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  • Quote from Wesser: “Anyone know of some good templates of about the above size? ” Do you mean you want something that you can print ? Let me know if you don't find what you need, I'll try to create one !

  • Here is a WIP of my attempt to transform an old metal treeman from G.W. into a grumpy old treedaddy. Still a lot to do, but he's on his way !…3e6e8df6618bd0e31bb94d344

  • I was trying to think of another way to make them feel like the very core of the army, the backbone of the warband, without touching the stuff or the range they already have Something like being able to "stand and shoot" on a enemy unit charging a friendly unit, if both are close enough (unless being charged themselves at the same time of course)? I have no idea if this would be too strong or useless though, or if it would take too much from the EoS identity, with the "parent unit" vibe to it.