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  • I think the problem with kotsg is that without support,they tend to flee very often and they dont deal that much damage as they most often hit on 4s. So yeah, they are mostly used as small support units and are good in securing secondary objektives. Bigger units of 5-6 need a bit of support, as most EOS units do. A foresight engine works pretty well here. Or the combination with a Pegasus or Griffin Hero also works well. I think another reason,why you do not see them often is that people tend to…

  • Sadly RL is packed with lots of projects these days. I dont think, that I will find the time in the near future, though it was a lot of fun

  • Quote from SadlerCPII: “Wow. I’ve convinced myself to run a 5k mammoth hunter list for Michigan GT but Nero’s list is giving me second thoughts! Also, I have 5 more dragon battle reports to make! ” Looking forward to seeing the Batreps! I am also interested to read your thoughts about the dragon, especially it's movement!

  • Thank you for the write up. This was inspiring. Saw the newest Batreps by @SadlerCPII and they was playing that kind of list. Looked like it was lot of fun. It is definetely time to test this. But i think I will take a Pegasus mage and a giant instead of the Foresight engine. Just for the fun

  • Quote from DanT: “For me (not just from ETC but generally over the last ~9 months or so) I think relatively/internally the core knights have dropped in price too much. They are almost ubiquitous in competitive lists from what I've seen. Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “You cannot price it properly. As you say, it is without competition within the book. It will be Auto include also if it is priced 600 or more points. ” This is a common misconception, but I am afraid it is not true.The "lack of competi…

  • Hey @Nerocrossius I am curious. Have you evolved your dragon list? Asking for a friend

  • Quote from berti: “Steam tank has a way to low price for the whole package in comparison to other entries. So he always was and will still be an autoinclude. He is very durable. Has a canon inbuilt. And it has random movement, so it can´t be outmanouvered. He covers a role that other wmpire units can´t cover. Mostly because it is both...a warmachien AND a close combat threat. Of course if steam tank is priced properly some other things should be made better to keep the balance. ” You cannot pric…

  • Quote from Morrigan: “Here are some fanatical follower's of Totenheim. It seems in this iteration he has managed to also convert some dwarves to his side, which seems a bit odd. 3SBQrf1.jpg No movement trays or gray paper this time, as I was lazier than usual. ” Seeker minis as flagellants, what a great idea! Nice forces you have there!

  • Quote from greentide: “Quote from RomanRagnorak: “but didn't see any models for knights with great weapons ” Have you checked out highlands miniatures? 720X720-core-1.jpg ” These look great but a bit too much Equitainian for my taste I cant wait to get my hand on these boys made by @Norbaminiatures b3edac9e7214c3e052bb82b82badfc6c_original.jpg

  • Quote from Arduhn: “Hey guys, my suggestion of landsknecht ogres won this contest put on by Wargames Atlantic earlier this week. They will now be made into a box of plastic miniatures. ” Might be of interest here too, as some (me included) use ogres as EoS unit filler

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “I guess I should enter my Totenhammer proper then Though it is probably the sister of the Totenhammer you know KOecfxJ.gif ” For me it seems, that this suberb painted Mini is the redoubtable Lady Hannelore von Totenhammer

  • Quote from piteglio: “he is the one and only! cant find his original fluff piece tho. anyone has a link? ” The Fight for Avras - General Discussion Thread

  • Da Original HvT:…567e1885ee4e33e9274d1513b

  • Since @Nerocrossius made me want to try out his Dragon/Wizard on Pegasus list, I had to build both up. Just some highlighting to do and some reins for the dragon rider…567e1885ee4e33e9274d1513b…567e1885ee4e33e9274d1513b…567e1885ee4e33e9274d1513b Once they are finished I will make some better pictures..

  • Quote from Folkienn: “Titan Forge add 3d printed models to their catalogue. Especially their Vampire Hunter would make pretty Inquisitors or Prelates (Vladimir). Note that they seem to be quite large, but since they are 3D printed, maybe it could be possible to ask Titan Forge to rescale them. Vladimir Tytanow test-3d-titan-forge.jpg Aren Gracht test-3d-titan-forge.jpg Gunther Rivoha test-3d-titan-forge.jpg Hilde Robben test-3d-titan-forge.jpg Hugo Braav test-3d-titan-forge.jpg Klara Nacht test-…

  •…567e1885ee4e33e9274d1513b Am a bit short in time these days. So here is my not wysiwyg EoS Essence of War warband Quick and dirty... Cheers

  • Yes, simply a lovely place between all those roughness

  • Well to comment this as a Player I can say that IG with GW is my favorite unit, I never leave the house without them and I have Bad experience with sword and Board guys. Maybe 3ppm is the right price but personally i think 2ppm would be too much discount for GW. But as this is mentioned by a lot of players here, we will surely address this as the top issue to RT.

  • Looks great! Do you have a tutorial for us?

  • Quote from alehl: “I'm not sure if that will be considered rework or not: On altar the BoundSpells from Blessings cast by the rider, Type: Caster’s Unit is replaced with Type: 12′′ augment. Or power level 5/9 Magic dice are too valuable to spend with a "wizard" whose spells only affect his unit, weak effects and easily to be dispelled . You always need a real mage with the ability to spend all the dice on each phase of magic. ” This is sadly nothing for this update. Only point adjustments will b…