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  • That’s Admiral Cap’n Auch to you, sailor. Glad he arrived in one piece and so quickly, which is certainly a testament to your postal service and not to ours. I can’t wait to see him based up like his brethren. I’m looking forward to painting more for you down the road, let me know if it’s going to be those Knights or more Ogres. (We called that an ‘assumptive close’ back in the sales world, which I hate to break out and use on you but you’ve left me with no choice, since you’ve stubbornly refuse…

  • T9A: Free Companies

    dan - - New army books


    Thanks as always for the detailed feedback, Kaneador. I’ll sit down to write out a proper response later, but if you’re still willing to test out Carno builds (especially with a Cav heavy list) I’d recommend giving this one a try: 500 - Mercenary Commander, Scarred Veteran, Carnosaur, Shield, Plate Armour (Death Cheater), Lance, Great Weapon, Halberd Reasonably cheap at 500 points, an avalanche of S6 attacks, 2+/4++, and capitalizes on Scarred Veteran’s Weapon Master ability.

  • ID General Chat

    dan - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    How many points are you at in core? You could try giving the Citadel Guard Spears/pistols instead of Axes if you’re not right at 1125.

  • DH 2.2 General discussion.

    dan - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    So it might be too late, but in starting to fill this out I think the questions themselves are going to result in some skewed data. For example by asking to rate items from “unpowered to overpowered” on a scale of 1-5, you’re probably going to wind up with a lot of low answers because players don’t want their items nerfed. For instance even I hesitated with Rune of Destruction, which I would honestly rate a “4” but instead wanted to give a “3” for fear of contributing to a point increase. A bett…

  • Quote from Ludaman: “@Ghiznuk Tom Holland plays Spider-Man in the Marvel Movies. He famously spoiled some marvel secrets and got in trouble for it. ” He apparently does it regularly. A cursory Google search yielded a YouTube compilation titled: “Tom Holland spoiling Marvel movies for 13 minutes straight”.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “come on its just a figure of speech ” “Prepare to die” isn’t a figure of speech. If it’s a translation issue then the intent behind it likely isn’t even acceptable speech in polite society. We can have a spirited debate without threats, hyperbole, and ultimatums.

  • Dude, you’ve quite obviously provoked people by insinuating that you’d kill them if they didn’t agree to your demands.

  • Quote from Thurvack: “If we do not have a resilence 4 unit with agi 5+ that hit as grails .... prepare to die” Man I wish I had your reckless confidence, I’d treat all of my interactions in life that way: Waiter: “What’ll it be?” Me: “Burger with a side of onion rings.” Waiter: “We’re actually out of onion rings, are fries ok?” Me: “If I don’t have onion rings with my burger…prepare to die.” Let me know if treating everything like a hostage negotiation works out for you, this could really open s…

  • Quote from Thurvack: “Grails now, are our best unit , and are the only ones that can do damage because high stats off/def skill and resilence, high agi, roll enought dices and in most cases our unique option Sacrifice the Grails in exchange for mediocre units can do better than now, but never better than grails....... .... .... .... Better that the next spoiler already brings something good (and not the XXX that is being announced to us, I suppose that I have said it very clearly so that it is u…

  • So the poll results weren’t especially helpful with a near-even split, and as I painted I found myself going a totally different direction anyway. Went with design 2 for the tabard, and kind of a hybrid/4th option for the shield: ldSfPJB.jpeg IX5lVXX.jpeg NLWlOC0.jpeg 7SnYDTu.jpeg The Plague Gnashers and Flageekers are all dipped and matte varnished, I’ll go through tonight to clean them up with Army Painter Anti-Shine and start on base work. In a frustrating turn of events I dropped the tray of…

  • This is my entry. Ladies and gentleman it is my privilege - nay, my honor - to present to you Guy le Man, the Baron of Bayernn, the Wild Boar himself. His exploits need no introduction, as it is he who single-handedly defended the walls of the Abbey at Saint Mont against the wild men of the north. It is he who slew the great winged moor-beast of Dunmire, saving the souls of countless hundreds, and perhaps thousands, and avenging those knights who perished attempting the same impossible feat. It …

  • VS LAB Alpha Discussions

    dan - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from Ghiznuk: “Mauss Driver !! ” It’s got a different title here, but a great book. ZBdww8n.jpg

  • Yeah those net points are correct, however I don’t think there’s an option for an un-upgraded Standard Bearer.

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “Ambushers can deploy normally ” I’ve done that in two games. Didn’t work out either time, but it was nice to have the option to shoot myself in the foot with.

  • While the dipped models all dry I planned on painting up my entry for the KoE Heraldry competition. Haven't written my background yet, but conceptually he's a dubious claimant to the throne of Equitaine, who says that his grandfather was the illegitimate son of Charles. Since the current King Henry's entire claim to the throne is through his lineage to Catherine, Charle's sister, who only assumed power because Charle's was believed to be heirless upon his death, my guy (named Guy?) says the crow…

  • Quote from JustCain: “How many wizards is too many wizards? Obviously this question has a different answer depending on faction, list-building, matchups, etc. but as a rule of thumb to know how many spells can one expect to cast on an average turn with the amount of dice you wind up with? ” As you said, this will vary depending on faction. What army are you playing predominantly?

  • Got a couple things on the stove at the moment, so to speak. First up my Plague Gnashers, just about ready for dipping: DbwDyq7.jpg gxxt0IX.jpg Did some preemptive washes of purple and maroon because plague/wounds, but I actually think it’s something I’ll try elsewhere because it adds a lot of depth and interest. Up next a pair of totemic summons that look like blobs of nothing at the moment, and a unit of what will dual role as Flagellants and Seekers depending on the army. Wanted to see if the…

  • Hi there. Wrong thread, you’ll want this one here in the future: Rules: Short Question - Short Answer (2nd Edition, 2020) No, because Petrifying Gaze is a shooting weapon, which is unaffected by the spell. Contrast it with Flaming Swords from Pyromancy, which specifically affects shooting attacks.

  • What? Re-read what I just wrote from GW. They were everything and therefore exclusively nothing. That was the entire point. Crusader states? Yep. Balkans? Yep. Greek? Totally. Lost Beastmen colony? Ok. Napoleonic Goblins? Sure. Time traveling, bolterless space marines? Yeah toss ‘em in. Any attempt to restrict or define them is projecting on your part. If GW is formally changing the background on them that’s fine, but as they admit themselves it would be a departure from what they’ve always been…

  • They weren’t based on anything. They weren’t explicitly anything or ruled by anyone. They were just a generic no-mans land. From the article: Quote from Warhammer Article: “This area is fascinating, but it’s also a challenge when it comes to expanding the setting. It was originally created to provide a ‘sandbox’ in which players could set their own campaigns and stories, so we didn’t want to over-describe the area. Instead, we gave hobbyists enough information to run with it and make it their ow…