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  • Money sent, can't miss one of these. - Tim Bohknecht

  • Paid, Tim Bohknecht.

  • Hi guys, You can add David 'Boxy' Box to the list as well.

  • Chuck me on the list good sir. Someone has to prop up the standings. -Tim B

  • I'd like to see the 'wrath priest' return as well. Could have a rule such as converting Veil in the opponents phase from the stored veil tokens. (Resulting in +1 Dispel dice per turn, unless the Veuilgate Orb was brought along for 2 dispel dice.) No bonus to dispel, but lets you bring 'extra dice' at the sacrifice of offensive magic if you go first you'd gave it for T1 if not you lose out a turn anyway. Could come with in built MR1, basic warrior stat line with the additional wounds. Upgradeable…

  • The Scottish Championships 2021

    Ironrock - - Tournaments


    Count me in.

  • In the proposed list there isn't a good home for him. Unless he is roaming solo, in which case a chariot suits him for the impact hits and extra wound(s). (and joining the chariot unit if needed) I've not used Kingslayer myself. And not considered rangers boots on a Beastlord, as I use it on a hyper speed centaur chief. Its another option to try out though worth a play test at least, you could have found a hidden gem overlooked by others.

  • I assume your lord is going in the chariots. Could try this; 460 - Beast Lord, General (Hunting Call), Razortusk Chariot, Light Armour (Trickster's Cunning), Great Weapon The upgraded chariot gives charge benefits to him/his unit/gortachs and the mino lord as needed. He still whacks, and with the 5 wounds, Res 5 reroll to wound isn't a push over. Not as much protection, bit a touch more offensive output for your list of single peice destroyers.

  • Couple of basic options, I like taking an extra lord with just the grtwpn to give a defensive block a little more output punch, or just using the wildform to tailor all-out power/defense as needed. Al lot of things will depend on other character setups/purpose. I have never been one for purchasing Aegis saves for characters, and don't make much use of armour, so run characters light defensively, which is not everyone's preference I know. Two lords with grtwpns, and 6-7 cheifs with the same is a …

  • See that alot of people don't like the idea of a lord on foot. I have many ideas to help this that would be submitted to LAB when it's out turn. I actually like the beastlord on foot, but not as a combat powerhouse for the same reason as everyone else. For now we are a little stuck, but hopefully the future will be good for this option. Noce to see some more Wildhorns being considered as well, at the moment.

  • So how are people finding writing fresh lists with the changes? Have you come across any new interesting builds, or just tweaking previous lists with the points changes? Personally I am going to run out another go at large static blocks with MR full of characters, supported with my Triclops. Swapping out Mongrel spear blocks for Wildhorns with defensive kit for a few games. I think the pyro changes could hurt an all chaff approach, so want to play heavy MR for a little while until balance settle…

  • Is there time before this locks for the Baby Carno to get a points drop? 10-15 PTS reduction should see a few more taken here and there. (plus the aesthetics of more Dino's on tables is a good thing) Of course I would like to see the Alpha drop 15 PTS too, get some more tried out by players and change up lists a bit more. Fingers crossed for some slight tweaks before it's locked for 2021.

  • I find DE not ideal match up for BH at the best of times. The new rules for DE look like they would continue this effectiveness, there is a lot of tactical flex they bring to a battle line we may struggle with. The shooting also looks like it'll rather painful as the Bolt Thrower change will shred things for us.# Plus small footprint elite model with wounding benefit's that will strike before us will continue to be a nightmare for us. See how much of it sticks, I like challenges, and I am sure o…

  • From my own games running the upgraded Engine I find that the +3VT shots are not quite enough. If something/changed it could be much more versatile. Example: Exchange your VT for increase to the volley gun AP (allowing different targets to be shot at) or Simply increase the number of shots per VT to 4. (Even this single increase per VT is probably enough to see more get used)

  • Please chuck me on the paid reserves please, Tim Bohknecht Funds on route to you currently.

  • Signed up, will have to see what happens, still a blocky build until I get the hang of UB2.

  • Jabberwock Model Share

    Ironrock - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Who doesn’t want to play with flying scary monsters? This thread is all for the Jabberwocks, I know we started the year with ‘March of the Jabberwock’ in mind and then Covid-19 shutdown everything. But this has allowed us time to get more painted and prepare ourselves for their release, right. I know they might not pack a punch, or protect themselves well at the moment, but the Jabberwocks are just so cool and should be seen more on the tables. In time we will get a chance to improve the rules o…

  • My commitment pieces for Period One: [File Missing in Action] Due to some bad news in a professional form which has taken up more time that it should, and impacted on me from a personal level I have failed on my Period One commitment. My models commitment remain unfinished due to the lack of motivation caused by the news, the fact that I should not have selected Red as a primary colour option, (I hate red) and in part due to the total switch of paints and primers taking far more layers/practice …

  • Guys, some of this work is cracking, some f it is off the chart too, It’s great to see so many cool projects and models coming together. Of course anyone coming across this now/down the line, feel free to join in, the mission is 400 points per period. With the periods being 2 months, so as people show off their period one results we enter period two. - Period Two - 400 points of models commitment. (No magical/unseen upgrades allowed) - July and August is the period, so we have until August 30tht…

  • I have another spot, David Box, can you add him to the list for me please as well. Cheers, -Tim