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  • I’ll leave the thread open until tomorrow so you can post the translation. But otherwise, consider the contest ended! Deliberations begin this week.

  • Totally forgot about that set! Good call

  • get some extra bits from that same GW kit and use them to convert, eBay probably has a couple loose pieces

  • Last sword miniatures has a potentially perfect unit on their Patreon.…rd&utm_campaign=postshare

  • @Ghiznuk Tom Holland plays Spider-Man in the Marvel Movies. He famously spoiled some marvel secrets and got in trouble for it.

  • Boy howdy. I go teach for a few hours and come back to a lot of anger, which is a shame. I didn’t take Thurvack’s posts as death threats for what it’s worth, just the angry musings of someone who has a decent amount of tournament experience . I’ll bullet point some things that may or may not help to ease the mood. 1. If you’re worried about anything in the list (or missing from it)— read the fluff piece! Literally everything is in there, we hardly need to post spoilers in this thread because the…

  • I’ll accept them until the end of the day tomorrow, you have 29 hours to get those crests in

  • ^ Tom Holland @Klexe now you’ve gone and done it. People are going to think they can get what they want by being rude to us

  • Well, the people who have been actually PTing the book have told you there are things better than grails, I’ve been PTing the book, and I’ve told you that. Literally all of us are excited for the release… but I guess keep sharpening that axe just in case I’ve been lying to your face for no reason at all.

  • There is still a very strong “all around unit” that will compete with the best cavalry in the game. And the LAB currently has many more tools to assist than the current slim version, but I should stop talking now lest I pull a Tom Holland and say too much.

  • The Sainted is the name for a character that has achieved the Lady’s quest. It is an extremely rare feat and so these individuals are quite rare (and powerful, you can read about this in the fluff and guidelines). To me at least it never made sense that every army showed up with a gaggle of grail knights and none of them were as strong as an average Evil Knight. That being said, the unit you are used to (and that made you start playing KoE) still exists albeit in different forms. We currently ha…

  • Ooo right under the wire Dan! With some very original heraldry, I dig it! also their aren’t enough seas to swim as penance for my thoughts, lol

  • echos of Camelot line. They were Kickstarter minis, should be launching shortly in the online store.

  • Regarding the concern: "where will i find miniatures to match the scale of my current collection?", If you need help I can and will absolutely assist. I plan on starting a thread once the list hits alpha to point people in the direction of miniatures which will match the style and scale of GW, Fireforge, and Perry minis just to name a few. I will also be demonstrating some easy ideas for re-basing using some of the supporting companies products found on the website. Again these concerns are vali…

  • It’s still a bit early for that, as the process between design and background is sort of a give and take that evolves, but I can say this: if you have a good mix of knights with lances, knights with hand weapons and shields and knights with great weapons, you should be able to field most everything.

  • I wanted to jump in and say a bit more about my experience during the LAB, the spoilers revealed so far, and Klexe’s hard work putting the spoilers together every Monday. 1. I absolutely love the current LAB version, and I hope it doesn’t change too much. 2. I love the background and fluff revealed so far, and I think we have an absolutely epic team working on it! I honestly can’t wait to see the stories and artwork in the FAB, I will absolutely be getting a hardback copy printed when that day c…

  • Quote from Thurvack: “Quote from Ciara: “Imagine if ditracting worked alwyas. You now have flying dude on monstrous mount you hit on 6+ (because most of ur army is of3) and then he still have r5 2+ and aegis while still hitting hard. Now thats what i wouldnt call fun experience. And i dont want to see cowboys rise in power no matter the army. ” Imagine distracting working always on Courtesan of Cibaresh and give to him hard target if possibleImagine distracting working on the charge on Vanadra’s…

  • Just a quick thought for @Sir_Sully 1. The BGT creates the lore that informs the LAB team’s designs 2. Fey Courtiers are in the publicly available fluff (with some cool names to boot). 3. You can currently customize 6 potential Fey Courtier Builds: Flying Witch, Ground Witch, Flying Druid, Ground Druid, Flying Vorpal Blade, Non-Flying Vorpal Blade. 4. There’s a very good reason the Lady might send a Fey Courtier to do the job usually reserved for knights — the knights simply can’t make it in tim…

  • Quote from Klexe: “Well I did answer this way because for it is obvious. Monday every week ” He does make it a priority, sometimes we get late night messages on Sundays to get our butts in gear for Monday morning

  • Can we get a close up of the actual manticore rider? I can’t see her very well in any of the pics