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  • I love 2 of those list! I play Sylvan Elves avoidance since ever. It is the best way to play SE, imho. I have more of 80% win rate, however I never win 20-0.

  • 9e 40k

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    Long live to Tau! For the Greater Good!

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “Only 2 units of chosen and 3 units of CKs is a disgrace. I feel like chosen and CKs should be the iconic flagships in the army (and not 25 freaking feldrak elders). Keep not fielding chosen and CKs, so that they will hopefully get some kind of discount in december... ” Amen I think over the last 10 games I've seen more Feldrak Elders than Warrior units, and never seen a unit Chosen in 9th. Frankly the FO is a boring, poor design. Absolutely…

  • Quote from Shukran: “any updates on wdg results? ” You can track it here:

  • Elfos Silvanos

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    Yo soy de Argentina, pero me gustaría unirme al grupo para poder discutir sobre Silvanos

  • Quote from Kudis: “Quote from Grimes: “Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from Aemir: “ ” There is nothing less fun than playing an opponent who can shoot you off t1. Or can evade you for 3 turns ensuring that you are totaly combat ineffective by the time you catch something. ” HAHAH that's what it's about!Sylvan elves do that. I love drink my enemy tears!!! ” like when I play daemonz Vs pyro/divi mage, sometimes you just get hard countered, and that's just spells, not units. Bring back shooty avoidance…

  • Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from Aemir: “ ” There is nothing less fun than playing an opponent who can shoot you off t1. Or can evade you for 3 turns ensuring that you are totaly combat ineffective by the time you catch something. ” HAHAH that's what it's about!Sylvan elves do that. I love drink my enemy tears!!!

  • It's not the changes we expected, but that's fine. Some points down, some few up. Generally little buffs. I don't think there are big different combos, but shortly I will give my full opinion on these changes!

  • Quote from Laik: “As of the topic - last line of my signature tells the situation. IMO DE are more suitable for what meant to be SE playstyle (in elf shooty avoidance version) ” I also played with DE shooty avoidance, as HbE shooty avoidance too, with both good-to-great results. I dont like the 24" in DE, and lack of Volley Fire in both army lists. Its amazing shooty avoidance HbE list with a W-Master in Fire... I like very much Asfard Schoolar (+6") in dat HbE (this means -1 to cast value too a…

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Wesser: “Yes, Indeed I'm a genius :). I don't think it's that powerful, but from the time passed from casting Hereditary in my magic phase and till I can potentially activate it my next movement phase people tends to forget about the spell still being relevant (partly because people doesn't connect the dots between the spell providing a forest and the item) A few tests games have provided no conclusive data as to powerlevel (I've had streaks of games with incredi…

  • Quote from DanT: “Shooty avoidance ” I play shooting avoidance since ever. And drink enemy tears. I dont want to make friends while I play this very-long-time game (for us, at least 4 hours of game). Im no more Gustav when I play, I become the better Pathfinder in the woods. I want to protect my forest, and I have to win -anyway possible- to protect my roots, my family, my home. I dont care how much damage make Magic Missile to our elves, always we have suffered dat. I dont care dat much dmg, ca…

  • Quote from CariadocThorne: “Quote from Mocki: “I think one of the easiest fixes till we get the FAB, would be to increase Unseen Arrows to 35% or 40% and get rid of the combined limitation of Pathfinders and Sentinels. Additionaly Briar Maidens could receive Feigned Flight, possibly may always stand and shot and exchange one spell (Truth of time) with Twisted Effigy from witchcraft. I'm not sure if any major changes, like giving another unit scoring will be approved by RT. Just my two cents. ” I…

  • Quote from Anomanderake: “How to fix SE: Increase arrow limits ” I think only THIS is the whole solution!!!

  • Elfos Silvanos

    Grimes - - Hilos temáticos por ejército


    Quote from otto Ga: “Consulta como ven a las doncellas de la espina? razones de porq no ponerlas, las queria probar en una lista msu retrasando unidades con el 2 de cosmologia La verdad del tiempo y lanzando el 2 de druidismo señor de la tierra, molestando serca del enemigo ya que tiene aegi 4+ y por ahi rascar heridas con sus envenenados ” Gasta valiosísimo espacio en Flechas. No hay chance de qe entren. Antes qe eso, llená el 35% mísero qe nos dan, en puras flechas silvanas de 30 UM

  • I would like to know @DJWoodelf 's opinion on the question "are SE disappearing in your meta?"

  • Magic only works in your turn. In opponents turn, u dont have +1 (cuz only to CAST) if u use a Wizard Master. Keep in mind that ANY character (no only Wizards) can wear the 2 -mandatory- Binding Scrolls. Magic buffs your own units, make some magic missils, thats great! but in your opponent turn, its the same thing if u have 3 Wizard Master or no wizards at all.

  • Quote from nantuko: “Quote from Druzi Darkfist: “Quote from nantuko: “Just played 5 games at the Norwegian masters (40 man tournament) where I faced 3 Swedish ETC team players and 2 ETC Norwegian players so pretty high skill level. Scored 12 points on average with a thicket beasts list but if I didn’t make 2 mistakes (forgot to move one unit of thickets turn 1 and played only 3 turns the 4th game) I would have scored much better. Out of the 4 SE players I was the only one scoring decently while …

  • Quote from Mahlzeit: “Perhaps SE acquire a higher skill to master than the other factions? Especially on a competitive level? ” It is. Im the current best player of Sylvan Elves. In Argentina, Im the meta. No joke.

  • First of all: I always proceed with respect. I just wanted to know, without offending. If anyone felt bad, sorry for that. I just wanted to know if he was handpicked or what. Quote from Hachiman Taro: “As to the motivation behind the question, my guess is that it's because I don't actively support the shooty avoidance playstyle @Grimes seems to enjoy. I think it's important to note that in my experience of the project, regardless of my view, that is a playstyle the project will seek to depreciat…

  • Who choose @Hachiman Taro to be SE Community Support? no ofenses.