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  • both correct The tournament is over. It was amazing! First tournament since March 2020. I played 3 great battles in good company and.... I won 1st place at the event and the best painted award I am very happy. PEoa2AU.jpg Enough Dwarfs for now. Let's pick up the UD again. See you soon!

  • Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “salad farmer? ” HAhahaah good one

  • I designed myself as a dwarf and this is the result... Last update before the tournament. Some while ago I made myself as a Dwarf character in Hero Forge. Yesterday I got the print from my friend. I painted him up today so he can be a champion of one of my units. There's a clue hidden in the model about what I do for a living Wish me luck!!! CbemOuR.jpg

  • Underworld Beast pricing

    Ortwin - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from JimMorr: “Bread and Games is just 20%: 2 beasts leave just 300 points. Triumphal Platforms, Dreadmill Chariots all belong to the same category. For me the cost is actually not in points but in what you have to skip when purchasing 2 o 3 beasts. ” 3 Beasts you say, I did not notice that part... The horror But yes I knew it was an internal thing. Raising B&G to 25% and Beast to 400points would that not be better? But then again I have no expert insight in these things. Better leave that…

  • Underworld Beast pricing

    Ortwin - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Hey guys, Not a hatepost here, nor am I complaining. I'm prepping for a tournament and I am analysing the 2 VS lists. I notice both are using 2 underworld beasts and who can blame them. An average of 8s7 attacks is nothing to sniff at. 3d6 random movement means it's not incredible fast but very flexible. One on each flank is a headache for msu players. Res 5 is a bit of a weakness but a 5+/5+ fortitude can deflect many poison blowpipes for example. To be honest, I love it. And I would run 2 in e…

  • So I learned that a silver medal Golden Daemon winner is playing the tournament. There goes my best army award haha xD But I am gonna give him a run for his money Painted a banner fornmy Taurukh enforcers. Took a while because I had no inspiration but it's there now. First banner with oil paints. It will never be dry before Sunday haha pWCMj30.jpg

  • Quote from Gmork: “The dwarfs a moving with the pub and chimney? ” even brought a toilet to puke in

  • And here is the army as a whole. Well, just the 4,5K I'm bringing to the tournament obviously Bl1ljLd.jpg uSP87vr.jpg

  • Hey guys, So the tournament is on Sunday and I had a problem with my Taurukh Annointed. I did not like them, they did not represent the unit well enough. So I contacted my printerman in Germany and he printed me 6 new miniatures, proper sized I painted up the first 3, ready for battle. Maybe I can make an army shot later this week, today is too cloudy. We'll see.. Hope 'newmodelsyndrome' will not hit me too hard Edit8lIvT3I.jpg

  • This miniature has a special place in my heart. I remember when I just started WHFB , drooling over the miniatures for Storm Of Chaos. Never got to buy them though. But recently I got one as a payement for a commission. For 15 years I have been waiting to paint it and today I finished it! I am happy ZsXnR3o.jpg

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Looking great man! Isn’t casket on round base though? ” yes, I still need to order some. Not a common AoS round, the 75mm...

  • My first UD list is nearly painted. 2 more catapults to go Today I added the Casket of Phatep to my army. Quite a complex model with the smoke and the floating priest. And a flawless print from DustandResinMinis. Looking forward to cast that damned 6/6 bound spell every phase 12aPo9L.jpg

  • Quote from TobiasP: “Bandages on the sphinx are insane so jealous of your skill and way with colours! ” Hey man, thank you so much So I have an upcoming tournament in a few weeks. Yay!! Bringing the ID for the first time. I painted up another warmachine for the occasion. A fake Malakai Makaisson's Goblin Hewer from MOM. They upped their quality so much with the new 3d printing. Love it, and for the same price. I have the real one soaking in acetone too. 2BbWv8R.jpg

  • Thanks a lot guys for your likes and comments. It really motivates me. I finished the 4 chariots I showed you earlier. Did the bases and I painted up the crew. Nothing fancy but now they are finally done. I accepted some commission work for this month. 20 Seekers and some characters, and 40 Teutogen guard with some characters. I would also like to paint up my Malakai Makaisson Goblin Hewers (I have a real one and a MOM miniaturas knockoff). And then there's the odd 5kg of unpainted resin waiting…

  • So getting back into painting was harder than I thought after the small break. I was lacking motivation and with 2 kids ... well you know how that is xD But I pushed through and I am happy with the result. Hands down the most ambitious model I ever painted. Close to 4,5K now, just a few models left. Then I can start playing the army and adding units as I go. I present you the best miniature Lost Kingdom has designed for this army! 2 Battle Sphinxes UOX8suG.jpg tujDBRi.jpg 0pKzNda.jpg oK6xZRL.jpg…

  • Most welcome on our t9a tournament in Antwerp, Belgium Time to roll some real dice again!…4ZZppiC0X7JwbZ-wPD9YB-uqQ

  • Ogres, swamp- and half-things

    Ortwin - - User Blogs


    Rediscovered this blog and had the pleasure of scrolling through a few pages filled with beauty! Incredible work mate!

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Your torture was worth it! Looks killer ” thanks the pain was not in vain haha

  • Hey guys. I wanted to have a relaxed evening off painting a simple character. This turned into a nightmare though, the miniature is so thin and flimsy it broke on 5 places while painting... Oh my god. And painting with oils means the whole surface is still wet so you can't touch the model nor wait for it to dry... I managed, but at what cost Not displeased with the result though, and it will probably rarely see the battlefield. But still, it is an amazing miniature. My god that sculpt. The mask …

  • Hey guys, Possibly the last mini for a couple of weeks. Fun sculpt, so many great details and features. I love how he turned the sarcophagus into an arrow quiver. And I looked it up, it's a baboon. 9aFW6Wj.jpg