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  • BexYou still have 2 Off5, Str6 AP3 attacks per guy. Quote from Maciejan: “Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Just Wes: “ ” mmmmmmhhhhh mmmmhh1 Hammer knight charging will always deal more dmg then 1 grail knight charging. IF you want it. Doesnt matter the enemy^^ ” Wait, what? So there's another rule giving edge for hammer knights? Why creating feedback thread to incomplete spoilers? ” because it’s not just for hammer knights

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Marcos24: “I only like this banner because it gives us an edge over enemy cavalry. That’s all I’ve wanted, in some form, for years. ” Could that not have been achieved with a jousting lance special weapon or a specific anti cavalry, cavalry unit? ” I would easily prefer a rule whether it’s tied to a Lance or unit, or just a special rule in general, that specifically targets enemy cavalry: “when engaged against enemy cavalry units, this unit gains X”. That intent…

  • I only like this banner because it gives us an edge over enemy cavalry. That’s all I’ve wanted, in some form, for years. It has nothing to do with skilled vs unskilled players, making up for static CR, mitigating weaknesses, (although that’s a big perk because I feel Lance cavalry in the game really sucks, being too depending on rolling well on the charge and in the to hit roll)

  • @Archeron new Questing Knights are overall better than our old Grail Knights. They’re the new superhuman knights. The new hammer knights and another unspoiled unit are our other elite knights. Like the old questing knights, they are not superhuman, but are better either offensively, and defensively (each unit by themselves) than the old grails AND questing knights

  • @Archeron the Questing Knights are the new Grail knights in terms of our super human knights (but I’m assuming you’re referring to our elite unit) But if you’re talking about models, then yeah these or any other of our lance knights you can use old grail knight models for

  • Quote from RobertRabbit: “Quote from Ludaman: “Lol, you guys caught me using old terms, I have edited my post ” Hang on. I thought the name changes weren’t set in stone yet? ” They are not, but IF the background decided to change old names, then the old names are definitely 100% not going to be in the new book. Either because the new ones capture the new background better or the old ones match too closely with the old background

  • I’d like to repeat how much I love this banner

  • It’s something I’ve been calling for for years that I think is particularly appropriate for KoE, cavalry vs cavalry superiority. Not a method I have suggested, but the goal is the most important part and I think it’s been met

  • this counter charge rule should be a rule applied to the Lance weapon in general, for all Lance cavalry in the game

  • Quote from berti: “3 times M on charge...I agree, that this would be ridicoulus. Swiftstride was deemed to good on them getting it from throne and was taken away. (and good so.). Dwarfs are on normal movement about as fast as other infantry, but slower on every charge. So seems to be done in the correct way. ” Lol no, you know exactly what I mean. It’s a bypass

  • Quote from berti: “Silly me, I thought warmachines should have been a strength of DH army. A weakness bypass would be to give DH infantry swiftstride and +2 M on charge...wouldn´t it? ” or just 3x their move rate lol

  • Quote from berti: “minimum charge range for a unit with M8 is 12". That is already something that even elfen infantry just manages in a little bit above 50% And missing charges with cavalry and loosing output then is nothing that is unique for KoE cavalry ” Yeah that’s why I said I’d want it for the whole game. And infantry doesn’t need to charge like Lance cavalry

  • Quote from Maciejan: “The standard is meh at best. I feel like it was created to fill the gap caused by lack of combat resolution in lance formation, but it's simply doesn't. ” All that static combat resolution is never ever coming back, please make peace with that. That energy could be spent on coming up with ideas to mitigate the loss of static CR with other CR

  • It’s a great item. Lance units are otherwise dead in the water without it when failing a charge. And that has nothing to do with skill, it’s purely dice dependent. The best you can do is a quit percentage calculation and hope you the dice lands within it. Failing a short charge with cavalry just kills the excitement I would love it if it were a base rulebook rule tied to the lance for all armies

  • I like it only working on a failed charge

  • I’ll also remind everyone that this hobby is purely a luxury and no one is entitled to it. If certain circumstances determine you cannot play it, there’s no evil in that. Not everyone in the world needs a nice boat, don’t hate the people that have one just because some of us don’t

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “ - potential beginners found it hard(/er) to get an army ready for the table ” this is the biggest issue by far in my opinion. As I understand it, and of course I could be wrong, with AoS you can start with very few models and play the game, and continuously build up little by little and still play the same game. As opposed to having to commit to a large purchase and workload just to start

  • @MASTERWIRED dude come on man… how is that inherently evil? I don’t want to sculpt or draw or design a certain thing. If someone asks me to, I’ll only do it for a certain amount of money, otherwise it’s not worth it. How is that evil? I’m not bound to do everything anyone asks me to, simply because they ask. Make it worth it for me ans I’ll do it, or someone else who is willing to do it for less can offer, in which case, good for the client

  • Lol no, there are zero promises in kickstarters. The successful funding is intended to be purely an investment, that may or may not pay off