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  • So if you’re a high skill player don’t take the counter charge banner if you don’t like it. Very simple It’s a 0-1 item which makes one unit a bit more forgiving of mistakes for us plebs. This game is supposed to be for everyone not just tactical geniuses who can do advanced probability and statistics in their heads.

  • Rest In Peace Vassilios...

    Nemeroth - - General Discussion


    This is desperately sad news, I never had the privilege to work with Vassilios but he was a valued team member and friend to the project. He’ll be remembered via the work he gave for free, especially when one opens up the DL book.

  • Quote from setrius: “The best way to improve your skills is learn about your mistakes and getting experience playing games. But not with brainless items or rules. ” Wow I didn’t realise getting loads of games in was so easy.

  • @Filthor I've been browsing your site for ages, hopefully santa will sort me out.

  • Quote from imperialengineer: “What I meant by not thematic is that a crossbow to me would take more training to use, which seems out of character for militia. It’s also odd to give a unit that is not typically used statically an unwieldy weapon. It’s why I don’t use Rieters with repeater handguns. Some do but at least they have enough movement to get into advantageous position. Let’s not make our options for shooting worse just in the hopes of seeing more handguns on the field. What I hear is th…

  • Haha! Nice. I’ve got a foot imperial guard unit from last sword miniatures but I might look at these too as last sword are prohibitively expensive.

  • Anyone seen these from highlands miniatures? <a href=22-11-2021-08-58-04.jpg" style="float: left" ><a href=22-11-2021-08-58-19.jpg" style="float: left" > <a href=22-11-2021-08-58-32.jpg" style="float: left" > <a href=22-11-2021-08-58-25.jpg" style="float: left" >

  • I think “hyperbole” gets thrown around here a lot and it’s seldom warranted. At the end of the day GW had a virtual monopoly. They gave that up by nuking WHFB so those fans turned to other systems, many of whom have discovered games that they never knew they needed because WHFB was the only available system. Me included, I still had a lot of fun with 4,5-8th edition but looking back I would never enjoy such broken rules now. Yeah I do understand that the Army books were the root of the problem b…

  • Quote from Eldan: “How do they have a monopoly? Go into any game store I've ever seen and they have 20 systems. Some are 150 years older than Warhammer. What I'm saying is: rules don't have to be "good" by your definition. Rules are "good" if they give the players what they want out of a game. And many players don't primarily care about tournament balance. Quality is defined by player satisfaction. if you had fun playing, the rules are good. ” I meant in the context of massed fantasy battle game…

  • Quote from kisanis: “Quote from Eldan: “Quote from GorillaConda: “Quote from Bretboy84: “For me GW gave great world and good (not best) rules. ” Any game that has to have a comp system does not have a “good” rule system. ” I'd say any system that is played by thousands of people for 40 years is doing something right. ” marketing and convenience. ” Having a monopoly helps too

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from tiny: “Entitled community members are aways welcome to rock the boat and take over tasks no one else does. ” que the crickets..... ” Well yeah, exactly

  • Quote from tiny: “Entitled community members are aways welcome to rock the boat and take over tasks no one else does. ” Can we get a “love” button created? I want to love this post.

  • Kingdom of Peditaine?

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Nemeroth: “Stakeholders are the same for every book. ” I was told that stakeholders encompassed many people from various aspects of T9A. Such as ACS members.So I'm wondering why the Daemon Legions ACS members gave the OK for peasants to get a base 6++ aegis. This would be terrible for external game design cohesion. Now, a CONDITIONAL 6++ aegis could be acceptable. ” Dude the stakeholders for every LAB are RT, BGT, legal and ACS as a whole. DL ACS could give the…

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Nemeroth: “What would be the problem with commoners getting 6++ base? ” Infringes on DL design space. No way the daemon legions stakeholders signed off on KoE peasants get a base 6++ save. ” Stakeholders are the same for every book.

  • What would be the problem with commoners getting 6++ base?

  • Muses Gremlins

    Nemeroth - - User Blogs


    Wow you’ve worked hard on these little guys! That gold is genius by the way, little gold nuggets from the river, gold rush style. Don’t be hard on yourself with your painting, it’s neat and bold.

  • Right HR Hat on; Could staff members please moderate their tone and refrain from leaving aggrieved posts in a public forum. We have the staff internals to vent. Also please stop discussing internal issues in public, if you have any issues you can take them internally to prevent our forum members receiving misinformation. Thanks.

  • DE General Discussion

    Nemeroth - - Dread Elves (DE)


    @berti totally agree with you on the Shadow Riders, they are way too good to be thrown away as chaff.

  • Quote from KhaN9292: “Where can one help with issues like this? How do you apply for roles? @DanT ” What role are you interested in my dude?