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  • - Bring back Battlesphinx to Adv6". The monster is too slow for its point cost. We have the slowest monster for charge purpose. - Reduce Chariots base cost. We still pay a 4th chariot that doesn't exist. - Reduce Chariots Legion Charioteer. Since we are restricted to 7 models in an unit, the FiER instance is useless. RT shall remove this rule and reduce LC price.

  • Quote from Borneo: “ I mean what are the chances you get off 3 spells on them when using all your tokens to heal anyways? :) ” When you have a combo of Wizard Master + 2 hierarch apprentices at 12" + Sacred Hourglass ? Big chances I think the book is nice. You changed the canopic guardians into a Pharaoh upgrade. (may be an option for Nomarch) and included the architect in nomarch profile (as we did with the harbringer)

  • UD LAB - back to mythology

    setepenmentou - - New army books


    I think prophet of vengeance shall be 90pts. Wizard apprentice with Flaming Swords is a nice spell. Add Hatred it is a must have. Or split the Dynastic trait in 2: - Prophet of Vengeance with Hatred - Blessing of the Sun with Burning Blade (and distracting for UW effect) I would rename the Hierophant character as "High Hierophant" with special rules "Hierophant" and "First servant of the gods" Nomarch doesn't have Khopesh ? Edit : Royal Guard Fortitude shall be capped at 4+

  • Remember reroll and LS are against marked unit, Aegis is against everything ^^. It's better to mark an enemy unit You seriously want to kill.

  • Nice adaptation : - Incantations : bound to Hierophant, maybe you shall merge both rules - Pharaoh Dynasty. I predict Prophet of Vengeance will always be taken. - Hierophant Devotion : Only for Suprem healer I will take the 410pts character. make him cost 450pts but its basically a wizard master with a big heal. And for 2VT I can resurrect some guys. but the burden of age is strange. because if I play a written, I have only veil token from my flux card making ark of ages, soul conduct and soul m…

  • I noticed no one talked about the Knight Banneret which make me think about WoDG Champions. But its 35pts in total (Warrior Knights champions are 30 for 2W and 3A Dis9 and access to Favours) what will this Banneret give for 5 additional points ? Pointwise, I think new Questings would cost near Warrior Knights with Zealot Banner : 350pts for base unit, 45pts per additional model.

  • Questing Knight ... AH my favorite models. Same statline as old Grail Knight (who disappeared if I read well the topic) nice I would see bastard sword as +1Str/AP with devastating charge (+1Str/AP) if I read well Klexe explanations. Ok I stop my fanboy mode. IMHO they are a big potential as Monster hunters. You mark monsters, we reroll to wound and get Lethal Strike making monster easy to wound and to remove saves or fortitude (not a lot of monsters have Aegis) I would like to see what Courage d…

  • Quote from Minidudul: “I want Teput with Curse of the Mommy. ” Poor kids :p They can't have cakes because they dared to loot our tombs

  • Not as cool as Questing Knights i'm waiting for

  • Disagree : - This would makes us slower than dwarves unless we have a character - Always march means no fire (except light cavalry) - less movement means shorter charges. I think we have enough issues to add this one on our pile.

  • Nice models First time I see japanese chariots

  • Quote from Perch: “@Izomov Whole army immune to panic and fear effects are advantages for sure. ” So the good edge : - Immune fear - Immune panic the other edge : - Can't flee - Crumble - March on general IP (and seriously we have to pay 90pts and more than 300pts to increase this range while other armies have this for free) - Steedfast is meh (if would prefer it halve the wounds like stubborn) - Can't hold and fire. And Immune to panic and fear... wow seriously, an army within general and bsb h…

  • Quote from wombat: “The repair ability of Both Armies make UD lists hang their head in shame. ” Hopefully, it is lowered when the other wizards don't have the oaken throne active.

  • @Echunia he asked about melee. i answered about melee. I agree that there are plenty of tools to use to reduce the threat of blocks Quote from arwaker: “I disagree. Best tool to compete with vermin blocks is to bring your own blocks. Passive boni are not halved, so are like twice as effective as kills. Skeleton or Neceo blocks with full ranks and Undying Will are more a threat to Vermin than chariots and constructs. ” I would agree if our own blocks didn't cost twice the points of vermin blocks …

  • Quote from Velux: “I know that alpha 4 will be out soon from what I read on the forum, but do you guys got some feedback on how UD is against VS ? Of course our catapult would do a lot of damage, but what about Close combat ? I haven't play against VS yet, thought about using the Fear ability from our units and Evoc magic, but against the eagle standard, on a statistic view it seem worthless... ” Chariots, Cataphract, Shabties and Reapers for melee against VS. Our infantry can't win against Life…

  • Mmmmh ok this is the angel of justice from Black Moon Chronicles ? +3A, Lethal Strike and D3 Wounds on Lethal Strike ? This is basically the virtue of renown + 3A Str5 AP2. I think the +3A is already too much, +1 would be better and cost less. Because with this kind of weapon you have 1 beast with only Res5, Arm2, Aegis 5+, it will be too expensive (I think something like 350-400pts which is a price of a monster) and I think not enough competitive compared to other units more resilient which mak…

  • I'm a bit sad about roudn shields but I still have a ton of GW Nehekharan Tower shields. the only minis I dislike are the battlesphinx (due to the howdah too big but could be nice for an Ark of Ages) and the catapult. Are chariots planned ?

  • Only wings with a bit of cut. The other part is too living, not enough stony IMHO.

  • Quote from Thurvack: “- Pegasus : the increase to 50x 50 ..... MONUMENTAL DISASTER. You have screwed up the usefulness of the pegasus that is to be within unity. If it is difficult to move within large units ( 5+ pegasus and characters) , now more complicate find space to place the unit ” Maybe other pegasus will be on 50x50 bases.

  • They forgot the cup icon (which seems to be the Gallantry icon) on Heraldric Beast. I'm a bit concerned about having a vanguarding flying character with Adv10. Even with a light armour, with some armour enchantment you may bypass the low armour weakness. Pegasus and Hypprogriff seems ok regardless the cost. No Barded Warhorses ? What are the Fey mounts ?