great! Thanks for the tag @kisanis!

  • What an ending! Thanks to @piteglio for playing host and GM! And a profound thank you to all who participated! (Even on the Sylvan side, hehe) Internal Team chat logs will be shared soon!

  • @Spacegoblin @heliconid Thanks for the mention of the Essence of War patrol for the VS! It is perhaps a little small by Vermin standards, but keep in mind Basic is just the first step. We don't want new players to have to build 70 models to play their first game. But, take a look at the Advanced Armylist page for them. I've played against it once, and brings some of the biggest blocks available in EW:Advanced! And for players who follow the Basic>Advanced>Fantasy Battles progression, is intended…

  • Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, @piteglio! Lots of good stuff to unpack there! It is worth saying that I've already committed to the list above, and that I'm certainly not unhappy with it. But, here are a few responses to your thoughts. I see how a 1 spell magic phase is not particularly advantageous, but you know how I roll spells to begin with, so 5 diceing isn't much of an issue. I know that for that spell I'll always have a dice advantage, even if I risk miscast, and leave a few di…

  • @piteglio, what about just 1? I have a game coming up against @ThatMusicWriter , potentially on monday. This is the list I will be bringing. EW: Advanced Game #7 Beast Herds 1600pts CHARACTERS - 200 Soothsayer: General, Apprentice - Evocation, Battle Standard (50), Distracting Gaze (25) - 200 CORE - 575 Wildhorn Herd: 6x4 - 250 Mongrel Herd: 5x5 - 225 Mongrel Raiders: 5x2 - 100 SPECIAL - 225 Minotaurs: 3x1 - 225 SUPPORT - 600 Cyclops - 300 Cyclops - 300 Interesting predicament I encountered here…

  • @berti The DH Advanced Armylist will be included in the next Alpha version of the rulebook. Which should be coming in the next month. But, in the meantime, it has been released here on the forum, and is quoted below. Also, I would strongly encourage you to try out the DH Patrol in Basic. The game is still tactically exciting at that size, and can inject some quick fun into a busy schedule. Plus, the DH Patrol is definitely sturdy, being tougher than average and having high Dis for EoW. I think y…

  • I've been lurking , but thanks @Omarcomin ! I think that panic is so big for 2 reasons. 1) the units are relatively small, so you often face the threat of taking that 25% loss in a shooting phase or with a spell. and 2) when something DOES panic, you've lost a big part of your army. With only the 3 Rank & File units of each patrol able to score the objective, losing one (especially early) can create quite a challenge.

  • We rolled dice. What’s done is done!

  • I think it’s a great roster, @Remy77077. Pyro is a good choice. You have a decent amount of AP in other units, so the wizard can focus on burning off the squishier stuff. The battle standard is pretty great for reliability. It’s been in all of my lists so far. It is tough to spend the last 25-50 pts sometimes. When you only have two characters, and they are already semi-kitted, there are only so many options. Especially if you don’t want to make your wizard 300pts! But I would maybe invest in so…

  • This is awesome to hear @Remy77077. I’m jealous!

  • @Just_Flo Thank you for that. But I’m more than happy to do it. I will be posting more here in the semi-near future. As soon as I get back home to my printer!

  • @calcathin. This is your wheelhouse!

  • @Redbeard - Thanks for the feedback! My own reactions/musings I agree with @calcathin that "core tax" is less of a thing in EW:Advanced than it is in FB. And, in the DH Armylist, where you are topped out at 2 units of Seekers and 1 unit of Hold Guardians, it's hard not to overspend on core. I certainly could've gone with another character, but I specifically wanted to test a No Magic list, so it probably would've been another Thane, haha. The other matchups @ThatMusicWriter and I have played hav…

  • Hey all! EW:A Game #3 v @ThatMusicWriter - DH v AS @ 1600pts My DH List Characters Thane, General, Shield Bearers (50), Battle Standard (50) - 225 Core Clan Marksmen, 5x2 - 175 Clan Marksmen, 5x2 - 175 Greybeards, 5x3 - 250 Clan Warriors, 5x2 - 150 Special Hold Guardians, 2x1 - 175 Seekers, 6x3 - 250 Support Steam Copter - 175 Total - 1575 (I wrote my initial list from an internal version before the Armylist was finalized for release, intending to update points and tweak as needed. I caught a ch…

  • EW:A game @ 1600pts coming up this evening v. @ThatMusicWriter. I will be testing the Dwarven Holds against his Double-Kraken Monster-Mash Asklanders list! Aim true, my stubby-legged comrades!

  • @Lawot Do you have TTS, Warhall, or UB?

  • @ThatMusicWriter - Check out the post above for our EW:Advanced games

  • Battle Reports

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    Agreed, @calcathin The Chariot Soothsayer was not as effective as a second piece at 1600pts. At least not against the large units of armored and higher res models. My next BH list will very likely include the Mino Chief, as you say. But, I believe our next game will actually feature the upcoming DH Armylist and perhaps another new one!

  • Quote from ThatMusicWriter: “We did. I don't think multiple 7x3 units are even playable on the smaller board; as it is they were hard to maneuver around each other. I'll probably finish the bat rep today or tomorrow. ” They maneuver like construction equipment, but they run things over in the same fashion if they get where they want to be, haha.

  • I'm so happy to see this much discussion going on! Great points have been made on both sides. And who would've guessed that the poll would be this exciting! Thanks for participating everyone!!!