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  • Quote from Krarks: “Quote from Bogi: “It's as if you get a guy to paint your house and he chops of the one arm and then does a shotty job and claims it is because he chopped his arm off. ” Wrong analogy. It's more like a company saying "we're building a free house here you can move in once it's finished. The color is gonna be some form of red, we're talking about 2-3 stories high, there's not gonna be a cellar". And some people are now frustrated that there's no cellar and it's not painted blue.…

  • Quote from Davian: “Quote from rolan: “Why force people to a different playstyle? ” This is the very nature of a game with 10+ different armies. Even a game which is based on historical armies would have this dilemma.If different armies exist, different playstyles are the things that seperates them. All armies can not have all playstyles, unless all armies are exact copies of each other. Quote from rolan: “So why should we be forced to play your vision, we will not force you to play ours. ” Beca…

  • Player types in T9A

    dragonravioli - - General Discussion


    You're absolutely right, @DarkSky. The decision to not have negative (side)effects for Sins was made because of complexity and balance issues, not because the background demanded positive effects. You are making a completely valid point regarding what is experienced as desirable gameplay for some players.

  • Quote from Shlagrabak: “the design space gets smaller after every army book ” I don't think this is true.

  • What is the next LAB after VS? According to the LAB initiation plan, at least the next six months should be known.

  • Quote from Lich King: “Dude, it is you who doesn't (want to) get it. You're stepping into a bar called 'T9A public forums'. Our service and drinks are for free, though from time to time we're not working as swiftly as others bars might do. You know, it's not easy to find unpaid waiters. Now you start complaining like: 'The free drinks need to be served much more swiftly. Otherwise my friends and me get pissed.' The waiters start explaining: 'Sorry, mate. We're doin' our best but we really lack i…

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from DanT: “@piteglio Well... how many people asked to join the staff to do this since it was last discussed? That's the key issue... ” i absolutely agree. things get doable only if people roll their sleeves up and get the stuff done. sadly it's easier to find people willing to put items on somebody's else to-do list, than volunteers to see the list as their own and start ticking them items off... ” Let's give it some time, shall we. I'm sure people will start to offe…

  • Logic of the army

    dragonravioli - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from DanT: “I know that there are currently bottlenecks internally related to layout and design type issues, which may slow things down, but that can't be solved without people with the right skills volunteering. ” How you know that those are "bottlenecks"? You don't "solve" bottlenecks.

  • Quote from Adam: “3. Not really, most of the armies have multiple competitive builds. The only army currently with really low internal balance seems to be VS. ” Consider this in a wider context, not just within the this game played in a competitive manner. I still think we're forcing unnecessary asymmetry in the game by limiting factions. Distinct armies is of value yes, but why does this have to be obtained through limiting what factions can do, when players will make choices between units none…

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from dragonravioli: “Quote from Giladis: “T9A will only grow in this day and age if we people who like the game actively proselytise ” Yes, because of what we have chosen T9A to be.I'm not sure what you mean by this, or who the "we" are in your sentence. "We" as opposed to blaming "them".Quote from Little Joe: “It is time to rethink and broaden what inclusion means for T9A. ” I wonder why this would happen. T9A is all about people doing what they enjoy doing, and if someo…

  • Quote from Giladis: “T9A will only grow in this day and age if we people who like the game actively proselytise ” Yes, because of what we have chosen T9A to be. Quote from Little Joe: “It is time to rethink and broaden what inclusion means for T9A. ” I wonder why this would happen. T9A is all about people doing what they enjoy doing, and if someone outside happens to like the results then yay. There was a line that I found hilarious in the Executive Board Statement about RT being empowered to de…

  • Waterfall to Agile transition

    dragonravioli - - Archive


    Why not PT?

  • @Squirrelloid I like characters that have names and stuff in games. Don't tell me that I should not.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “I unfortunatelly see too much Ideas realised in new DL, that I always wanted for WODG. ” Could you give me some?

  • A simple solution to RPS

    dragonravioli - - Archive


    Quote from Squirrelloid: “Quote from Kristian: “ The other argument is this: having very powerful individuals is fun for a lot of people. They find it cool that these individuals are able to kill entire units. Thus we need it represented in gameplay. Conclusion does not follow from the premise. Just because they find it cool does not mean it needs to be represented in the game, especially when it goes against the spirit of the game itself (you know, a game about armies). Especially when it confl…

  • The old chaos gods

    dragonravioli - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Quote from Eldan: “Quote from Marcos24: “Lol omg you guys have no idea what’s coming... I’m blown away by what I saw ” Didn't people say that about the warrior book too? ” Don't believe the hype. Some people like the WDG book, I hate it. But this time it actually looks like the effort to make something I would like has been excellent. Not initially, but luckily some changes happened. That's why it has taken so long. I'm excited to see if this book alone will bring back my enthusiasm for the game…

  • About the problem with rules.

    dragonravioli - - Archive


    People are different, shocking. Making games is not rocket science. It's not science at all. So in addition to the complexity in rules that Eldan was talking about, there is also the thing about dynamic systems. People might argue that by changing some things in Warhammer 8th Edition, T9A is now an improved version of it. But the systemic complexity means that my gameplay experience is hugely different, not necessarily better or worse, just different. It's hard for you to tell what I find fun in…

  • I think you misunderstood me. I didn't mean that we should even desgin special characters, let alone make them powerful. What I meant was to delete a too dominant build from an army book and add it with some small tweaks to a pool of legendary or special characters.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “Quote from FlyingScanian: “I can't help but think that the solution is quite simple. Make some official fluff characters (as soon as each faction gets some fluffing fluff in a FAB). Even stat them up. Do this using existing character and equipment options, to the point. No extra special rules. No special super-unique weapons. "Just" a template that you can use as that character, or as your own character in a similar position. (Then again, I…

  • Wacky/niche magic items

    dragonravioli - - Archive


    Quote from Chack: “Sorry but niche and hig impact are not conceptually opposed ? ” I don't think so. Think about a magic weapon that autokills any giant it gets into base contact with.